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20 Valuable Basic Questions in any PSC Examinations

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20-Un-avoidable Basic Questions fo PSC Examinations

The following questions are very easy to study ,but at the same very easy to confuse and loosing the mark.So you should not loose the mark of very simple questions,so carefully understand the following questions

  1. The first diesel Electric station in Keralam-Ans:Brahmapuram
  2. The father of white revolution inIndia-Ans:Varghese Kurian
  3. The resting place of Morarji Desai-Ans:Abhay Ghat
  4. In which year wagon tragedy occurred- Ans:1921 Nov:10
  5. The poet who is known as State poet-Ans:Vallathol
  6. The first news paper in Keralam-Ans:Rajya Samacharam
  7. Who is known as Kerala Vyasan-Ans:Kodungalloor Kunjikuttan Thamburan
  8. The old name of Ahammadabad-Ans:Karnavathi
  9. The resting place of Veluthampi Dalava-Ans:Mannady
  10. The biggest corporation in Keralam-Ans:Cochi
  11. The minister who implemented ‘Laksham veedu Programme-Ans:M.N.Govindan Nair
  12. The first college in Keralam-Ans:C.M.S.College Kottayam
  13. Who played the role of Sardar Patel in Gandhi film-Ans:Sayyed Jafry
  14. The first arch dam in India-Ans: Idukki
  15. The first Malayalee who got Booker prize-Ans:Arundhathi Roy
  16. Spheliology is the study of-Ans:Caves
  17. The lastly formed district in Keralam-Ans:Kasargode
  18. The biggest archeological museum in Keralam-Ans:Thripunithura Palace
  19. In which place forest research institute is situated in Keralam-Ans:Peechi
  20. The first professional foot ball club in Keralam-Ans:F.C.Cochin


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