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20 Expected valuable questions in PSC examinations in constitutional part

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Constitutional Questions

Constitutional Questions plays an important role in determining the rank of any PSC examinations.So each question should study very seriously,ie.each will determine your rank in PSC examinations.In some PSC examinations about 15 to 20 % questions will be from this part.It is easy if we approach them interestingly .So with great seriousness , study each of the 20 valuable expected PSC questions in constitutional parts.

  1. India’s experiment with Democratic Decentralisation started in –Ans:Nagur Rajasthan
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated Panchayath Raj System in Rajasthan on-Ans:02nd October 1959
  3. Which article states that State shall take necessary steps to Organise Village Panchayath-Ans:Article 40
  4. Which committee recommended the introduction of Panchayath Raj System-Ans:Balwanth Rai Mehta Committee
  5. Which govt:appointed Asok Mehta to study decentralization-Ans:Janatha Govt:1977
  6. The most momentous recommendation Asok Mehta Committee-Ans:Implementation of two tier system
  7. Which part ,Article 243 deals with institution of Panchayath Raj-Ans:Part 9
  8. The 74th Amendments resulted the inclusion of-Ans: 12th Schedule
  9. Father of Local self Government in India-Ans:Lord Rippon
  10. Who was the Prime minister when 74th Amendment Bill introduced-Ans:V.P.Singh
  11. Who was the Prime minister when 73rd and 74th  Amendment Bill implemented- Ans:P.V.Nara Sinha Rao
  12. Committee on administrative Arramgement for Poverty Alleviation programme was headed by-Ans:GVK Rao
  13. Committee on revitalization of Panchayathi Raj Institution for Democracy and Development was headed by-Ans:L.M.Singhvi
  14. 11th schedule is associated to-Ans:Powers of Panchayath,29 items
  15. How many powers of Muncipalities are mentioned in 12th schedule-Ans:18 items
  16. Kerala Panchayath Raj act came in to force on-Ans:March 1994
  17. Which committee was appointed to make recommendation on local self government in Kerala-Ans:Sen Committee
  18. Name the authority entrusted to train Members of Local self Institutions-Ans:KILA
  19. Where is KILA is situated-Ans:Mulakunathkavu,Thrissur
  20. 86th amendment resulted in the inclusion of-Ans:Article 21A


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