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20 Precious Repeatedly appearing Questions for PSC Examinations in Directive Principles Parts

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Constitutional Questions(Directive Principles Of State Policy-DPSP)

The following question are based on the topics Directive Principles.Certain questions are constantly appearing for any PSC Examinations from this parts.So you should study thoroughly this sections to get good mark fo exams.Without leaving a single questions study the following questions.

  1. The idea of Directive Principles of State Policy is taken from-Ans:Ireland
  2. DPSP are contained in which part of Indian constitution-Ans:Part 4
  3. Who described Directive Principles as the ‘Novel features of the Indian Constitution’- Ans:Ambedkar
  4. Directive Principles are contained in Article from -Ans: 36-51
  5. The directive Principles are aims to establish- Ans:a welfare state
  6. Gandhian Principles are included in- Ans:Directive Principles
  7. Which is known as the ‘instrument of instructions’- Ans:Directive Principles of State Policy
  8. Name the Article that deals with the idea of free legal Aid Ans:Article 39A
  9. Organization of village Panchayath is mentioned in – Ans:Article-40
  10. Which Article of Indian Constitution contains uniform civil code- Ans:Article-44(Directive Principles of State Policy
  11. Name the state which adopted Uniform Civil Code In India-Ans:Goa
  12. Promotion of International Peace and Security is entitled in- Ans:Article-51
  13. Directive Principles seeks to establish -Ans:Social and Economic Democracy
  14. Fundamental Rights are justiceable while Directive Principles are -Ans:Non justiceable
  15. Who described Directive Principles are as ‘Manifesto of aims and aspirations’-Ans:K.C.Wheare
  16. Who opined that Directive Principles are ‘Moral percepts for the authorities of the State and that they have an educative value-Ans:B.N.Rau
  17. House of people in India is commonly known as-Ans:Lok Sabha
  18. Which amendment raised the strength of Lok Sabha to 545-Ans:31st
  19. The election of Lok Sabha is conducted on the basis of- Ans:Universal Adult Franchise Article 326
  20. Duration of Lok Sabha is-Ans:5 yrs


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