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20 Unavoidable questions in PSC Examinations(Basic Questions)

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20-Un-avoidable Basic Questions fo PSC Examinations

Without remembering the following basics questions ,nobody can score good marks for any PSC Examinations.So strictly study and remember the following valuable questions,study following questions means you are nearing to good rank in PSC Examinations

  1. The continents having less population- Ans:Australia
  2. The colour which indicates the protection of Environment Ans:-Green
  3. At what temperature the water having highest density- Ans:4 degree Celsius
  4. Which country’s currency is ‘BIR’- Ans:Ethopia
  5. The first writer who got Booker Prize for two times- Ans:J.M.Kutse
  6. Usthad Alla Rakhha Khan is related to which musical instruments- Ans:Tapala
  7. Who got the first Vayalar Award- Ans:Lalithambika Antharjanam
  8. Central Bank of India- Ans:Reserve Bank
  9. The lastly formed state in India- Ans:Telungana
  10. The biggest lake in India- Ans:Chilka
  11. Gate way of India- Ans:Mumbai
  12. Who is the author of book ‘Davinji Code’- Ans:Dan Brown
  13. What indicates half lowered and tied national flag- Ans:Indicates sorrow
  14. Press freedom day- Ans:May 3
  15. Who told spirit of India lies in Villages- Ans:Gandhiji
  16. Tidal port of India- Ans:Kandla
  17. The lengthiest National Highway of India- Ans:NH-7
  18. The first metro railway in India- Ans:Kolkata
  19. The length of Konkan railway- Ans:760KM
  20. The birth place Sree Sankaracharyar- Ans:Kaladi


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