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20 Valuable Questions on Rajya Sabha and Loksabha-especially appearing for PSC Eaxaminations

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Constitutional Questions(Loksabha,Rajyasabha)

The following questions should have a dominant role in all PSC Examinations,ie an  integral part of any question paper.Without considering the following questions nobody can prepare a question paper.Nowadays constitutional questions have predominant place in all examinations conducted by PSC.Study clearly the below questions

  1. Who has empower to extend the life of Loksabha for one year at the time of National Emergency-Ans:President
  2. Lok Sabha shall meet at least—-a year- Ans:Twice
  3. Duration between two session of Lok Sabha in a year-Ans:6 months
  4. The minimum age for contesting in Lok Sabha elections-Ans:25 yrs
  5. A candidate for election to Lok Sabha may contest from-Ans:Any state in India
  6. First Lok Sabha is constituted in-Ans:17th April 1952
  7. When was the first general election of Lok Sabha held-Ans:13th May 1952
  8. Golden jubilee of first session of Lok Sabha was celebrated on -Ans: 13th May 1952
  9. How many Lok Sabha members are elected from Kerala-Ans:20
  10. Money bills are introduced in-Ans:Lok Sabha
  11. Which house is known as ‘House of Elders’-Ans:Rajya Sabha
  12. The maximum membership of Rajya Sabha is limited to-Ans:250
  13. Rajya Sabha is a-Ans:Permanent body
  14. Members of Rajya Sabha are elected for a term of-Ans:6 yrs
  15. The Command in chief armed forces-Ans:The President
  16. President has the power to nominate 12 members to Rajya Sabha ,representing the fields of -Ans:Having special knowledge or practical experience in literature,Science,Arts,and Social Service
  17. Name the cricketer who has been nominated to Rajya Sabha recently-Ans:Sachin Tenulkar
  18. The number of representative from Nagaland-Ans:1
  19. How many members are elected to Rajya Sabha from Keralam-Ans:09
  20. Who is the present vice-chairman of Rajya Sabha-Ans:Prof:P.J.Kurien


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