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Word often confused commonly asking for PSC Examinations

The following word often confused are very important in PSC examination point of view.In clerical exams in PSC about 20 marks questions is asking from English Section.To score good mark in PSC examination you should score good mark in the English section in PSC Question paper.One section in English questions is surely this type of questions.So with great care you study this to score good mark in PSC Examinations.

  1. Popular-liked by the people
    Populous-thickly inhabited
  2. Principal-chief
    Principle-general law as guide to action
  3. Reverend-feeling reverence
    Reverent-feeling reverence
  4. Stationary-motionless
    Stationery-writing materials
  5. Sanguine-hopeful
  6. Verbal-relating to words
  7. Wave-brandish

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20-Valuable Expected Questions- for  PSC Examinations(30/11/2015)

The following are the most probable questions asking for any PSC Examinations.That is most expected basic questions appearing PSC Examinations.If you study well this points you will have good chance to include in the PSC rank list

  1. The headquarters of Kerala Kalamandalam-
  2. The smallest districts in Keralam-
  3. The gateway of India-
  4. In which districts Bakel tourist place situated-
  5. The biggest public sector undertaking of India-
    Ans:Indian Raiway
  6. The first women who got medal in Olymbics
    Ans:-Karnam Malleswary
  7. The first nuclear power station in India-
  8. In which year human right protection act passed-
  9. The place which is the northern most to Keralam-
  10. In which year Jalianvalabag massacre occurred –
    Ans:1919 April 13
  11. In which language in most of the number of journals are published-
  12. The first women vice-chancellor of Keralam-
    Ans:Jancy James
  13. The evergreen actor in Malayalam film-
    Ans:Prem Nazir
  14. How many digits are there in a pincode-
  15. The important lake in Malappuram districts-
    Ans:Beeyyam Kayal
  16. In which river Malampuzha dam situated-
  17. How much time will take to complete the national anthem-
    Ans:52 seconds
  18. The malayalee football player who got Arjuana award-
  19. The duration of Asean games-
    Ans:4 yrs
  20. In which place serom institute of India situated-

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   25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations(30/11/2015)

The following questions are frequently appearing for PSC Examinations.When the questions are preparing for PSC Examinations ,they include some conventional and basic questions .About seventy percentage of conventional questions are including in the PSC Examinations.If any one write any PSC Examinations they should understand and study the usually coming basic questions in PSC Examinations

  1. The currency of Itali-
  2. The world health day is observed on-
    Ans:April 07
  3. The first committee related to the reformation of Panchayath Raj-
    Ans:Asok Mehta Committee
  4. In which place central leather institute situated-
  5. Whose pen-name is Thikkodian-
    Ans:P.Kunjanathan Nair
  6. ‘Morning Star’ is the publication of which city-
  7. From which year onwards the free education was implemented in Travancore-
  8. Whose work is ‘Hundred years lonenliness’-
    Ans:Gabriel Garsia Markese
  9. The holy book of Jainas-
  10. Who started Printing Press in Kerala for the first time-
  11. Which island is known as sandwich islands-
  12. The father renaissance in Keralam-
    Ans:Sree Narayana Guru
  13. The first respiration of a new born baby-
    Ans:When it cries for the first time
  14. The granary of India-
  15. In which place Baba Atomic Research Centre is situated-
  16. Who drew the picture known as ‘Mother Theresa’-
  17. The father of Indian Cinema’-
    Ans:Dada Sahib Falk
  18. Who invented Stethescope-
  19. In which place sandal trees are abundantly seen in keralam-
  20. Number district Panchayath in Keralam-
  21. The first Indians who got nobel prize in Economics-
    Ans:Amartya Sen
  22. The headquarters of Botanical Survey of India-
  23. National games of India-
  24. Number of rivers flowing towards west in Keralam-
  25. Number of rivers flowing towards east in Keralam-

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25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations(30/11/2015)

The study following with utmost care and nearing you to highest rank

  1. The defects of using baking soda for preparation of food
    Ans:Destroy Vitamin C
  2. AIDS affects-
    Ans:The Immune system of the body
  3. Pepper is known as-
    Ans:Black Gold
  4. The first panchayath in Keralam having 100 percentage literacy
  5. The first law minister of India-
  6. The capital of Kenia-
  7. The last king of Travancore-
    Ans:Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varma
  8. Name the country having lengthiest National Anthem-
  9. In which year India and Pakisthan put sign in Thashkent Treaty-
  10. Who combiled Krishna Gatha-
  11. The headquarters of Kerala Sahitya Academy-
  12. Name the council which gives approval for Five year plan in India
    Ans:-National Development council
  13. In which state the sun temple in Konark situated-
  14. The second sound film in Malayalam-
  15. ‘Equality,Freedom,Fraternity’ are the slogans of
    Ans:-French revolution
  16. Name the demarcation line or indicator which is used to denote upto what level the weight in the ship can be loaded-
    Ans:Plimsol line
  17. The ore of iron-
  18. The colour having less wavelength-
  19. The first person who used the term, ‘Panchayathraj ‘-
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  20. The acids which is used for the proper settings of rubber-
    Ans:Formic Acid
  21. The biggest ancient port in Keralam-
  22. The first city in India where Chicken Gunia was reported-
  23. The magna carta of education-
    Ans:Wood’s Despatch
  24. The poison of viper affects-
    Ans:The blood circulation system
  25. The headquartes of ILO-

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25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations

The following basic questions are very precious ,study them properly


  1. In which state having sandal trees are more-
  2. Who combiled the The Bible of Tamilans’ Thirukkural-
  3. The fuels used in rockets-
  4. The primary colours in printing-
  5. The unit which is used to determine the speed of supersonic planes-
    Ans:Mac Number
  6. Who put forward the wave theory of light-
    Ans:Christian Hygeins
  7. The unt used to measure the rain-
  8. The frequency range of sound audible to human beings-
    Ans:20 Hz to 20000 Hz
  9. The scientist who declared that the human beings is having the sub-conscious mind-
    Ans:Sigmond Froyed
  10. Whose chromosome is sex determining the child-
    Ans:Fathers Chromosome
  11. The disease due to the poison of Mercury-
  12. The old name of State Bank of India-
    Ans:Imperial Bank
  13. Who put sign in the one rupees note-
    Ans:Central finance Secretary
  14. The father of nation of China-
    Ans:Son Yath Sen
  15. In which place ‘India House’ is situated-
  16. What indicates the 50 star in the national flag of America-
    Ans:50 states in America
  17. Which Bank helped to implement DPEP Education Policy in Keralam-
    Ans:World Bank
  18. Who directed the film ‘Charulatha’-
  19. Who invented revolver-
    Ans:Samuel Colt
  20. Which is the firstly invented acid-
    Ans:Ascetic Acid
  21. The author of the book, ‘Aviswasiyaya Rasathantranjan-
    Ans:Robert Boyle
  22. The king of disease-
  23. Name the foreign colony lastly added to India-
  24. The scientist who played key role in the first nuclear test in India-
    Ans:Dr.Raja Ramanna
  25. Number of legs in ants-

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Vehicle-Registration Numbers&Places belongs to them

  1. Thiruvanathapuram Districts
  2. Thiruvananthapuram-KL-01
  3. Attingal-KL-16
  4. Parassala-KL-19
  5. Neyyattinkara-KL-20
  6. Nedumangad-KL-21
  7. Kazhakuttam-KL-22
  8. Kollam Districts
  9. Kollam-KL-02
  10. Karunagapally-KL-23
  11. Kottarakara-KL-24
  12. Punaloor-KL-25
  13. Pathanamthitta Districts
  14. Pathanamthitta-KL-03
  15. Adoor-KL-26
  16. Thiruvalla-KL-27
  17. Mallappally-KL-28
  18. Alappuzha Districts
  19. Alappuzha-KL-04
  20. Kayamkulam-KL-29
  21. Chengannur-KL-30
  22. Mavelikkara-KL-31
  23. Cherthala-KL-32
  24. Kottayam Districts
  25. Kottayam-KL-05
  26. Chenganassery-KL-33
  27. Kanjirappally-KL-34
  28. Pala-KL-35
  29. Vaikom-KL-36
  30. Iduki Districts
  31. Iduki-KL-06
  32. Vandiperiyar-KL-37
  33. Thodupuzha-KL-38
  34. Ernakulam Districts
  35. Ernakulam-KL-07
  36. Muvatupuzha-KL-17
  37. Thrippunithura-KL-39
  38. Perumbavoor-KL-40
  39. Aluva-KL-41
  40. North Paravoor-KL-42
  41. Mattanchery-KL-43
  42. Kothamangalam-KL-44
  43. Thrissur Districts
  44. Thrissur-KL-08
  45. Iringalakuda-KL-45
  46. Guruvayoor-KL-46
  47. Kodungalloor-KL-47
  48. Vadakkancherry-KL-48
  49. Palakkad districts
  50. Palakkad-KL-09
  51. Alathur-KL-49
  52. Mannarkad-KL-50
  53. Ottapalam-KL-51
  54. Pattambi-KL-52
  55. Malappuram Districts
  56. Malappuram-KL-10
  57. Perinthalmanna-KL-53
  58. Ponnani-KL-54
  59. Thirur-KL-55
  60. Kozhikode Districts
  61. Kozhikode-KL-11
  62. Vadakara-KL-18
  63. Koyilandi-KL-56
  64. Koduvally-KL-57
  65. Wayanad Districts
  66. Wayanad-KL-12
  67. Mananthavady-KL-72
  68. Sulthan Bathery-KL-73
  69. Kannur Districts
  70. Kannur-KL-13
  71. Thalassery-KL-58
  72. Thalipparambu-KL-59
  73. Kasargode Districts
  74. Kasargode-KL-14
  75. Kanjangad-KL-60

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The real names of film stars in Malayalam

The any one of the following details are frequently appearing for PSC Examinations Study well all of them

  1. Sathyan-Sathyaneshan Nadar
  2. Prem Nazir-Abdul Khader
  3. Thikurussi-Sukumaran Nair
  4. Bahadur-Kunjalu
  5. Karamana-Janardan Nair
  6. Madhu-Madavan Nair
  7. Kotarakara-Sreedaran Nair
  8. Kuthira vattom Pappu-Padmadalakshan
  9. Manian Pilla Raju-Sudheer
  10. Jayan-Krishnan Nair
  11. Adoor Basi-Baskaran Nair
  12. Shankaradi-Chandra Sekharan Menon
  13. Mammootty-Muhamed Kutty
  14. Mala-Aravindan
  15. Jagathy-Sreekumar
  16. Dileep-Gopala Krishnan
  17. Sarada-Saraswathi
  18. Sheela-Clara
  19. Parwathy-Aswathi
  20. Devayani-Sushama
  21. Nayanthara-Dayana
  22. Revathi-Asha Kelunni
  23. Navya Nair-Dhanya Nair

The Malayalam Film Star who got Bharath Awards

  1. J.Antony-Nirmalyam(1973)
  2. Gopi-Kodiyatom(1977)
  3. K.Nair-Oppol(1980)
  4. Premji-Piravi(1988)
  5. Mammutty-Mathilukal,Vadakkan Veera Gatha(1989)
  6. Mohanlal-Bharatham(1991)
  7. Mammootty-Vidheyan,Pondhanmada(1993)
  8. Suresh Gopi-Kaliyattom(1997)
  9. Balachandra Menon-Samandarangal(1997)
  10. Mammutty-Ambedkar(1998)
  11. Mohanlal-Vanaprastham(1999)
  12. Murali-Neythukaran(2001)

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Pen –Names

If you study the following Pen-Names you will get surely one mark in any PSC Examinations,so study them clearly

  1. Panachi-Jose Panachipuram
  2. Indrans-N.P.Rajendran
  3. Vimsy-Balachandran
  4. Kozhikodan-Appukuttan Nair
  5. Sanjayan-M.R.Nair
  6. Vanambadi-Mary John Koothattukulam
  7. Navab-Rajendran
  8. N.Kakkad-Kakkad Narayanan Namboodiri
  9. N.Paloor-Paloor Madhavan Namboodiri
  10. Akkitham-Akkitham Achuthan Namboodiri
  11. Kuttipuram-Kuttipurath Kesavan Nair
  12. Idassery-Govindan Nair
  13. Kavalam-Narayana Panicker
  14. Nalappatt-Narayana Menon
  15. Nalankal-Krishnapilla
  16. K.Desam-M.Kutty Krishnapilla
  17. Muloor-S.Parameshwar Panicker
  18. Sardar K.M.Panicker-K.Madhava Panicker
  19. Sister Beneejna-Mary John Thottam
  20. J.Mannummoodu-K.C.Joseph
  21. Sreerekha-K.R.Sreedaran
  22. Kakanadan-George Varghese
  23. Urub-P.C.Kutty Krishnan
  24. VKN-V.K.Narayana Panicker
  25. Cherukadu-C.Govinda Pisharady
  26. R-T.Ramachandran
  27. S-N.S.Madhavan
  28. Shatrugnan-V.Govindankutti Menon
  29. Kamala das-Madhavi Kutty
  30. Kesari-Vengayil Kunjiraman Nair
  31. R.K.C-Chenkulath kunjirama Menon
  32. M.Kovur-K.Mathew Ipe
  33. Kovilan-V.V.Ayyappan
  34. Ayyaneth-M.P.Pathrose
  35. Indhu Choodan –K.K.Neelakandan
  36. Ekalavyan-K.M.Mathews
  37. E.J-E.J.Philip
  38. Sethu-Sethu Madhavan
  39. Nandanar-P.C.Gopalan
  40. Parappuram-K.E.Mathai
  41. Vilasini-M.K.Menon
  42. Madambu Kunjikuttan-P.Sankaran namboodiri
  43. Vinayan-PMN Panicker
  44. Anand-P.Sachidanandan
  45. Malayatoor-K.V.Ramakrishnan
  46. Vettoor-Raman Nair
  47. Omcheri-N.Narayana Pilla
  48. Ponjikara Rafi-Joseph Rafi
  49. Pakanar-Unnikrishnan Puthoor
  50. Sumangala-Leela Namboodiripad
  51. Revathi-T.R.Sankunni
  52. Meesan=-K.S.Krishna Pilla
  53. Vikraman-C.R.Kerala Varma
  54. Vanakutti-V.K.Raman Pilla
  55. Sahitya Panchanan-P.K.Narayana Pilla
  56. C-dominic Cheriyan Kizhake Muri
  57. V-E.V.Krishna Pilla
  58. Mali- V Madhavan Nair
  59. Kodupunna-Govinda Ganakan
  60. Pavanan-P.V.Narayanan Nair
  61. Idamaruk-T.C Joseph
  62. Mithavadi-C.Krishnan Nair
  63. CKG-C.K.Govindan
  64. Sahodaran-Ayyappan
  65. Ilam Kulam-P.N.Kunjan Pilla
  66. Sinik-M.Vasudevan Nair
  67. Venmani Mahan-Kudamban Namboodiri
  68. Thulasi Vanam-R.Rama Chandran Nair
  69. Thoppil Basi-Baskaran Pilla
  70. Olappa Manna-Subramanyan Namboodiri

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The Important Publications

The following point is very much important in any PSC examination point of view.They are frequently asking ,plays important role in rank making of any PSC exams.So clearly study them with great importance.Publication of certain institution is frequently appearing in any exams

Name of Publications Year of Starting
1 Rajya Samacharam 1847
2 Paschimodayam(Editor:Muller) 1847
3 Njana Nikshepam 1848
4 Paschima Tharaka 1864
5 Sandishta Vadi 1867
6 Sathyananda Kahalam 1876
7 Vidya Vilasini 1881
8 Kerala Mitram 1881
9 Kerala Pathrika 1884
10 Malayali 1885
11 Vidya Vinodini 1889
12 Sujanandini 1891
13 Swadeshabimani 1905
14 Mithavadi(Editor:Murkoth Kumaran) 1907
15 Sahodaran 1917
16 Kesari 1930
17 Chandrika 1934
18 Prabatham 1935
19 Mathrubhoomi 1930
20 Kerala Koumudi 1940
21 Deshabimani 1946
22 Janma Bhoomi 1977
23 Madyamam 1987
24 Mangalam 1989


Institutions and their Publications

Institution Publications
1 Kerala Sahitya Academy Sahitya Lokam
2 Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Keli
3 Kerala State Library Council Grantha Lokam
4 Kerala Sarkar Panchayath Vakup Panchayath Raj
5 Agricultural Department Kerala Sarkar
6 Kerala PSC PSC Bullettin
7 Forest Department of Kerala Aaranya
8 Kerala Basha Institute Vijnana Kairali
9 Cultural department Samskarika Keralam
10 Labour Department Thozhil Rangam
11 General administration Department Janapadam
12 State Balasahitya Institute Thaliru
13 Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishath Sasthra Keralam


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Important details about cities

Ancient Cities New name for them References
Nelkinda Neendakara European Records
Noura Kannur European Records
Rippolin Edappally European Records
Karanpoli Karunagapally European Records
Karimballi Karthikapally Dutch Records
Odanad Kayamkulam Ancient Works
Komari Kanyakumari Ancient Works
Shiroviharam Thalappilly Sanskrit Records
Vallaba shoni Valluvanad Sanskrit Records
Desingnadu Kollam Regional Records
Mouthan Cherthala Regional Records
Pappanaitti Pappinivattam European Records
Pappukovil Parappanangadi European Records
Rajendra Chola Pattanam Vizhinjam  
Baris river Pampa  
Balitha Vizhinjam  
Ganapathivattom Sulthan Bathery Regional Records


The Fisheries Ports and the year of Existence

  1. Neendakara -1982
  2. Vizhinjam -1987
  3. Munambam -1988
  4. Thankassery -1991
  5. Kayamkulam -1994
  6. Muthalapozhi -2000
  7. Ponnani -2001
  8. Thottappally -2004