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Malayalam words which are coming from other languages


The following are some frequently using words in Malayalam  which coming from other languages.This type of questions are frequently asking for PSC Examinations.Question may be like this,any of the following words will be given PSC Examinations and ask ,from which language it is coming ,If you study the following details thoroughly you will surely get one mark for any PSC Examinations.So study well, get marks in PSC Examinations


  1. Abkari-Persian
  2. Kotta-Latin
  3. Hajar-Arabi
  4. Lelam-Portuguese
  5. Maidanam-Persian
  6. Tapal-Marathi
  7. Choukidar-Hindi
  8. Panchayath-Hindi
  9. Arayan-Prakrutham
  10. Athani-Prakrutham
  11. Secretariate-French
  12. Bank-Italian
  13. Sarasari-Persian
  14. Raseed-Persian
  15. Kaneshukumari-Persian
  16. Tuvala-Portuguese
  17. Kath-Arabi
  18. Kappithan-Portuguese
  19. Jama-Arabi
  20. Thakeeth-Arabi
  21. Police-English
  22. Manifesto-Latin
  23. Academy-Greek
  24. Cathedral-Greek
  25. Kurbana-Suriyani
  26. Jadka-Marathi
  27. Mukham-Sanskrit
  28. Savari-Persian
  29. Achar-Persian
  30. Kachees-Arabi
  31. Kasera-Portuguese
  32. Sarkar-Persian
  33. Peeranki-Persian
  34. Kammi-Persian
  35. Chood-Prakrutam
  36. Pandayam-Prakrutham
  37. Parav-Marathi
  38. Chatni-Marathi
  39. Lakot-Marathi
  40. Silbandi-Persian
  41. Japti-Arabi
  42. Adalath-Arabi
  43. Vasool-Arabi
  44. Radh-Arabi
  45. Thavana-Arabi
  46. Vakalath-Arabi
  47. Raji-Arabi
  48. Masala-Arabi
  49. Nakal-Arabi
  50. Genal-Portuguese
  51. Mesthiri-Portuguese
  52. Thurunku-Portuguese
  53. Aaya-Portuguese
  54. Kusini- Portuguese
  55. Pera- Portuguese
  56. Vaara- Portuguese
  57. Pappaya- Portuguese
  58. Kondha- Portuguese

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Current Affairs inevitable part of any PSC Examinations(04/12/2015)

The current affairs plays an important role in any PSC Examinations.About 20 to 30 percentage questions will come from this section for PSC Examinations.Actually this section is rank making one for PSC Examinations.Those who want to raise your existing position in PSC Rank list you study clearly the current affairs section.So getting good rank in PSC Examinations study well this sections

  1. The magazine ‘Kudi Arasu’was started by which Tamil social reformer-
    Ans:V.Rama Swami Naicker
  2. Who was the first President of the All India Trade union Congress-
    Ans: Lala Lajpat Rai
  3. Which Prime Minister of India is associated with the slogan ‘Garibi Hatavo’-
    Ans: Indhira Gandhi
  4. Which is the rift valley of India-
    Ans: Narmada Valley
  5. Who salled Ayyankali as ‘Pulaya Raja’-
    Ans: Gandhiji
  6. Who s known as the ‘George Washington of South Africa’-
    Ans: Simon Bolivar
  7. Which was the first ISO certified police station in Kerala-
    Ans: Kozhikode Town
  8. What was the name of the famous horse of Rana Pratap-
    Ans: Chetak
  9. Which Prime minister of India abolished the privy perse-
    Ans: Indhira Gandhi
  10. Which national leader formulated the ‘ Drain Theory’-
    Ans: Dadbhai Naoroji
  11. Which writ is issued by Supreme Court When an office holder is not doing his legal duties-
    Ans: Mandamus
  12. Which scientist developed the ballistic science-
    Ans: Kalwin Godard
  13. Which was the world’s first space station-
    Ans: Salute
  14. Which was the first Grama Panchayath in Kerala to prepare a Bio-diversity Register-
    Ans: Edavaka(Wayanad)
  15. Which is the first State to ban polythene packed edibles-
    Ans: Himachal Pradesh
  16. Which International Organization’s anthem is Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’-
    Ans: European Union
  17. Which is the first aircraft carrier built in India-
    Ans: INS Vikrant
  18. With which sports item is the Sudirman Cup Associated-
    Ans: Badminton
  19. Who introduced the Zamindari System in Bengal in 1793-
    Ans: Cornwallis
  20. Who is known as ‘the Father of Cooperative movement in India-
    Ans: Frederic Nicholson
  21. The basic objective of which five year plan was self reliance growth with social justice-
    Ans: Fifth Five Year Plan
  22. Who made the first scientific estimate of India’s national income for the year 1931-32-
    Ans: V.K.R.V.Rao
  23. Which institution calculates the national income of India-
    Ans: The central statistical Organization
  24. Which is the only tidal port in India-
    Ans: Kandla(Gujatrat)
  25. Kudremukh in Karnataka is famous for the mining of –
    Ans: Iron Ore


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20-Valuable Current Affairs Questions for PSC Examiantions

The following are the important current affairs questions appearing for PSC Examinations.Current affairs questions plays important role in determining the rank in the PSC examinations.About 30 percentage questions are appearing from this part for any PSC examinations

  1. World cities day was observed on-
    Ans:31 October
  2. Which Indian city hosted the 11th international Food Data Conference-
  3. Suresh N Patel has been appointed Managing Director of which bank-
    Ans:Andhra Bank
  4. Which SAARC country revoked the state emergency in less than a week after it had been          declared-
  5. Name the chief operating officer of the Indian Premier league who resiogned recently-
    Ans:Sunder Raman
  6. Which pair won the women’s doubles title of the Singapore Open Tennis Tournament-
    Ans:Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
  7. Who heads the committee constituted by the Government of India to draft the New Education          Policy-
    Ans:TSR subramanyan
  8. Name the tropical cyclone that hit Yemen in the fisrt week of November- Ans:Chapala
  9. Name the founder of the Hero Group of Companies who passed away recently-
    Ans:Brijmohan Lall Munjal
  10. Which santoor maestro received the Aditya Vikram Kala shikar Award-
    Ans:Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
  11. Navtej Singh has been appointed Indian High Commission to which country- Ans:United Kingdom
  12. Who is the head jury of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI)-
    Ans:Shekar Kapur
  13. Which former cricket captain of Pakistan announced his retirement recently- Ans:Shoaib Malik
  14. Manpreet Vohra has been appointed as India’s new Ambassador to which country-
  15. Who was appointed as the Chair of the Inter Governmental Negotiations on UN security Council                        Reforms-
    Ans:Sylvie Lucas
  16. Who is the new chief justice of Supreme Court of India-
  17. Who established Navjawan Bharath Sabha-
    Ans:Bagath Singh
  18. Who established Sree Rama Krishna Mission-
    Ans:Swami Vivekanandan
  19. Who established East India Association-
    Ans:Dad Bhai Nauroji
  20. Who established Indian Association-
    Ans:Surendra natha Banerjee

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   25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations(04/12/2015)

The following questions are study very carefully.Because they are the rank making questions for PSC Examinations.If you study well the following questions that will increase your chance of getting top rank in the PSC Examinations.

  1. Which Indian folk dance is also known as ‘the Sword Dance’-
  2. Which award is the Chinese alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize-
    Ans:Confucius Prize
  3. Which American newspaper is nicknamed as ‘the Grey Lady’-
    Ans:The New York Times
  4. Where is the headquarters of the Micromax company-
  5. Which world famous electronics company was founded by Konosuke Ans:Matsushita-
  6. The river of Narmada,Tapti,Mahi&Sabarmati drains into which gulf-
    Ans:Gulf of Cambay
  7. Which company runs the operations in the Mumbai High-
  8. Which Indian oil company’s former name was Bharat Refineries Limited- Ans:Bharath Petroleum Limited
  9. Which cricket tournament is known as ‘One Day Ranji Trophy-
    Ans:Vijay Hazare Trophy
  10. Who is known as ‘the Grand Old Man of Indian Cricket’-
  11. Which national football team has the nickname of ‘the Red Fury’-
    Ans:Spanish team
  12. In genetics,what is the name of a variety of plant that has been passed down through several genarations-
  13. Which European city is known as ‘the Capital of Freedom’-
  14. Name the chemical compound also known as ‘Witherite’used in red rat poisons-
    Ans:Barium Carbonate
  15. The term ,’Cashiering’ is associated with which field-
  16. Which central Minister’s son was a Pakistan Army Officer during the 1965 Indo-Pak war-
    Ans:Shah Nawaz Khan
  17. Which Indian revolutionary’s autobiography is ‘From My Bones’-
  18. Which is the highest civilian award of the Nepal-
    Ans:Nepal Ratna Man Padavi
  19. In which country is the world famous ‘Strokkur geyser’situated
  20. Which countries are separated by the Tsushima Strait-
  21. Which writer was called by George Orwell as a ‘prophet of British Imperialism’- Ans:Rudyard Kipling
  22. Which Nobel laureate for literature is the author of the poem’If’-
    Ans:Rudyard Kipling
  23. Which Indian city is also known as ‘Leather city’
  24. Which breed of the cattle is the most widely used for meat production in the world-
  25. Which national leader is the author of ‘Warnings of History :Trends in modern India’-




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25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations(03/12/2015)

The following questions are frequently appearing for PSC Examinations.When the questions are preparing for PSC Examinations ,they include some conventional and basic questions .About seventy percentage of conventional questions are including in the PSC Examinations.If any one write any PSC Examinations they should understand and study the usually coming basic questions in PSC Examinations


  1. In which place of Keralam having the jail for only for women-
  2. The father of Atyrvedam-
    Athreya Maharshi
  3. The biggeast Hindhu Religion meetings is in
    -Cherukolpuzha in Pathanamthitta
  4. The first Indian who conquered the Everest without Oxygen-
  5. The first stock exchange in Keralam-
  6. Who established Kerala Kalamandalam-
  7. In which districts Madayippara situated-
  8. The biggest Sahitya Puraskaram in India-
  9. Who compiled ‘Krishnageethi’-
  10. Name the person who became the speaker largest periods-
    Vakkam Purushothaman
  11. Which parts of body affects Tuberculosis-
  12. ‘The sorrow of Assam’-
  13. Solid Carbon Dioxide is known as-
    Dry Ice
  14. The nuclear tragedy in the world-
    Chernobil Tragedy(1986)
  15. Who started Jawahar Rozhar Yojana –
    Rajeev Gandhi
  16. Which year is observed as Cocunut year in Keralam-
  17. The capital of China-
  18. The height of Burjkhaleefa-
  19. In which battle plane the former President Prathiba Patel travelled-
    Sukhoi 30
  20. In which place Red-Square situated-
  21. In which place the first candle museum situated-
  22. ‘Bing Bang theory’ related to –
    the origin of universe
  23. ‘The roof of the world’-
  24. Who is known as human Computer-
    Sakunthala Devi
  25. Socreties belongs to which country-

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40-Valuable Expected Questions- for  PSC Examinations(02/12/2015)

The following are the commonly asking PSC questions. It is the valuable collection in the conventional questions appearing in  PSC Examinations.That is most expected basic questions appearing PSC Examinations.If you study well this points you will have good chance to include in the PSC rank list


  1. In which place the first post office was established in Travancore-
  2. In which place Bokaro steel plant located-
  3. The acis contains in tapioca-
    Ans:Hydrocyanic acid
  4. Whose book is ‘Thathwamasi’-
    Ans:Sukumar Azhikode
  5. Which is known as ,’Forbidden city’-
  6. The only ayurvedic mental hospital in Keralam-
  7. Who is known as king of inventions-
    Ans:Thomas Alwa Edison
  8. Devis Cup is related to which game-
  9. The world labour day-
  10. Arjuna award is related to which field-
  11. The highest mountain range in India-
    Ans:Kanjan Ganga
  12. The highest building in the world-
    Ans:Burj Khalif
  13. The headquarters of agricultural university-
  14. In which country’s collaboration the Rourkala steel plant was established-
  15. In which place news print factory is located in Keralam-
  16. The chairman of Lokh Sabha-
  17. In which districts Nedumbassery airport is located-
  18. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure-
  19. The layer which protect the excessive reaching of ultraviolet rays in Earth-
    Ans:Ozone layer
  20. Whose autobiography is wings of fire-
    Ans:A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  21. 1 Nautical mile-
  22. June 12 is observed as –
    Ans:Anti child labour day
  23. The currency of Brazil-
  24. The first film in India which was nominated to Oscar award-
    Ans:Mother India
  25. The malayalee athlete who got Arjuna award-
    Ans:Havidar Bala Krishnan
  26. In which place Priyadarshini Planetaorium is located-
  27. The element which is abundant in Sun-
  28. The first women central minister-
    Ans:Raj Kumari Amruth Kour
  29. The first tobacco free country in the world-
  30. The Ajantha cave pictures belongs to which period-
    Ans:Gupta periods
  31. The athlete known as ‘Ebony Express’-
    Ans:Jessy Ovens
  32. The old name of Kodungallure-
  33. Who started the public work department in Travancore for the first time-
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal
  34. The time difference between India Standard time and Greenwich Standard time-
    Ans:5 hours and 30 minutes
  35. The famous comedian Charlie Chaplin belongs to which country-
    Ans:Great Britain
  36. In which state having highest number of theatres-
    Ans:Andhra Pradesh
  37. The first women who led Indian Olympics team-
    Ans:Shyni Wilson
  38. In which states in India tea-plants cultivated more-
  39. Name the person who became the President for the continuous two trms-
    Ans:Rajendra Prasad
  40. Name the person who became the chief Keralam for number of days-

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Valuable Knowledge for any PSC Exams

The following are the most valuable PSC Questions .The are repeatedly appearing for any PSC Examinations.It is the stepping stone for entering in the PSC Rank list.The following details should be studied with utmost care to avoid confusion while writing PSC Examinations


  1. Which organization got Gandhi Peace prize for the first time-
    Ans:Rama Krishna Mission
  2. In which year Rama Krishna Mission got Gandhi Peace prize-
  3. Where is the headquarters of Rama Krishna Mission-
  4. Who got Gandhi Peace prize for the first time-
    Ans:Julies Nerara,National father of Tansania
  5. Which Indian got Gandhi Peace prize for the first time-
    Ans:Baba Amthe
  6. Which organization got Gandhi Peace prize in 2014-
  7. The first person who resigned from the Secretary General of United Nations-
    Ans:Dag Hamer Shold
  8. The person from Asean continent who became the Secretary General of united Nations-
  9. Who established Bharathiya vidya Bhavan-
  10. Who is the present secretary general of UNO-
    Ans:Banki Moon(South Korea)
  11. The year of bloodless revolution-
  12. Who was the king in England at the time of bloodless revolution-
    Ans:James II
  13. Who was the queen at the time Sepoy mutiny in 1857-
    Ans:Queen Victoria
  14. Who was the British Emperor at the time of India got Independence-
    Ans:George VI
  15. The iron man of India-
    Ans:Sardar Valla Bhai Patel
  16. Who played the key role in the unification of princely states after India got Independence-
    Ans:Sardar Valla Bhai patel
  17. Who is known as ‘Indian Bismark’-
    Ans:Sardar valla bhai Patel
  18. Who gave the name ‘Sardar’to Valla Bhai patel-
  19. Whose birth day is celebrated as ‘Rashtriya Ekatha Divas’-
    Ans:Sardar valla Bhai Patel on October 31
  20. Whose birth day is celebrated as ‘Desa Sneha Dinam’-
    Ans:Subhash Chandra bose on January 23

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Current Affairs inevitable part of any PSC Examinations(01/12/2015)

The current affairs plays an important role in any PSC Examinations.About 20 to 30 percentage questions will come from this section for PSC Examinations.Actually this section is rank making one for PSC Examinations.Those who want to raise your existing position in PSC Rank list you study clearly the current affairs section.So getting good rank in PSC Examinations study well this sections


  1. Name the first women president of Nepal-
    Ans:Bidhya Bhandari
  2. Which musical composer received this year’s Hridayanath Mangeshwar Award-
  3. Which Indian movie,directed by Pan Nalin,bagged the People,s Choice Award at the Rome International Film festival-
    Ans:Angry Indian Goddess
  4. Name the Vice President of Maldives who was arrested over alleged assassination attempt on the President Abdulla Yameen-
    Ans:Ahamed Adeeb
  5. Arjun Vajpai and Bhupesh Kumar scaled an unexplored peak in Himachal Pradesh and named it after which personality-
    Ans:A P J Abdul Kalam
  6. Which Indian sports administrator and honourary member of the International Olympic committee passed away recently-
    Ans:Ashwini Kumar
  7. Which submarine ,the first of six in the ‘Scorpene Class’ Submarine was successfully set afloat recently-
    Ans:INS Kalvari
  8. Which bank organized a marathon named Vigithon,to make people aware of the need to fight corruption-
    Ans:Union Bank of India
  9. What is India’s position ,in the ranking in the World Banking’s report of Ease of doing Business-
  10. The third edition of which international submit was held in New Delhi from October 26 to 30-India-
    Ans:Africa Forum Submit
  11. Which African leader was selected for the 2015 Confucius Prize-
    Ans:Robert Mugabe
  12. Who heads the high level committee set up by central government to suggest simplification of income tax laws-
    Ans:Justice R.V.Eswar
  13. Name the bilateral naval exercise held between India and Sreelanka in Trincomalee coast-
    Ans:SLINEX 15
  14. Which neighbouring country signed an agreement with China to import all kinds of fuel in order to ease the prevailing fuel crisis in the country- Ans:Nepal
  15. Jimmy Morales was elected President of which central African country- Ans:Guatemala
  16. What does AMRUT,an urban project of the Government, stands for-
    Ans:Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
  17. Najib Shah has been appointed chairman of which central government agency-
    Ans:Central Board of Excise and Cutoms
  18. Who is the newly appointed Malayalee to the secretary of steel department of India-
    Ans:Arun Sundera Rajan
  19. Who got Jimmy George Foundation Award for 2015 excellent in athletes-
    Ans:Tintu Luka
  20. To whom the Tata group selected as their global ambassador-
    Ans:Lionel Messi