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Model Questions for LDC Examinations-Surely asking for PSC Examinations

Followings are the typical model questions for LDC Examination.Important questions from the different parts of General knowledge are taken.Thoroughly study them and attain the highest rank for LDC Examiantions

  • What is the function of gall bladder in human beings
    Ans:store bile
  • Which minerals are needed for healthy bones
    Ans:Calcium and phosporous
  • What is the role of heavy water in a nuclear reactor
    Ans:as moderator
  • A magnet loses its magnetism permanently when the temperature reaches at a level known as
    Ans:curie point
  • Oort cloud is the repository of —
    Ans:comet supernova explosion
  • According to Watson and Crick model of DNA it is—
    Ans:double helix
  • For removing brain tumors ,physicians used—
    Ans:Gamma knife
  • Which state governments has declared October 5 as Dolphin Day
  • Who received the 2012 Seoul Peace Prize
    Ans:Ban Ki Moon
  • Who was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature 2012
    Ans:Mo Yan
  • Which island country has recently launched the world’s biggest marine park
    Ans:The Cook Island
  • The world’s highest railway bridge is now being constructed over —river in India
  • Indian Patent Act was formed in—
  • Volunteer captain of Guruvayoor Temple Sathyagraha—
  • Panchayath Raj institution came into effect with the amendment of the constitution—
  • The term knock out is associated with—
  • “A friend in need is the friend indeed” is associated with-
  • The first English school in Kerala was established at—
  • According to the Gregorian calendar saka era ,our national era begins in the year—
    Ans:AD 78
  • India first underground nuclear explosion experiment was done at—
    Ans:Pokhran in Rajasthan
  • First chairman of Kerala film academy—
    Ans:Adoor Gopalakrishnan
  • How many districts were there at the time of the formation of Kerala state
  • Who was the first woman to become the Chief Justice of Kerala High Court
    Ans:Sujatha Manohar
  • Which great poet of Malayalam died in 1924 in a boat accident
    Ans:Kumaran Asan
  • Which common wild fruit found in Kerala has the scientific name artocarpus birsutus
    Ans:Wild Jack
  • Who was the first education minister of Kerala
    Ans:Joseph Mundassery
  • Karumadikkuttan is a remnant of which culture
  • In which districts Edakkal Cave situated
  • Which is the only Cantonment in Kerala
  • In which taluk of Kerala is the blak soil abundantly found
  • Which river of Kerala once called as ‘English Channel in India’
  • The Election Commission holds election to
    Ans:Parliament,President,Vice President,State Legislature
  • Which part is known as the soul of Indian Constitution
  • The introduction of two tie system of Panchayath Raj was recommended by
    Ans:Ashok Mehta Committee
  • In India right to vote is a
    Ans:Constitutional right
  • Article 352 was declared in India during the years of
  • Who inaugurated the one year long 125th anniversary celebration of the Kerala
    Ans:Shankara Narayan
  • A common High Court for two or more states and Union Territories may be established by
  • Anglo-Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha is nominated in terms of Article
  • The non constitutional posts Rajya Sabha
    Deputy Chairman of rajya Sabha,Deputy Speaker.Deputy Priome Ans:Minister


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Typical model questions of any PSC Examinations especially for LDC Examinations.Following questions are repeatedly asking for PSC Examinations.So never make  mistakes on answering the following questions in PSC Examinations

  1. The Right Information Act came fullyinto effect on
    Ans:12 Oct.2005
  2. Indian Constitution consists of —articles
  3. GSM stands for
    Ans:Global System for Means
  4. The first Indian who travelled in space
    Ans:Rakesh Sharma
  5. Name the writer who won Man Booker prize in 2008
    Ans:Aravind Adiga
  6. The celebrated autobiography “Joothan”(2007) was written by
    Ans:Om Prakash Valmiki
  7. The ‘E-Series’brand of cell phones belongs to which of the manufactures
  8. Who is the first first women to to win Oscar award for the best director
    Ans:Kathryn Bigelow
  9. Eidrick Tont’Tiger’Woods is associated with
  10. The national Solar Mission has been named after
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  11. ‘We are all born mad,some remains so’Who said these words
    Ans:Samuel Beckett
  12. The famous writer Rudyard Kipling was born in
  13. A telephone holds
    Ans:15 ml
  14. Which is the capital city of Gabones Republic
  15. The place where Sabarmathi Ashram was founded by Gandhiji
  16. Who presented the first resolution in the 1st national Congress meeting at Bombay
    Ans:G.Subramania Ayyer
  17. The United Nations Human Rights Council was established in
    Ans:2006 March 15
  18. Who gave the slogan ‘Go back to the Vedas’
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda
  19. Who was the president of INC at the time of Indian Independence
  20. The first nuclear powered submarine designed in India is
    Ans:INS Arihant
  21. Which English General defeated Jhansi Rani
    Ans:General Hugh Rose
  22. The headquarter of World Bank
    Ans:Washington DC
  23. Who referred the revolt of 1857 as India’s first war of Independence
  24. Who was the founder of INA
    Ans:Subhash Chandra Bose
  25. Who launched the “Bhoodan Movement”
    Ans:Acharya Vinoba Bhave
  26. The year in which the nationalization of banks took place
  27. Bandung conferences was in the year
  28. The first martyr of 1857 revolts
    Ans:Mangal Pandey
  29. The place where Mother Theresa was born
  30. Indian Parliamentary system is a model of
  31. PH value of pure water is
  32. The first mobile phone service in India
  33. World population day is observed on
    Ans:July 11
  34. “Vivekanantha Sethu” is built across
    Ans:River Hugli
  35. ‘Pathfinder was sent to study about the planet
  36. Night blindness is due to the lack of
    Ans:Vitamin A
  37. Protection of Human Rights Act came into force on
    Ans:1993 September 28
  38. Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project was commissioned under
    Ans:Sri Chithira Thirunal
  39. The volunteer captain of Guruvayur Sathyagraha
  40. Sri Narayana Guru died in the year
  41. The Honourable High Court of Kerala came into force
    Ans:1956 Nov 1
  42. The Daily ‘Swadeshabhimani’ was started by
    Ans:Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi
  43. The state which is known as ‘Land of Legends’
  44. The founder of Amnesty International
    Ans:Peter Berenson
  45. The right of Children to free and Compulsory Education Act was passed by the Indian Parliament on
    Ans:4th Aug 2009
  46. Kudumbashree project for poverty reduction was launched on
    Ans:17th May 1998
  47. The British Viceroy during the First war of Independence in 1857 was
    Ans:Charles Canning
  48. The Indian President Fakruddin Ali Ahammed declared a state of emergency based on the provision of
    Ans:Article 352
  49. The first Indian state Government to start Lottery
  50. The Chairman of “NORKA”
    Ans:Chief Minister of Kerala
  51. Which of the Indian President was the Secretary General of Non-Alligned movement
    Ans:Giani Zail Sing
  52. Reserve Bank of India established on
    Ans:1935 April 1st
  53. The Indian capital market is under the control of
  54. The Prime minister who nationalized the Banks of India
    Ans:Mrs.Indira Gandhi

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Model Questions for LDC Examinations

The following are the questions appearing different PSC Examinations.Certain questions are repeating in PSC Examination.So it is very good to study the previous question papers.

  • Who is considered as the Father of Modern Psychology
    Ans:Sigmund Freud
  • Who is the Man-the Maker of his own Destiny
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda
  • The technique adopted to find out the level of acceptability of an individual by the members of a group is
  • Par sec is unit of
  • Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of
    Ans:Sulphonic Acid
  • The ultimate source of energy is
  • Non metals are generally bad conductors of electricity .However graphite is a good conductor of electricity because it
    Ans:is brittle
  • Thiokol is a
    Ans:Synthetic Rubber
  • Kangaroo is the main animal of
  • In copper production —-leads the globe
  • Ajmer in Rajasthan is a great pilgrim centre of
  • Coffee is an important source of income of
  • Who wrote Asian drama
    Ans:Gunnar Mirdayal
  • Name the book written by Rabindranath Tagore
  • Name the key to Indian pre-historic archaeology
  • The ‘Navaretnas’ lived during the period of
  • The Ashtadigajas belonged to —dynasty
  • Kandalur Salai is an ancient university of
  • The Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang visited the pilgrim centre of—in South India
  • Din-Ilahi is a religion founded by
  • Name the only Malayalee President of the All India Congress Committee
    Ans:Sir C Shankaran Nair
  • The revolt of 1721 at—-is the first attempt against foreign domination from the south
  • The —company was last to leave India after Independence
  • Who is known as the Gandhi of Kerala
    Ans:K Kelappan
  • Name the Malayalee editor of ‘Ganhiji’s Young India’
    Ans:George Joseph
  • The right to work or the right to aliving wage had been included among the fundamental rights ,based on the 1931 Resolution of the congress which met in—
  • —had outlined a strategy of non-cooperation in his manifesto,HINDSWARAJ as early as 1909
  • Name the Grand old man of Indian Nationalism
    Ans:Dadabhai Naoroji
  • The Doctrine of lapse was introduced by
  • The non-brahmin movement begun by Dr.T.M.Nair became a mass movement under
    Ans:E.V.Ramaswami Naicker
  • As part of the Vaikom Satyagraha ,a savarna jatha was organized under the leadership of
    Ans:Manath Padmanabhan
  • The temple entry proclamation was issued by
    Ans:Chithira Tirunal
  • The Malayalam lullaby ‘Omanathinkal Kidavu was written by’
    Ans:Irayimman Tampi
  • The painting ‘Mysore Kheda’was drawn by
    Ans:Raja Ravi Varma
  • Robert Bristow is the architect of the port at
  • Herman Gundert who enriched Malayalam language is a
  • The increase in agricultural production in 1971 resulted in a wheat revolution .It is referred to as the Green Revolution .Who was the Prime minister at that time
    Ans:Inira Gandhi
  • Who was the first non-congress Prime Minister of India
    Ans:Morarji Desai
  • In 1974 India surprised the world by exploding a nuclear device’ in an under ground test in—state
  • The first South Asean Association for Regional Co-operation(SAARC)held its first summit of the Heads of seven states
  • The most popular social welfare scheme adopted in India is
  • Which plan envisaged a frontal attack on poverty and at the same time self reliance in science and technology
    Ans:Fifth plan
  • ‘A tree for every child ‘programme was launched during the —Five year Plan
  • Panchayati Raj envisages a
    Ans:Three tie system
  • The cheapest transport in India is
    Ans:Water Transport
  • Public health and sanitation under the India constitution fall in —list
    State list
  • The SC/St people are specified in—articles of the Indian constitution
    Ans:341 and 342
  • The oldest of the existing news paper
    Ans:Bombay Samajar
  • When was the TPS formulated(Technology Policy Statements)
  • The sword of Velu Tampi Dala Dalava(1809) which was missing had been located in the National Museum, New Delhi who located it
    Ans:T.P Sankaran Kutty Nair
  • Varika Varika Sahajare—these Malayalam poetic lines had been written by
    Ans:Amsi Narayana Pillai
  • The largest planet is
  • Forint is the monetary unit of —country
  • Name the capital of Switzerland
  • The Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission shall be
    Ans:Rtd.Chief Justice of India
  • The punishment for intentionally insulting a member of SC/ST is imprisonment for a period of
    Ans:6 months to 5 year












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Model Questions for LDC Examinations

The following are the questions appearing different PSC Examinations.Certain questions are repeating in PSC Examination.So it is very good to study the previous question papers.


  1. Open door policy in China was announced by

    Deng Xiaoping

  2. Person who is known as the George Washington of South Africa

    Simon Boliver

  3. First ISO certified police station in Kerala

    Koxhikode Town

  4. Grass land found in Africa


  5. Venue of 2016 Olympics


  6. The operation made by America immediately after the attack of the world trade centre

    Operation Infinite Justice

  7. First Eco town in India


  8. Banana Republic means

    countries with political instabilities

  9. The ‘Dreams from my father’ is written by

    Barak Obama

  10. Julia Gillard is the first woman prime minister of


  11. Father of modern Indology and the founder of Asiatic Society

    Sir William Jones

  12. The great among the Portuguese viceroys in India


  13. Founder of Prarthana Samaj

    Athmarang Pandurang

  14. The person known as Periyar

    V.Ramaswamy Naicker

  15. The famous horse of Rana Pratap


  16. How many times Gandhiji became the president of Indian national congress


  17. Who abolished Privy Purse

    Indira Gandhi

  18. The Railway Strike 1974 was led by

    George Fernandes

  19. Anti-Arrack movement originated in

    Andhra Pradesh

  20. Drain theory belongs to

    Dadabhai Naoroji

  21. National water way no.3 connects


  22. Push and pull factors are responsible for


  23. Which writ is issued by the supreme court when an office holder is not doing his legal duties


  24. If the total strength of the Loksabha is 545 and 300 members are present at the time of voting special majority requires

  25. As per 73rd constitutional amendment 29 subjects are transferred to local bodies from

    11th schedule

  26. ‘Agent orange’ is a


  27. People who live with instrument like contact lens,insulin pumps etc.are called


  28. The scientist who developed ballistic science

    Kalvin Godard

  29. Study of life in outer space is called


  30. The first space station in the world

    Salute 1

  31. Cell used in mobile phones

    Lithium Iron Cell

  32. Medulla Oblongata is connected with the control of

    heart beat

  33. The unmanned aerial vehicle for counter insurgency operations developed by DRDO


  34. The first satellite launched by India


  35. Raman Science Centre Planetarium is situated at


  36. Cyber laws are included in

    Concurrent list

  37. Second Generation Human Rights include

    Social economic &Cultural rights

  38. Maximum period in which the information has to be given to the applicant according to the Right to information Act

    35 days

  39. Total number of members in the National Human Rights Commission

    5 members

  40. Whose birthday is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India

    Dhyan Chand

  41. The world Social Forum was formed mainly to resist


  42. Kyoto Protocol is related to

    emission of green house gas

  43. Who is the author of the novel ‘Alchemist’

    Paulo Coelho

Surely asking G.K.Questions in LDC Examinations

World Literature-Pen-names

  • Henry-William Sidney Porter
  • Mark Twain-Samuel Lang horn Clemants
  • George Orwell-Eric Arther Blaire
  • Maxim Gorky-Alaksy Maximovich Peshkov
  • Saki-Hector Hug Manro
  • Pablo Neruda-Rayas Basolto
  • Voltaire-Frankoyis Mary Aro
  • Louis Karol-Charles Ludvig Dojson
  • George Eliot-Mary Aan Evans
  • Moliar-Yeen Baptist Pokilin
  • Mary Best Makot-Agatha Christy
  • Bose-Charles Dickens
  • Herge-Georges Remi
  • Paul French-Issac Asimov

Characters and Creators

  • Shelak Holms-Arther Konal Doyal
  • Don Quicksot-Servantis
  • Sorba-Nikose Kasansakis
  • Tomsoyar-MarkTwain
  • Jeen valgin-Victor Hugo
  • Frankenstin-Mary Shelly
  • K-France Kafka
  • Kim,Mougly-Rudyard Kippling
  • Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens
  • Drakula-Bram stocker
  • Count of Montichristo
  • Hary Porter-J.K.Rouling

Famous Autobiography in Malayalam

  • Arangu Kanatha Nadan-Thikodiyan
  • Ente Nadukadathal-Sodeshabimani
  • Ente Jeevithakada-A.K.G
  • Ente Vakeel Jeevitam-Thakazhi
  • Ene Vazhiyambalam-S.K.Pottekad
  • Ethirpu-Kesavadev
  • Kazhinja Kalam-K.P.Kesava Menon
  • Kozhinja Elakal-Mundassery
  • Kanneerum Kinavum-V.T Bhatathiripad
  • Kaviyude Kalpadukal-P.KunjiRaman Nair
  • Ormayude Olangal-G.Sankara Kurup
  • Ormayude Arakal-Basheer
  • Njan-N.N.Pilla
  • Smarana Mandalam-P.K.Narayana Pilla
  • Thudikkunna Thalukal-Changampuzha
  • Service Story-Malayatur
  • Athma Katha-EMS
  • Kavya Lokha Smaranakal-Vailopilly
  • Ente Kudippum Kidappum-Fr.Vadakkan
  • Anubhavangalude Sangeetham-Pavanan
  • Jeevitha Samaram-C.Kesavan
  • Ente Kathayillaymakal-A.P.Udayabhanu
  • Ente Balyakala Smaranakal-C.Achuthamenon



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Agreement of verb with the subject

Following are the typical model questions for LDC Examinations in English Sections.20 questions  appear for LDC Examination on English sections.Some of them are given below type questions.They are easy to study at the same time they are easy to make mistakes.So carefully study them

  • Gold and silver —–precious metal
  • Honour and glory —-his reward
  • Neither the teacher nor the students—-present
  • Each of these substances—–found in the state
  • Many a student —-come for the inauguration
  • The man and the women —abscended
  • The teacher as well as the students—come
  • No news —good news
  • The chief with all his men—massacred
  • The state of his affair—bad
  • A hundred rupees —-a large sum for a poor man
  • No nook or corner –left untouched
  • The house —-elected the chairman
  • The wages of sin—death
  • Many of the buildings—-destroyed in the earthquake
  • The three sketeers —-written by Dumas
  • None—-so deaf as those who will not hear
  • What is the —news from Chennai
  • The —-part of the story is more interesting than the former part
  • I took —money I have with me for buying this picture
    the little
  • There is —money in my pocket
  • There is —sugar in the jar
    a little
  • I lost the numbers of—friends I have in Mumbai
    the few
  • Raju is the —student to get admission
  • When I walked —I saw the school
  • I am the —my two sisters
  • Maya is the —-girl in the class
  • Not—-of his friendswere present here
  • There are scarcely —-good books in the library
  • He was rushed to the —hospital
  • Raju is the —cardiologist in the city who is very successful in open heart surgery
  • —one of the pencil is missing
  • Gopal is —-confused about his higher studies
  • Riya is —indebted to her brother
  • —student won the prize
  • —is wrong with Mrs.Brown today
  • —opened the front door
  • —is Suasan talking about
  • I have three sens—do you want

Question Tags-LDC Oriented 

  • I am a teacher,
    aren’t I?
  • He should have done it,
  • Every one was happy,
    weren’t they?
  • Let us paly some game,
    shall we?
  • A few people attended the function,
    do they?
  • We shall stay there,
    isn’t we?
  • Rarely do we watch movies nowadays,
    don’t we?
  • He dare’nt face the police,
    dare he?
  • Raju needs some help,
    does’t he?
  • He ought to know more about the fact,
    oughtn’t he?
  • Neither of them knew the answer,
    did they?


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Workout this model questions clearly,that will become good exercise  for the forthcoming LDC Examinations.Following questions were taken from different sections of General Knowledge.

  1. Atoms can be sorted according to their mass by the help of instrument


  2. Aluminium,Copper,magnesium and manganese are the constituent element of the alloy

    Ans:tool steel

  3. Heavy water boils at a temperature of —degree Celsius


  4. Which compound is used in nasal drops as an antisceptic


  5. Unit of time is


  6. Which Newtonian law states that action is equal to reaction

    Ans:third law

  7. Mesons and baryons are together called


  8. Simplest elementary particles


  9. Lichen is symbiotic association between


  10. Example for living fossil

    Ans:Ginko biloba

  11. Who directed the opening ceremony of the 30th Olymbics

    Ans:Dany Boyle

  12. When was the investors summit ,Emerging Kerala held

    Ans:Sept 12-14

  13. The author book , “Indian my beloved”

    Ans:Dominic Lapier

  14. NASA’s next mission to Mars to be launched in 2016 is named


  15. The country with which India started diplomatic relations for the first time on August 30,2012


  16. The Asean games held every

    Ans:4 years

  17. Who regarded as the education alone as a means of National progress

    Ans:Sir Syed Ahammed Khan

  18. The Indian Red cross society was established in the year


  19. Name the longest dam in the India


  20. Maximum yield of milk is obtained from—–varity of cows

    Ans:Red Sindhi

  21. The Punjab takes its name from the tributaries of the river


  22. The constitutional validity of the law passed by the states and the parliament is decided by –

    Ans:The supreme court

  23. Project tiger was instituted in India in—


  24. The progressive street play writer and actor who was murdered by revolutionary force in Delhi was

    Ans:Safdar Hashmi

  25. Indias first television centre came into being on

    Ans:15 Aug 1959

  26. Who was the finance minister to start lottery

    Ans:P K Kunju

  27. Who was the winner of the first Jnanpith prize in 1965

    Ans:G Shankara Kurup

  28. In which year was the split in the Communist party at national level


  29. In which year was the state institute of languages constituted


  30. Which was the centre of Orana Samaram in 1958


  31. In which year Keralam won the Santhosh Trophy National Football Championship for the first time


  32. In which year the Door darshan started Malayalam broadcasting


  33. Which was first total literate town in India


  34. Who was the first women judge of the Supreme court

    Ans:Fathima Beevi

  35. How many times Gandhiji visited Kerala


  36. Which amendment is known as ‘Mini constitution’


  37. The Lok Adalat was held at


  38. Judges of High courts are appointed at


  39. Provision regarding state election commission is mentioned in article


  40. Which authority has the power to alter the boundaries of the states


  41. The CAG report is presented to

    Ans:Public Account Committee

  42. Gandhian principles are mentioned in

    Ans:Directive Principles

  43. Who ws the advisor of the constituent assembly of India

    Ans:B.N Rau


0 2157


Articles and prepositions are the backbone of English section in LDC Examinations.It is very easy to confuse,so thoroughly analyse the following questions.Each marks in English is rank making one.Do exercise as possible for you on English .This is the only solution to get full marks in English section in LDC Examinations.Most of the candidates are very poor in English ,but they most of them score somewhat good marks in other section in LDC Examinations but they lies below the rank list as their mark is poor in English.The following are the precious collection from psc question bank.


  1. What can I cut the bread—-
  2. This is the book I was telling you—
  3. Take the book in your hand and open it—–page
  4. He spoke —-his holidays
  5. If a person is always punctual ,what can you count —him doing
  6. He has spent his life —Bombay
  7. You must attend —-his instructions
  8. I should put him —as student
  9. There are three very important forms—expressing preferences
  10. There are also many dangers —land
  11. A river flows —its banks
  12. The old man came and sat—the small table
  13. I can’t afford to go to the convent —I don’t like classical music
  14. John wrote a letter to Mary,but —-he tore it up
  15. The boys saved three pounds—them
  16. There were several interruptions —his speech
  17. Archeological sources provide useful informations —the Guptas
  18. Kanban was a great writer who lived —the end of 12th century
  19. Tarkish-i-Firozhahi is an important historical work —medieval India
  20. The new books will not arrive —Friday meanwhile we must make do with these
  21. What did the boss mislead the workers—-believing
  22. I want your reply—a week
  23. The dog rushed—the beggar
  24. The strength of class stood—sixty
  25. We went to the beach—car
  26. I must apologize—you for the delay in reaching here
  27. You must repent —your sins
  28. The police suspect him —the crime
  29. He has not fully recovered —his illness
  30. What was the motive —the murder
  31. We decided —a picnic

Suitable articles

  1. He has studied—–geography of America
  2. —life is hard
  3. —life we live is hard
  4. John is —-honourable man
  5. I pay Rs.2400—-month for my room
  6. My aunt was in —hospital for 6 weeks
  7. We go to —hospital
    Ans:no article
  8. Her husband had left—office
  9. What —big dog
  10. India is —sovereign,socialist,secular,democratic,republic
  11. Kabir was said to have been born in about AD 1398 of —-Brahmin widow
  12. The Bhakti cult has its roots in—revival of—-India philosophy by sankaracharya
  13. What –awful news
  14. They are attending —service at—cathedral
    Ans:a, the
  15. —unwritten constitution like that of England is based on unwritten convention,tradition and practices
  16. It is —duty of —educated person to help the illiterate
    Ans:the ,an
  17. There was —-ugly scar on the face of —prisoner
  18. —tiger is now—protected animal
  19. For—moment Meena looked disappointed
  20. What do you think is —happiest hour of the day for you
  21. —Gold is a precious metal
    Ans:no article
  22. Kalidas is known as —Shakespeare of India
  23. —Orator and —Statemanwere killed in the accident
  24. He reads —Koran every day
  25. He recently took —M.A degree in Sociology



0 2817


In LDC Examinations 20 marks carrying in English sections.That questions may be from pacca grammer,semi grammer or vocabulary parts or etc.Most of the people is not given much importance to this as it is bit difficulty,but study systematically can be made it easy and can score full marks from this section.If you score good marks in this section surely you will attain a good rank in LDC Examination.So study sincerely without wasting time



Singular &Plural

  1. Story-Stories
  2. Mango-Mangoes
  3. Thesis-theses
  4. Thief-thieves
  5. Zero-zeroes
  6. Mother-in-law-mothers-in-law
  7. Century-centuries
  8. Dynamo-dynamos
  9. Basis-bases
  10. Bureau-bureaux
  11. Cattle-cattle
  12. Larva-larvae
  13. Index-indices
  14. Ox-oxi
  15. Deer-deer
  16. Class-classes
  17. Brief-briefs
  18. Goose-geese
  19. Apex-apexes
  20. Memorandum-memoranda
  21. Ratio-ratios
  22. Photo-photos
  23. Potato-potatoes
  24. Child-children
  25. Branch-branches


  1. Administrator-Administratrix
  2. Manager-Manageress
  3. Negro-Negress
  4. Monk-Nun
  5. Bachelor-Spinster
  6. Dancer-Danseuse
  7. Dog-Bitch
  8. Drake-Duck
  9. Billy-goat-Nanny-got
  10. Fox-Vixen
  11. Master-Mistress
  12. Jew-Jewess
  13. Colt-Filly
  14. Buck-rabit-Doe rabbit
  15. Intern-Nurse


  1. Provoke-Soothe
  2. Exhausted-Energetic
  3. Irate-Calm
  4. Enrich-Diminsh
  5. Shrink-Expand
  6. Graceful-Awkward
  7. Transparent-Opaque
  8. Erudite-Ignorant
  9. Insolent-Polite
  10. Confident-Diffident
  11. Religious-Secular
  12. Prolong-Shorten


  1. Boomerang-Recoil on the originator
  2. Panorama-a full view
  3. Reminiscence-recollection
  4. Frazzle-exhausted
  5. Panchant-strong inclination
  6. Salacious-lustful
  7. Ramification-consequences
  8. Ordeal- a severe test
  9. Garrulous-talkative
  10. Nocturnal-occuring at night
  11. Motley-of varied colour
  12. Obese-too fat
  13. Rectitude-integrity
  14. Insolvent-unable pay debts
  15. Exasperate-irritate
  16. Patronize-visit as customer
  17. Horology-Science of measuring time
  18. Regimen-systematic plan

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 Public Policy,Climate Change,Latest Economic Data


Prepared on the basis of latest trend in LDC Examinations and other PSC

Examinations .Climate change questions related things are appearing here.This parts

include the general knowledge in India.For every psc questions general knowledge of

India plays important role .Again this sections include public policy climatic change

economic data  consdering its importance .

  1. Which hill in Western Ghats is considered as the homeland of Soliga tribes.
    Ans:BRT hills Karnataka
  2. Which state has the maximum no.of districts coming in the Western Ghats ranges
  3. The decision to build a residence for British Viceroys in New Delhi was taken in—
    Ans:1911 Delhi Durbar
  4. What was the importance of the city of Calcutta before 1911
    Ans:Capital British India
  5. On which day the Viceroy’s residence became renamed as Rashtrapathi Bhavan
    Ans:January 26,1950
  6. Who was the chief engineer involved in the construction of Viceroy’s residence
    Ans:Huge Keeling
  7. The contractor who completed the main building of Rashtrapathi Bhavan was—
  8. The iseas to adopt bells in the pillars of Rashtrapathi Bhavan came from—
    Ans:Jain temple at Moodabidri,Karnataka
  9. From March 23 to 27,2012 Prime minister made a visit to Republic of Korea to attend—
    Ans:Nuclear security summit
  10. Who has been awarded United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s highest distinction ,the Agricola medal for the contribution to agriculture and social development in India
    Ans:Man Mohan Singh
  11. ICAR recently signed an agreement on the project on the preparation of World Mango Encyclopedia with—
  12. Central Institute of Plastics Engineering&Technology is an institution coming under the purview of the ministry of—
    Ans:Ministry of chemicals and Fertilizers
  13. Bureau of Civil Aviation security was formed in 1978 after the recommendation of —-committee
    Ans:Pande committee
  14. Which air port is the first ever airport to receive the Golden Peacock Environment Award 2012
    Ans:Bengaluru International Airport
  15. According to a report of Forbes Magazine which language is most precise and most suitable language for computer software
  16. Which is the world’s first granite temple
    Ans:Brihadeshwara temple Tanjavur
  17. What is the peculiarity of Chali Cricket Ground of Himachal Pradesh
    Ans:World’s highest cricket ground
  18. The word Navy is derived from the Sanskrit word—
  19. The value of “pie” was first calculated by the Indian Mathematician—
  20. The oldest European Church and Synagogue of India is situated in the city of—
  21. In 2011,RBI deregulated saving bank account interest rate in which differential rate interest could be set for the deposit over—lakh
    Ans:One Lakh
  22. Which is the major microfinance programme in the country
    Ans:Self help bank in linkage Bank
  23. What is RIDF
    Ans:Rural Infrastructure Fund
  24. Who was the chairman of the committee that studied the issues and concerns in the microfinance sector
    Ans:Y H Malegam
  25. Out of the six regions in India,which regions have achieved maximum disbursement of the sanctioned fund in RIDF and BharatNirman
    Ans:North and west 69 %each


    Analyse the questions to score good marks in psc examinations.Such a valuable questions are given below.This questions are little confusing things.Any way clearly understand and record in mind

  26. Which is the nodal agency for implementing the Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief(ADWDR) Scheme
  27. The The gross NPAsto gross advance ratio declined from 2.4 per cent in 2009-10 to—-in 2010-11
  28. What is the rate of growth in percentage of ATMs during 2010-11 as compared to that of previous year
    Ans:24 percent
  29. The short form of Non-deposit taking Non Banking Financial Companies is —
  30. Major source of funds for deposit taking NBFCs is—
  31. The number of registered FIIs in India as on31st March 2011 is —
  32. The new pension scheme ,NPS was opened to all citizens of India
    Ans:1 May 2009
  33. In order to make it affordable for economically disadvantaged people ,the pension fund Regulatory and Development Authority introduced a lower cost version of the NPS known as –
  34. Current account capital account errors omissions and change in foreign exchange reserves are the four components of —
    Ans:Balance of payments
  35. What position does India hold among the world countries in terms of foreign exchange reserves
    Ans:Sixth(the order is China,Japan,Russia,Brazil,Switzerland,India)
  36. Won is the currency of—
    Ans:South Korea
  37. India’s share in world merchandise exports in the first half of 2011 is –
    Ans:1.9 percent
  38. The top four items in India’s manufactured exports are—
    Ans:Engineering goods,gems ,jewellery,chemicals,and related products and textiles
  39. Which items rank rank top in the list of India’s textile export
    Ans:Ready made garments
  40. Which country is emerging as the India’s largest trading partner who replaces US for the three consecutive financial years from 2008-09
  41. India has high trade deficit with Switzerland because mainly of the rising of import of—
  42. What is “LIBOR”(associated with trade credit in foreign currency by banks)
    Ans:Londen Interbank Offered Rate
  43. Which is Indias second major export item
    Ans:Gems and Jewellary
  44. The largest cutting and polishing centre of diamonds in the world is –
  45. In related to bamboo and cane ,which town has been notified as town of export excellence by foreign trade policy measures 2011-12
  46. As per the data on state origin of exports of goods ,which state has been ranked top in the list









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Public Policy,Climate Change,Latest Economic Data

Certain general questions  and their answers probably asking for LDCand other PSC Examinations are givenare given below .These are all round questions appearing for PSc Examinations.To attain highest rank for LDC and other PSC Examinations study the followings carefully and thoroughly.The following can be treted as the quick reference for any PSC Examinations


Following questions may be as much importance .That may be related with the atmosphere ,earth etc.Those factors are the treasury of knowledge.Those questions can play miracle in your life while you write the psc examinations

  1. The average surface temparature of Mars is
    63 degree Celsius
  2. Mars has a week green house effect because —
    Low concentration of carbon dioxide
  3. The most important green house gas that naturally occurs in earth’s atmosphere is —
    Water Vapour
  4. The amount water vapour in the air is called—
  5. Who first proposed that earth’s average temparature would rise due to the additional carbon dioxide accumulation since large scale burning of fossil fuels
    Svante August Arrhenius
  6. Recently a Hyderabad court gave summoned notice to Governor of—
  7. Which global rating agency scaled down India’s credit from stable to navigative in June 2012
  8. Which Indian firm bagged a 605 million order from Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation for supplying 88 air conditional buses
    Asok Leyland
  9. The rise of air temparature near earths surface over the past century is known as—
    Global warming
  10. Which more potent warming molecule carbon dioxide or halocarbons
  11. IPCC was established in 1988 by
    UNEP and World Meterological Organisation
  12. The first major multinational agreement aimed at curtailing green house gas emmission was—–
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change –Rio-1992
  13. How many member countries participated in United Nations Conference on Climate Change at Kyoto in 1997
  14. West Nile Virus,which caused havoc in United States at the beginning of present century is spead by
  15. The Greek word oikos,from which the term ecology is derived ,means—
    House hold
  16. In an ecosystem ,a species that has an unusually large effect on its neighbours is called—
    Keystone species
  17. An interaction between two species that benefits both is called—
  18. The study of geographic distribution of living beings is known as —
  19. “The Malay Archipelago” is the book written by—
    Alfred Russel
  20. The coldest of all the six major biomes is —
  21. The bio-graphic belt across North America,Europe and Asia that lies between latitudes 60 and 50 North is called—-
  22. The most biographically diverse places on the earth are—
    Tropical rain forest
  23. Whooping crane ,West Indian mane tee ,Chinese Alligator and Ethopian Wolf have one thing in common,They are all
    Endagered species
  24. Which is the herbivorous animal that still retains the digestive system of its carnivore past and is unable to digest cellulose
    Giant Panda
  25. ATMs set up owned and operated by non bank entities under the companies act 1956 are known as—
    White Label ATM

    Valuable PSC Questions asking PSC Examinations

    Amazing questions asking for psc Examinations.If you study it it will reflects in your psc results.That is PSC Examinations result.You will be happy when the PSC Examination result come

  26. The seventh G20 Summit was held in—
    Los Cabos(Mexico)
  27. P’9981 is smart phone developed by—
  28. Which is the largest manufacturer of construction equipments in India
    JCB India Ltd.
  29. As per the 2012 January updates of IMF what is the expected growth rate of Global Economy in 2012
    3 percentage
  30. According to OECD report 2011,which European country is showing the highest unemployment rate—
  31. What is Eurozone
    A currency union of 17 European countries
  32. Which country is projected to the second fastest growing economy after China as per IMF
  33. As per the UN Popu;ation Division 2010 report ,the percentage of international migrants out of the 6.9 billion Global population is —
    1 percent
  34. According to Human Development Report 2011,HDI for India is —
  35. The global average life expectancy in 2011 was—
  36. The National Human Development Report (NHDR)2011 states that India’s HDI between 1999-2000 and 2007-08 has increased by—
    21 percent
  37. India is the second country to grant a compulsory license to a cancer drug.Which was the first country to do so
  38. Which Indian drug firm has got the compulsory license for manufacturing the anticancer medicine sorafenib
    Natco Pharma
  39. What is WCCB(related to wild life)
    Wild life crime control bureau
  40. What is name given to convention on wetlands 1971
  41. Which forest is the last refuge of worlds remaining 250-300 Asiatic wild lion
  42. What is the money value of each hectare of dense forest in India in terms of eco tourism
  43. Which country stands top in the list of countries that have highest species richness per unit area in the world
  44. The most biologically diverse country in the world is
  45. In Kenya,local community lease out land to private wildlife conservancy for the envoronmental benefit .The project is known as
    Masai Porini
  46. The most significant threats to biological diversity are—
    Habitat lose and poaching
  47. Which country is emerged as the transit hub for trade in illegal wild life commodities for consumption in East China
  48. Wha is SAWTI
    South Asia Wildlife Trade Initiative
  49. Which article reads “The state shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wild life of the country”
    Article 48-A
  50. The average maximum width of Western Ghats is —-
    210 KM