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Agricultural Research Centre

For any psc examination that is online psc examination or offline psc examination questions regarding research centre is surely appearing.It could be very well understood if you analyse the recent psc examination question papers.Simple study of it ,surely you get confused in examination hall.So in a serious manner you approach this questions and get marks if any question ask from this sections


01) Rubber Institute of India-Kottayam

02) Cardamom Reserch Centre-Pampadumpara

03)Pepper Research Centre-Panniyure

04) Central plantation Research centre-Kasargode

05) Pine apple Research Centre-Vellanikkara

06) Coconut Research Centre-Balaramaouram

07) Sugarcane Research Centre-Thiruvalla

08) Cashewnut Research Centre-Aanakkayam

09)Agronomic Research Station-Chalakkudy

10)Rice Research Centre-Kayamkulam,Vytila


11) Central Tuber Crops Research Institute-Thiruvananthapuram

12) Ginger Research Centre-Ambalavayal

13) Indo-Swis Project-Mattupetti

14) Indo-Norvegian Project-Neendakara

15) Coffee Research Centre-Chundale(Wayanad)

16)Tissue Culture Research Centre-TBGC Palode

17) Forest Research Institute-Peechi

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animal books

Animals verses Books in PSC Examinations!

Look this books and can direct your  fate .Such powerful weapon is that.Wonderful! the unification of animals and books.These are the interesting area of question maker in psc examination


  1. History of Animals-Aristotile

  2. Biological Distribution of Animals-Alfred Russel Vallus

  3. Origin of Species-Charles Darwin

  4. Fall of a sparrow-Salim Ali

  5. Birds of Travancore and Cochin

  6. Keralathile Pakdhikal-Indhuchoodan

  7. Stray Feathers-A O Hume

  8. Mobidic-Herman Melvin

  9. Animal Farm-George Orwell



Role of Vitamins in PSC Examinations

Vitamins play an important role in health of human beings and also determine his marks in psc examination.So vitamins have unavoidable role in human life .PSC Results in one  way decide the knowledge of vitamins.The first used the word vitamins by Cassimir Funk,The vitamins soluble in fat-Vitamins A,D,E,K.The vitamin which is soluble in water-Vitamin B,C.Its scientific names are given.The Vitamin which is loosing through urine is Vitamin C.Vitamin C can  artificially create through the chemical process.



  1. Vitamin A-Retinole

  2. Vitamin B1-Thiamene

  3. Vitamin B2-Riboflavin

  4. Vitamin B5-Nayasin

  5. Vitamin B6-Pyridoxin

  6. Vitamin B12-Cobalamin

  7. Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid

  8. Vitamin D-Calciferole

  9. Vitamin E-Tokoferole










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 Parliaments of Different Countries –Questions Surely appearing in PSC Examinations

The parliament of differant countries may be the turning point of our life, How?That may be the rank making points in our life and get the job Such a way that become our life savior.Study this, get one marks in psc exam,get or not that depends on your coaching on this.Any way sleep on it to become the actual life saviour


  1. Afghanistan-Jirga

  2. Bengladesh-Jathiya Sangsath

  3. Bhootan-Shogdu

  4. China-National Peoples Congress

  5. Cuba-National Assemblies of Power

  6. Denmark-Folketting

  7. Finland-Eduskunta

  8. Germany-Bundastag

  9. Lathwiya-Sayma

  10. Iceland-Althing

  11. Indonesia-Peoples Consultative Assembly

  12. Croasia-Sabore

  13. Iran-Majlis

  14. Israel-Nesset

  15. Jappan-Diet

  16. Maldives-Majlis

  17. Netherland-Staten-General

  18. Norway-Storting

  19. Russia-Federal Assembly

  20. Spain-Corts Generals

  21. Sweeden-Ricksdag

  22. United States-Congress

  23. Greece-Hellenic Parliament

  24. South Korea-Guko

  25. Neppal-Sansad

  26. Thailand-Rathasabha

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50 psc questions on Independent Struggles in the various parts of the world

 In various parts of the world independent struggles are occurring from time to time.They are succeeded.These sorts of questions plays important role in the psc examinations.Study all this to avoid feelings in psc examination hall.If you are not study this surely you will be felt in the psc examination hall.Study means, your register number will have in psc examination results.These are evergreen psc questions

  1. Name the country celebrates independence day on August 15 otherthan India

    Ans:Republic of Konko

  2. Name the Asian contry celebrates August 15 as ‘Vimochan Din’

    Ans:South Korea

  3. In which day Pakistan celebrates as Independence day

    Ans:August 14

  4. Name the country celebrates Republic Day of January 26 as ‘Deseeya din’


  5. Americans Independence day

    Ans:July 4

  6. Name the country which got freedom from Ethopia in 1991


  7. Name the Great country from which more number countries got independence


  8. The first African country got independence from the Colonial Rule


  9. Who led the Independent struggle of Ghana

    Ans:Quami Encruma

  10. Who led the Independent struggle of Kenia

    Ans:Jomo Keniatha

  11. In which place ‘Mouw,Mouw Mutiny’ started against Britain in 1952


  12. The Negroes established African country liberated from the slavery of America


  13. The Indian origin National Father of Mouritius

    Ans:Shivu Sagar Ramkulam

  14. Name the coutry where the organization SWAPO led the Independent struggle


  15. Who led the Independent struggle of Namibia

    Ans:Sam Nujoma

  16. The discriminating policy adopted by the administration led White People towards Negroes


  17. The year in which The African National Congress formed ,plays the key roles in the freedom struggle of South Africa


  18. Name the armed force of African National Congress

    Ans:Sphere of the nation

  19. Where is headquarters of African National Congress in Johannasberg

    Ans:Luthuli House

  20. In which year the first general election of South Africa conducted with the participation of all category of people


  21. The freedom fighter who is known as the national father of Tansania

    Ans:Julius Nerera

  22. Who is known as t ‘Africayude Manasakshi Sooshippukaran’

    Ans:Julius Nerera

  23. In which place the ‘Magi,Magi Riot’against the German ruler


  24. Who is known as African Gandhi

    Ans:Kenneth Konda

  25. Which countries freedom struggle led by Kenneth Kounda


  26. Who is known as the national father of Bengladesh

    Ans:Shake Mujibur Rahman

  27. Who is known as ‘Benga Bandhu’

    Ans:Shake Mujibur Rahmandemocracy

  28. In which year Bengladesh got independence from Pakisthan

    Ans:1971 March 26

  29. Name the organization plays the key role in freedom of Bengladesh

    Ans:Avami Legue

  30. Name the Bengladesh organization led the armed fight against Pakisthan

    Ans:Mukthi Vahini

  31. Name the first country formed in 21st century

    Ans:East Timur

  32. From which country east Timore got independence


  33. In which country the ‘rose revolution’ occurred


  34. Who led the freedom struggle of Indonesia

    Ans:Ahammed Sukarno

  35. In which year the Islamic revolution occurred under the leadership of Aayatholla Khomenia


  36. In which year the only one Jews country Israel is formed

    Ans:1948 May 14

  37. In which country the tu-lips revolution occurred in February 2005


  38. Who led the liberation movement of Myanamar from Britain


  39. Name the freedom fighter of Myanmar who got nobel prize for peace in 1991

    Ans:Angsan Soochi

  40. Name the Democratic agitation organization led by Ang-San –Suchi in Myanmar

    Ans:National Legue for Democracy

  41. Name the only Asean country which got independence from America


  42. Name the Asean country observed July 4 as independence day as America


  43. In which year Srilanka got independence from Britain

    Ans:1948 February 4

  44. The only one south east Asean country never the colony of European country


  45. In which year United Arab Emiarates formed


  46. The smallest republic in the world


  47. Which region liberated in 1994 from the direct control of United Nations


  48. Name the South African freedom fighter, who was called as ‘Madiba’

    Ans:Nelson Mandela

  49. Name the country who is having the power of permanent observer of United nations


  50. Who is known as the George Washington in South America

    Ans:Simon Boleevar







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40 PSC Questions-2016 related with Revolutions in  the world

In all the times the revolution may be the treasury of number of psc question appearing for psc examinations.Without world History there is no psc examinations.Some questions from world history are repeatedly asking for psc examinations.The following may be such types of questions.All these are the collection of  psc question bank

  1. In which country the bloodless or revolutions tookplace in 1688
  2. In which country the ‘long parliament’existed for 20 years from 1640
  3. Name the incidents took place as the starting of French Revolution on June 20 1789
    Ans:Tennis court pledge
  4. Name the incidents took place as the starting of French Revolution on July 14 1789
    Ans:Demolition of Bastle Kota jail by People
  5. Name the emperor of France during the French Revolution
    Ans:Loui 16th
  6. Name the French Emperor who declared, ‘I am the State’
    Ans:Loui 14th
  7. From which countries parliament the idea of left front and right front originated
  8. Name the notorious wife of Loui 16th
    Ans:Maria Antonet
  9. In which year the famous human right declaration passed in French Assembly
  10. What are the main three ideas donated by French Revolution to the world
    Ans:Freedom,Equality ,Fraternity
  11. Name the instrument used to kill the anti-revolutionist during French Revolution
  12. Who was the prophet of French Revolution
  13. “Human beings are free in born,but they are chained in all around”whose words are these
  14. Name the philosopher who revealed the fault of Emperor rule French through his works “the essence of laws”
  15. Whose work is the “The Social Contract”
  16. The famous French Philosopher whose pen-name is ‘Voltaire’
    Ans:Francois Mary Arout
  17. What are the three estates in France
    Ans:Purohitar,Prabhukanmar,Samanya Janam
  18. Which is known as ‘Fourth Estate’
    Ans:The Press
  19. The child of French Revolution
    Ans:Nepolean Bono Part
  20. Which countries independent struggle is related to the incident named the ‘Boston Tea Party in 1773’
    Ans:American Freedom Struggle


    Revolutions and Its Importance in PSC Exam Results

    In PSC Examination Hall the confusion of answers  surely you feel.Overcome it to attain highest rank.Withou conquering confusion in questions and answers nobody can achieve success.Get the psc examination marks from confusion very thrilling and enjoyable one then deserve in that post.Ok study clearly in each confused questions

  21. In which year American Independence declared
    Ans:July 4 1774
  22. Who is the main architect of American Independence
    Ans:Thomas Jefferson
  23. How many colonies of America fought freedom from Britain
  24. “No taxation without Representation” is the slogan of which independent struggle
    Ans:American Freedom Struggle
  25. Name the request submitted by American colony army to British Queen in 1775
    Ans:Olive Shaka Nivedanam
  26. Who is the leader of American colony army
    Ans:George Washington
  27. The first written constitution in the world
    Ans:American Constitution
  28. Who is known as the father of American constitution
    Ans:James Madison
  29. Who donated the statue liberty to America in connection with their Independent struggle
  30. Who was the first people in America
  31. The first President of America who is known as their national father
    Ans:George Washington
  32. In which country the industrial revolution took place
  33. In which country the agricultural revolution took place
  34. In which year Russian revolution took place
  35. As per Gregorian calendar in which month the October revolution took place
  36. Which countries known as the ‘Beeman of Asia’
  37. Name the spiritual leader of Chinese revolution
    Ans:Son Yath Sen
  38. In which year Chinese revolution took place
  39. In which year the Communist revolution took place in China
  40. Who was the leader of Communist Revolution in China







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Miracles of Sounds in psc examinations

Let us study some psc tips about sounds ,sounds may be sweet ,hard ,irritating ,moderate level .By the following points we can study the different  characteristics of sound which is more helpful in psc examinations.Acquire the rank marks lies behind the different types of sounds ,then sound plays miracles in your life.

  1. Study of sound is known as
  2. From which parts of human beings the sound is produced
  3. At what type of waves the sounds are passing through gas and liquids
    Ans:Longitudinal waves
  4. At what type of waves the sounds are passing through hard substance
    Ans:Transverse waves
  5. Name the unit to record sounds
  6. Name the unit to record the frequency of sounds
  7. The velocity of sounds in the normal temperature of air
    Ans:340 m/s
  8. The velocity of sounds in the water
    Ans:1435 m/s
  9. The range of hearing capacity of human beings
    Ans:20 hz-20000 hz
  10. The tender sounds that can be heard to human beings
    Ans:0 decibels in 3000 tunes
  11. The sound waves known below 20hz
  12. The sound waves known above 20000hz
  13. Name the term used to represent the double the speed of sounds
  14. What is meant by hypersonic
    Ans:Five folds of sound velocity
  15. The term used to represent the half speed of sound

    Sounds Importance in PSC Examinations


    Differant types psc questions can be expected from this sections.That may be vital for rank making point of view .Study each and every points from this sections to improve your capability in this section for attending psc on line examination point of view too.

  16. What is the use of Mac number
    Ans:To record the speed of planes and missiles
  17. One mac number is equal to
    Ans:340 m/s(Velocity of sounds in air)
  18. Name the creatures used their sound to remove the obstacles of their journey and also to know their presence to prey
    Ans:Vulture and Dolphin
  19. Name the instrument used to detect the depth of ocean
  20. Name the term used to the returned sound after hitting various surfaces within one tenth of seconds
  21. Whispering gallery ,the best example for sound reflection is situated in which place
    Ans:St:Cathedral in London
  22. Up to what time the heard sound is remains in the ear
    Ans:one tenth of seconds
  23. Name the instrument used to the graphical representation of sound
  24. The equipments used to the observation of internal organs and taking picture of it
    Ans:Ultrasound scanning
  25. Why the sound not heard in moon
    Ans:Due to the lack of air
  26. Name the instrument used to the sound experiments
  27. Name the repeated reflected sounds heard after hitting various objects
  28. The sound range which is harmful hearing
    Ans:Above 120dB
  29. The permitted sound range in the human habitat
    Ans:50 dB in day time and 40 dB in night time






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Plane Services and Related Countries-sure question for psc examinations

 One of the most important sections in the psc examination is the following details.Surely one questions will appear from this section for any psc examinations .And it is the sure collection of psc question bank.Without any doubt study this details thoroughly that means you get one marks for any psc examinations

  1. Ithihad Airways-UAE
  2. Emirates-UAE
  3. Aftrikiya Airways-Libia
  4. Middle East Airlines-Lebanon
  5. Druke Air-Bhootan
  6. Royal Khamar Airlines-Kambodia
  7. Kathe Pacefic-Hongkong
  8. Aeriana Afghan Airlines-Afghanisthan
  9. Quandas-Australia
  10. Gulf Air-Begrein,Oman
  11. Viman-Bengladesh
  12. Brussels Airlines-Belgium
  13. Maya Island Air-Belis
  14. Hemus Air-Belgaria
  15. Lan Airlines-Chili
  16. Aviansa-Columbia
  17. Laksa-Costorica
  18. Air Pacefic-Figi
  19. Lufthansa-Germany
  20. Olimbic Airlines-Greece
  21. Heva Bora Airways-Democratic Republic of Congo
  22. Malev-Hangary
  23. Garuda-Indonessia
  24. Air Links,Riyan Air-Aireland
  25. Air Asthana-Kasakisthan
  26. Asiana Airlines-South Korea
  27. Air Baltic-Lathvia
  28. Flylal-Lithwania
  29. KLM-Netherland
  30. Koppa Airlines-Panama
  31. Aerofloat-Russia
  32. Get Airways-Serbia
  33. Andria Airways-Slovenia
  34. Iberia-Spain
  35. Virgin Atlantic-Britain


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31Questions and their answers  on Bharatheeya Sangeetham-valuable tips for psc examinations

 The following details give an outlook for Bharatheeya sangeetham and its relation with psc examinations.No.of questions are appearing for psc examinations from the section Bharatheeya Musics.That is study sangeetham,get marks for psc examinations


  1. Name the vedam which is known as the origin of Bharatheeya music
    Ans:Sama Vedam
  2. Name the seven basic swarams
  3. Number of basic ragam in carnatic sangeeth
  4. Name the basic ragas in carnatic sangeeth
    Ans:Melakartha Ragams
  5. Name the personality who was behind the modern carnatic sangeeth
  6. Name the main two sections in Bharatheeya Sangeetam
    Ans:Carnatic Sangeetham and Hindustani
  7. Whose work is ‘Sangeetha Ratnakaram’
  8. Father of Carnatic Sangeeth
    Ans:Purandara Dasan
  9. Basic raga in the study of Carnatic Sangeeth
    Ans:Mayamalava Goulam
  10. Who formulated the Basic raga in the study of Carnatic Sangeeth,Malava Goulam
  11. Name the carnatic ragams sing in the morning
  12. In which time ‘Bilahari,Saveri,Deva Manohari ragams sing
    Ans:The first yamam of the day
  13. Name the ragams sing in the second yamam
  14. Name the ragams sing in the evening
  15. Name the ragam sing in the night time
  16. At what time ,’Panthuvarali,Neelambari,Aananda Bhairavi ragams’ sing
  17. Name the carnatic ragams sing at any time of the day
  18. Who started Keerthanas in Carnatic Sangeeth
    Ans:Thalapakkam Annamacharyar
  19. Name the three stars in carnatic Sangeeth
  20. Who presented ‘Swarajathi’ music tales in carnatic sangeetham
  21. Who created the ragams named

Ans: ‘Malayamarutham,Mayura dwani,Nalinakanthi

  1. Who used violin for the first time in Sangeeth Kacheri
    Ans:Muthuswami Deeshithar
  2. Name the creator of Pancha Ratna Keerthanam
  3. Name the creator of ‘Hamsa Dwani Ragam
    Ans:Ramaswami Deeshithar
  4. Name the place where Thyaga Raja sangeetholsavam takeplace in each year
    Ans:Thiruvayyar in Tamilnadu
  5. At what name Thana Misra is famous in music world
  6. Which emperors musician is Thansen
  7. Name the Guru of Thansen
    Ans:Swami Haridas
  8. Who gave the name Thansen
    Ans:Gwalior King Vikramjith
  9. Name the Hindustani ragam considered to be created by Thansen
    Ans:Miyanki Eyodi,Miyanki Sarang,Miyanki Malhar
  10. Name the common musical instrument used in carnatic and Hindustani Music

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50Model Questions for LDC Examinations

Repeatedly asking psc questions 2015 for both LDC and any other PSC Exam and psc exam questions on

international agencies are also stydy along with it .These portions are also inco-operated with it.In the following questions some economic related questions are also seen

  1. ‘Sravanabalagola’ is associated with
  2. The largest producer of sugarcane in India
    Ans:Utter Pradesh
  3. Delhi is on the banks of river
  4. The founder of Brahma Samaj
    Ans:Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  5. The apex court in India
    Ans:Supreme Court
  6. The dark green colour in the lowest stripe of our National flag represents
    Ans:Life and Prosperity
  7. The governor of the state is appointed by
  8. The largest producer of Aluminium
  9. Nehru Award winner for international understanding in the year 1996
  10. Who invented X rays
  11. The study of relations of animal and plants their environment
  12. The instrument to test the purity of milk
  13. The deficiency of Vitamin B causes
  14. Charaka was the court physician of
  15. Theory of relativity is associated with
    Ans:Albert Einstein
  16. Light year is the unit of
  17. The centre of solar system
  18. The demarcation line between China and India
    Ans:Mc Mohan Line
  19. The founder of the new religion Din-I-Lahi
  20. The author of the book ‘The Insider’
    Ans:P V Narasimha Rao
  21. ‘Breast stroke’ is the term associated with
  22. The Director of the film ‘Pather Panchali’
    Ans:Satyajith Ray
  23. Capital of Karnataka
  24. Who was named ‘Women millionaire’in a BBC poll
    Ans:Indiara Gandhi
  25. Laurie Baker was famous in the field of

    Regularly asking important  psc questions 2016
    Accomplish the following psc questions 2016 to attain highest rank.Now psc questions are preparing differant manner.These manner can be seen in the following question

  26. Bill on cyber law was introduced in the Loksabha in the year
  27. The first person to land in Moon
    Ans:Neil Armstrong
  28. DPEP was started to promote
    Ans:Primary Education
  29. The UN secretary General Ban-Ki-moon belongs to
    Ans:South Korea
  30. The chief of the three armed forces in India
  31. Rasul Pookutty won Oscar Award for
    Ans:Sound Mixing
  32. The song Vande Matharam was composed by
    Ans:Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  33. Kerala state was formed on
    Ans:1st November 1956
  34. First fully literate state in India
  35. The first Prime minister of India
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  36. Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar was famous
  37. The book ‘Daughter of the East’ is the autobiography of
    Ans:Benazir Bhuto
  38. The river known as ‘Bengal’s sorrow’
  39. January 30 is observed as
    Ans:Martyres Day

    Important psc questions2016 and it is taken from psc questions bank

  40. Demography is the study of
  41. Barack Obama became the President of
  42. The director of the film ‘Swayamvaram’
    Ans:Adoor Gopala Krishnan
  43. The first Indian to win the tittle ‘Miss Universe’
    Ans:Susmitha Sen
  44. The women known as Nightingale of India
    Ans:Sarojini Naidu
  45. The currency of Japan
  46. Lahore declaration was signed between
    Ans:India and Pakistan
  47. The father of Indian Missile Technology
    Ans:A P J abdul Kalam
  48. The ruler who was known as ‘Padmanabhadasa’
    Ans:Marthanda Varma
  49. What makes M S Dhoni Popular
  50. Kerala Co-operative Act was passed in the year



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These questions are rare collection of psc question bank and it is asking for LDC Examinations.One speciality is that certain questions are repeatedly appearing in psc question bank.Study the following questions and answers.The following questions include differant types of awards in economic science etc.Those are very important

  1. Indian institute of Geomagnetism is located at
  2. Heaviest metal is
  3. The study of muscles is
  4. Total number of members in national human rights commission
  5. The biggest private commercial Bank in India
    Ans:ICICI Bank
  6. Father of Economics
    Ans:Adam Smith
  7. First district in India which is declared to be achieved hundred percent primary education
  8. Who became the provisional President in the first session of the Constituent Assembly
    Ans:Dr.Sachidananda Sinha
  9. The number of member countries in ‘SAARC’
  10. The fundamental right ‘The right to property’ was repealed by the constitutional amendments
  11. The freedom fighter who died while he was in fast unto death for a separate state for the Telugu speaking people
    Ans:Sri Potti Sriramalu
  12. Who was the Prime Minister of India when ‘Prime minister Rozgar Yojana’came into force
    Ans:Narasimha Rao
  13. Panchayath day in Kerala
    Ans:19th February
  14. Father of ‘Local self government’ in India
    Ans:Lord Rippon
  15. What is the special project ,the local self
    governing bodies have for the welfare of the women
    Ans:Kudumba Sree
  16. The place where the first war of independence led by Kunwar Singh
  17. Prarthana Samaj was founded by
    Ans:Dr.Atmaram Pandurang
  18. The brave heroine of Nagaland during Civil Disobedience Movement
    Ans:Rani Gaidiliu
  19. The National agency which is regulating the functioning of the Teacher Education Institutes in India
  20. The year of Kundarara Proclamation
    Ans:1809 AD
  21. The total number of universities in Kerala
    Ans:11+deemed universities
  22. The Education minister who had completed the de-linking of Pre-degree course in Kerala from universities
    Ans:P J Joseph
  23. Total number of chromosomes in human beings
  24. The winner of Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2007 was
    Ans:Manna Dey
  25. Name the author of the book ‘what went wrong’
    Ans:Kiran Bedi
  26. National institute of Ayurveda is situated at
  27. Nelliyampathy hills are situated in the district
  28. The National Highway running between Quilon and Maduarai
    Ans:NH 208
  29. The first bird sanctuary in Kerala
  30. The year of Punnapra vayalar agitation
    Ans:1946 AD

    Rarest Collection from psc question bank

    The following questions from psc question bank are not only appearing psc examinations also asking in various bank examinations too

  31. The river which merging with Arabian Sea at Beypore
  32. The theme famous novel’Aadu Jeevitam’
    Ans:Life of Desert
  33. An autobiography of N N Pillai
  34. The author of ‘Manimekhale’
  35. The man who is known as ‘Bharata Kesari’
    Ans:Mannath Padmanabhan
  36. The river of Kerala in which large number of dams are constructed
  37. World Press day
    Ans:3rd May
  38. Garuda airlines belongs to
  39. The smallest Grama Panchayath in Kerala
  40. Who has won the Grand Slam Singles(men) more number of times
    Ans:Roger Federer
  41. The human organ severely affected due to Alcohol consumption
  42. The name of D K Pattamal is associated with
    Ans:Karnatic Music
  43. The smallest state in the world
    Ans:Vatican City
  44. The Raja Chelliah reports relates to
    Ans:Tax reforms
  45. One hectare is approximately how many acres

    Valuable questions from psc questions bank

  46. The world nation first started the census process
  47. KSRTC is an organization under
    Ans:Public Sector
  48. Bretton Woods Conference is related to the formation of
  49. International Development Association was constituted in
    Ans:1960 AD
  50. A ‘Keerthana’ with ‘Pallavi’,’Anupallavi’and ‘Charanam’ was first composed by
  51. An art form in Kerala which is specified as ancient heritage form by UNESCO
  52. The first sound movie of India
    Ans:Alam Ara
  53. The Indian Scientist who won Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Ans:Venkata Raman Ramakrishnan
  54. HTML is a—
    Ans:Computer language
  55. The book of ‘Kannerum Kinavum’ is the work of
    Ans:V T bhatathiripad
  56. Weight of an object on the moon will be
    Ans:1/6th of its weight on the weight
  57. Name the device which is used by Navigators in the 18th century to find out the time accurately