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20Precious Questions for PSC Examinmations

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20 Valuable Questions and answers

01  The most number of National Highways in India passes through which state?

       A.Sikkim            B. Utterpradesh   C.Haryana   D.Madhya Pradesh

02 Who was the leader  of the women section of INA ?

              [a] Sarojini Naidu  [b] Annie Besant   [c] Captain Lekshmi  [d] None of these

  1. How many delegates participated in the first session of the INC held in 1885 at


               [a] 72     [b] 78    [c] 76     [d] 74

  1. Who is known as the ’Saint of Dakshineswar’

             [a]  Swami Vivekananda    [b] Swami Dayananda  Saraswathi  [c] Vinoba  Bhave

               [d] Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

  1. First Malayalee women Chief Minister of Kerala High Court ?

            [a] Sujtha.V.Manohar    [b]  K.K.Usha    [c] Manjula Chellur   [d] Fathima Beevi

  1. The first planned state capital in independent India.

             [a] Chandigarh   [b]Gandinagar    [c]Chennai   [d] Bhuveneswar

  1. Who is known as the ‘Milkman of India’

              [a] Milkha Singh   [b] A.P.J. Abdul  Kalam   [c]Dr. Varghese Kurian   [d]Dr. Venugopal

  1. International women’s Day is on

             [a] March 4   [b] March 8    [c] March 15    [d] March 21

  1. ’Egg Bowl of India’ is

               [a] Andhra Pradesh   [b] Himachal Pradesh   [c] Jammu & Kashmir  [d] Kerala

  1. Rashtrapathi Nilayam is situated at

              [a] Simla    [b] delhi   [c] Hyderabad   [d] Darjeling

  1. India’s first indigenously made Main Battle Tank

             [a] Arjun   [b] Bhishma   [c] Prithvi   [d] Vijayanta

  1. The first Swineflu in India is reported at

             [a] Hyderbad   [b] Mumbai   [c] Pune    [d] Banglore

  1. Dance form of Madhyapradesh

            [a]Kuchipudi   [b] Satriya   [c] Rasalila   [d] Lota

  1. Largest muslim populationin the world is in

            [a] Indonesia   [b] Pakistan   [c]Bangladesh   [d] Afghanistan

  1. Commission which enquired about Kumarakom boat accident

             [a] Parithu  Pillai Commission  [b] Mohan Das commission  [c] Narayana Kurup                

              Commission [d] Thomas Joseph Commission

  1. Which one of the following is not a fundamental duty ?

              [a] To respect the National Anthem       [b] To safeguard public property

              [c] To protect monuments and places of national importance

              [d] To protect and improve the natural environment

17.Munda Tribes are natives of which state ?

             [a] Kerala   [b] Bihar   [c] Maharashtra   [d] Manipur

  1. The International year of Sustainable Energy for all is

             [a] 2012     [b]            2013    [c] 2011  [d] 2010

  1. Catalyst used in the preparation of ammonia is

            [a] Iron   [b]Zinc   [c] Aluminium      [d]None

  1. Which among the following is used for making transformers and electromagnets.

            [a] Silicon steel  [b] Nickel steel   [c] Hard steel   [d]None

Ans:  1.(b) 2.(c) 3.(a) 4.(d) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(c) 8.(b) 9.(a) 10.(c) 11.(d) 12.(a) 13.(d) 14.(a) 15.(c)

           16.(c) 17.(b) 18.(a) 19.(a) 20.(a)


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