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25 valuable basic point for PSC Examinations

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25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations

The following basic questions are very precious ,study them properly


  1. In which state having sandal trees are more-
  2. Who combiled the The Bible of Tamilans’ Thirukkural-
  3. The fuels used in rockets-
  4. The primary colours in printing-
  5. The unit which is used to determine the speed of supersonic planes-
    Ans:Mac Number
  6. Who put forward the wave theory of light-
    Ans:Christian Hygeins
  7. The unt used to measure the rain-
  8. The frequency range of sound audible to human beings-
    Ans:20 Hz to 20000 Hz
  9. The scientist who declared that the human beings is having the sub-conscious mind-
    Ans:Sigmond Froyed
  10. Whose chromosome is sex determining the child-
    Ans:Fathers Chromosome
  11. The disease due to the poison of Mercury-
  12. The old name of State Bank of India-
    Ans:Imperial Bank
  13. Who put sign in the one rupees note-
    Ans:Central finance Secretary
  14. The father of nation of China-
    Ans:Son Yath Sen
  15. In which place ‘India House’ is situated-
  16. What indicates the 50 star in the national flag of America-
    Ans:50 states in America
  17. Which Bank helped to implement DPEP Education Policy in Keralam-
    Ans:World Bank
  18. Who directed the film ‘Charulatha’-
  19. Who invented revolver-
    Ans:Samuel Colt
  20. Which is the firstly invented acid-
    Ans:Ascetic Acid
  21. The author of the book, ‘Aviswasiyaya Rasathantranjan-
    Ans:Robert Boyle
  22. The king of disease-
  23. Name the foreign colony lastly added to India-
  24. The scientist who played key role in the first nuclear test in India-
    Ans:Dr.Raja Ramanna
  25. Number of legs in ants-


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