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25-Valuable Important questions appearing in PSC Question Paper

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25-Valuable Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(09/12/2015)

These are rare collection of very important questions frequently appearing for PSC Examinations

  1. Which was the first Indian language into which the Bible was transalated in the name ‘Cardila&was printed in 1554-
  2. In which year was the Consumer Protection Act enacted by the Indian Parliament-
    Ans: 1986
  3. Which American city has the nickname of ‘the land of Pleasant Living-
    Ans: Baltimore
  4. Who was the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms in office-
    Ans: Grover Cleveland
  5. Who was the first US President to die in office-
    Ans: William Henry Harrison
  6. Which article of the constitution deals with joint sitting of both houses of the Parliament-Article-
    Ans: 108
  7. Bannerghatta National park is situated near which metropolitan city –
    Ans: Bangalore
  8. Which famous writer coined the term of ‘Banana republic’to denote politically unstable countries-
    Ans: O Henry
  9. Who is the author of books of poems ‘Canto General’ which attempts to be a history of the entire America-
    Ans: Pablo Neruda
  10. Who was the only Muslim women to be the member of the Constituent Assembly of India-
    Ans: Begum Qudsia Aizaz Rasul
  11. The national hockey team of which country has the nickname of ‘the Green Shirts’-
    Ans: Pakistan
  12. Which mountain range is known as ‘Pariyatra Parvata’ in Sanskrit &Caucasus Indicus’ in Ancient Greek-
    Ans: Hindu Kush
  13. The famous Hari River flows through which country-
    Ans: Afghanistan
  14. Where is the headquarters of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy-
    Ans: Mumbai
  15. Which was the first Commission appointed by the Planning Commission to estimate poverty in India-
    Ans: Lakdawala Commission(1993)
  16. Which Five year plan’s target was the eradication of illiteracy among the people in the age group of 15 to 35 years-
    Ans: Eighth Plan
  17. Which is the mandatory mark for all processed fruit products in India-
    Ans: FPO Mark
  18. In which year Indian parliament enacted the Gold(Control)Act to control sale &holding of gold in personal possession-
    Ans: 1968
  19. What is the full form of KYC,associated with banking sector-
    Ans: Know your Customer
  20. Which banking transaction is popularly known as ‘Paperless Banking’-
    Ans: EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer)
  21. Which Indian river’s source lake is the Vyas Kund-
    Ans: Beas river
  22. Which agency of the India government certifies the AGMARK products-
    Ans: The Directive marketing&Inspection
  23. The Smithsonian Agreement of December 1971 is associated with which field-
    Ans: Adjusted fixed exchange rates
  24. The neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one’s body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensation is known as-
    Ans: Restless leg Syndrome(Willis Ekbom disease)
  25. Name the international forum to discuss and implement supervisory norms in all the banks of the world-
    Ans: Basel Committee



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