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25-Valuable Point for PSC Examinations(03/12/2015)

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   25-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations(04/12/2015)

The following questions are study very carefully.Because they are the rank making questions for PSC Examinations.If you study well the following questions that will increase your chance of getting top rank in the PSC Examinations.

  1. Which Indian folk dance is also known as ‘the Sword Dance’-
  2. Which award is the Chinese alternative to the Nobel Peace Prize-
    Ans:Confucius Prize
  3. Which American newspaper is nicknamed as ‘the Grey Lady’-
    Ans:The New York Times
  4. Where is the headquarters of the Micromax company-
  5. Which world famous electronics company was founded by Konosuke Ans:Matsushita-
  6. The river of Narmada,Tapti,Mahi&Sabarmati drains into which gulf-
    Ans:Gulf of Cambay
  7. Which company runs the operations in the Mumbai High-
  8. Which Indian oil company’s former name was Bharat Refineries Limited- Ans:Bharath Petroleum Limited
  9. Which cricket tournament is known as ‘One Day Ranji Trophy-
    Ans:Vijay Hazare Trophy
  10. Who is known as ‘the Grand Old Man of Indian Cricket’-
  11. Which national football team has the nickname of ‘the Red Fury’-
    Ans:Spanish team
  12. In genetics,what is the name of a variety of plant that has been passed down through several genarations-
  13. Which European city is known as ‘the Capital of Freedom’-
  14. Name the chemical compound also known as ‘Witherite’used in red rat poisons-
    Ans:Barium Carbonate
  15. The term ,’Cashiering’ is associated with which field-
  16. Which central Minister’s son was a Pakistan Army Officer during the 1965 Indo-Pak war-
    Ans:Shah Nawaz Khan
  17. Which Indian revolutionary’s autobiography is ‘From My Bones’-
  18. Which is the highest civilian award of the Nepal-
    Ans:Nepal Ratna Man Padavi
  19. In which country is the world famous ‘Strokkur geyser’situated
  20. Which countries are separated by the Tsushima Strait-
  21. Which writer was called by George Orwell as a ‘prophet of British Imperialism’- Ans:Rudyard Kipling
  22. Which Nobel laureate for literature is the author of the poem’If’-
    Ans:Rudyard Kipling
  23. Which Indian city is also known as ‘Leather city’
  24. Which breed of the cattle is the most widely used for meat production in the world-
  25. Which national leader is the author of ‘Warnings of History :Trends in modern India’-





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