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40 Valuable Questions for any PSC Examinations

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Generally for PSC exams ,70 percentage of conventional and basic questions are appeared.Those who want to get the Govt: job firstly conquer this basic questions .The specialities of this questions is that it will be the foundation stone for success.Without study thoroughly this type of questions nobody can succeed in PSC examinations.Upon this basic questions we must build up other type of questions.Carefully study the basic question given below and conquer the success


40-Un-avoidable Questions fo PSC Examinations

  1. The first state in India gave Election Identity Cards to VotersAns:-Haryana
  2. Who is known as ‘Gregary Peck of India’-Ans:Devanand
  3. The first novel of Thakazhi-Ans:Thyagathinu Pradiphalam
  4. The oldest football tournament of India-Ans:Mohan Began
  5. Father of Microbiology-Ans:Loui Paster
  6. The sources of KeroseneAns:-Petroleum
  7. The fruits which ia known as ,Chikku’-Ans:Sappota
  8. The birds which is having smallest egg-Ans:Hamming Bird
  9. Whose book is ‘Satanic Verses’-Ans:Salman Rushdie
  10. Name the country not recorded the country name in stamp-Ans:Britain
  11. Hariprasad Chourasya is related to the music instrument-Ans:Flute
  12. Whose book is ,’Memory and identity’-Ans:Pope John Paul II
  13. The year of first SSLC examination in Keralam-Ans:1952
  14. Whose novel is ‘Tale of two cities’-Ans:Charles Dickens
  15. Land of Cakes’-Ans:Scotland
  16. The forest in which Asian lions can be seen-Ans:Geer Forest
  17. The birth day of Lal Bahadur Sasthri-Ans:October 2
  18. The creature which is known as ‘Living Fossils’-Ans:Tuvatora
  19. The first concrete dam in India-Ans:Mattupetti
  20. The chemical substance which is known as ‘Yellow cake’-Ans:Uranium Oxide
  21. Name the country having the same standard of time of India-Ans:Sreelanka
  22. Whose book is ‘Chasing the Moon’-Ans:Alexander Frater
  23. The French President who is known as ‘Tiger’-Ans:Clement Duve
  24. The Carribien Island country wrecked in the earthquake of 2010 January-Ans:Heithi
  25. The person who is known as the slave of ‘Computer’-Ans:Mouse Potato
  26. The headquarters of ‘Geological survey of India-Ans:Kolkatta
  27. The unit which determine the contents of alcohol in liquids-Ans:Proof
  28. The hobby which is approved by UNO-Ans:Ham Radio
  29. In which year French Revolution tookplace-Ans:1789
  30. In which year ‘Vana Maholsavam’started in India-Ans:1952
  31. The father of revolutionary thought in India-Ans:Bipin Chandra Pal
  32. The hero of the film’Enter the Dragon’-Ans:Brusly
  33. The first scientist who got the honour. ‘Sir’-Ans:Sir Issac Newton
  34. The only city in the world situated in two continent-Ans:Isthampul
  35. The first dam in Keralam-Ans:Mullaperiyar
  36. The first finance minister of Keralam-Ans:C.Achutha Menon
  37. The number of legs for crab-Ans:10
  38. The father of Indian ecology-Ans:R.Misra
  39. The length of one Marathon race-Ans:42.195KM
  40. The father of modern Olympics-Ans:Pieri de Cubertin


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