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40-Valuable Questions for PSC Examinations-Commonly asking for PSc Exam

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40-Valuable Expected Questions- for  PSC Examinations(02/12/2015)

The following are the commonly asking PSC questions. It is the valuable collection in the conventional questions appearing in  PSC Examinations.That is most expected basic questions appearing PSC Examinations.If you study well this points you will have good chance to include in the PSC rank list


  1. In which place the first post office was established in Travancore-
  2. In which place Bokaro steel plant located-
  3. The acis contains in tapioca-
    Ans:Hydrocyanic acid
  4. Whose book is ‘Thathwamasi’-
    Ans:Sukumar Azhikode
  5. Which is known as ,’Forbidden city’-
  6. The only ayurvedic mental hospital in Keralam-
  7. Who is known as king of inventions-
    Ans:Thomas Alwa Edison
  8. Devis Cup is related to which game-
  9. The world labour day-
  10. Arjuna award is related to which field-
  11. The highest mountain range in India-
    Ans:Kanjan Ganga
  12. The highest building in the world-
    Ans:Burj Khalif
  13. The headquarters of agricultural university-
  14. In which country’s collaboration the Rourkala steel plant was established-
  15. In which place news print factory is located in Keralam-
  16. The chairman of Lokh Sabha-
  17. In which districts Nedumbassery airport is located-
  18. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure-
  19. The layer which protect the excessive reaching of ultraviolet rays in Earth-
    Ans:Ozone layer
  20. Whose autobiography is wings of fire-
    Ans:A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  21. 1 Nautical mile-
  22. June 12 is observed as –
    Ans:Anti child labour day
  23. The currency of Brazil-
  24. The first film in India which was nominated to Oscar award-
    Ans:Mother India
  25. The malayalee athlete who got Arjuna award-
    Ans:Havidar Bala Krishnan
  26. In which place Priyadarshini Planetaorium is located-
  27. The element which is abundant in Sun-
  28. The first women central minister-
    Ans:Raj Kumari Amruth Kour
  29. The first tobacco free country in the world-
  30. The Ajantha cave pictures belongs to which period-
    Ans:Gupta periods
  31. The athlete known as ‘Ebony Express’-
    Ans:Jessy Ovens
  32. The old name of Kodungallure-
  33. Who started the public work department in Travancore for the first time-
    Ans:Sree Chithira Thirunal
  34. The time difference between India Standard time and Greenwich Standard time-
    Ans:5 hours and 30 minutes
  35. The famous comedian Charlie Chaplin belongs to which country-
    Ans:Great Britain
  36. In which state having highest number of theatres-
    Ans:Andhra Pradesh
  37. The first women who led Indian Olympics team-
    Ans:Shyni Wilson
  38. In which states in India tea-plants cultivated more-
  39. Name the person who became the President for the continuous two trms-
    Ans:Rajendra Prasad
  40. Name the person who became the chief Keralam for number of days-


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