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50-Valuable basic points for any PSC Examinations

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50-Valuable basic point- for  PSC Examinations

The following questions should study beyond  any doubt,That will be very helpful in scoring good mark for PSC Examinations.The following questions is inevitable part for any PSC Examinations.Even though the following questions are looking very simple ,they are a little confusing.So study them without any confusion


  1. Whose pen-name is Idamaruk-
    Ans:Kesavan Nair
  2. The term ‘Lona’is related to which game-
    Ans: Kabadi
  3. The acid which is used to Hipnotise-
    Ans: Barbituric Acid
  4. The headquarters of World Health Organization-
    Ans: Jeneava
  5. The Indian Prime minister who put sign in Simla treaty-
    Ans: Indhira Gandhi
  6. Name of the edible mushroom-
    Ans: Agaricus
  7. In which state Ajantha caves situated-
    Ans: Maharashtra
  8. The year of first war between India and Pakisthan-
    Ans: 1965
  9. Who started first English medium school in Travancore-
    Ans: Reverant meed
  10. The unit to measure sound-
    Ans: decibel
  11. Who is the leader of Ezhava memorial-
    Ans: Dr.Palpu
  12. The first university in modern India-
    Ans: Kolkata
  13. The only free trade port in India-
    Ans: Kandla
  14. The first novel of Benkim Chandra Chatterjee
    Ans: Durgesha Nandini
  15. The first Congress minister in Keralam-
  16. Who started Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam-
    Ans: Ayyankali
  17. Who is known as parrot of India-
    Ans: Amir Khusru
  18. Who is known as Kerala Scot-
    Ans: C.V.Raman Pillai
  19. The capital of Sikkim-
    Ans: Gangtok
  20. In which country Everest is situated-
    Ans: Nepal
  21. The smog city in Keralam-
    Ans: Aluva
  22. The state which is known as the ‘garden of India’-
    Ans: Jammu Kashmir
  23. The cashew nut research centre of Keralam-
    Ans: Aanakkayam(Malappuram)
  24. National postal day-
    Ans: October 10
  25. In which congress meeting socialism based system adopted-
    Ans: Avady Congress
  26. In Which year satyagraham started in India-
  27. The missileman of India-
    Ans: A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  28. The districts having less number of houses in Keralam-
    Ans: Wayanad
  29. In which districts difficulties occurred due to Endosulphan pesticides-
    Ans: Kasargode
  30. The animals having less average life span-
    Ans: fly
  31. Who is known as , ‘Sabarmathiyile Sanyasi’-
    Ans: Gandhiji
  32. National science day-
    Ans: Feb:28
  33. What is known as Epsom salt-
    Ans: Magnesium Sulphate
  34. The person who became American President more than one time-
    Ans: Franklin Ruse welt
  35. In which year Shivaji got Chatrapathi honour –
    Ans: 1674
  36. In which river-shore Rajghat situated-
    Ans: Yamuna
  37. Which districts in Kerala is the leading producer of tobacco-
    Ans: Kasrgode
  38. The coastal length of Keralam-
    Ans: 580 KM
  39. The states in India having more monosite deposition-
    Ans: Keralam
  40. The states in India having more tribes-
    Ans: Madhya Pradesh
  41. Name the outer most layer of Earth-
    Ans: Crust
  42. The percentage of Alcohol in spirit-
    Ans: 95%
  43. Who invented soda water-
    Ans: Joseph Priestly
  44. The place in the world having exploded the atom bomb for the second time-
    Ans: Nagarsaki
  45. How much percentage of our food is needed to the proper functioning of the brain-
    Ans: 20%
  46. The resting place of Ambedkar-
    Ans: Chaitra Bhoomi
  47. The building constructed equivalent to Taj Mahal in Delhi-
    Ans: Bahai worship Centre
  48. The average temperature of Earth-
    Ans: 16 degree Celsius
  49. Which is known as ‘Rock Cotton-
    Ans: Asbestose
  50. The temperature of inner core of Earth-
    Ans: 2600 Degree Celsius


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