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50 Valuable Indian History Questions-Asking for PSC Examinaions(18/12/2015 C)

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50-Valuable  Questions in the History of India for  PSC Examiantions(18/12/2015)(Set-18C)

  1. The Muhammadan-Anglo oriental college became Aligarch Muslim university in-
  2. The centre of Dayanand Anglo vedic educational Movement was in-
  3. Who was the first president of the Swaraj party-
  4. The political disciple of Gopala Krishna Gokhale-
    Ans:Mahatma Gandhi
  5. Name the queen of England when the English East India company was founded-
    Ans:Queen Elizabeth I
  6. Who published the magazine , ‘Prabudha Bharat’-
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda
  7. The first jute mill in India was established at-
  8. The first English factory in South India was at-
  9. The weekly published by the British committee of Indian national congress in London-
  10. Who wrote the book, ‘Gandhi and Anarchy’-
    Ans:C.Sankara Nair
  11. The ruler associated with Hathigumpha inscription-
    Ans:Kharavela of Kalinga
  12. Who sent Sir Thomas Roe into the court of Jahangir-
    Ans:King James I of England
  13. Name the first president of the All India Trade Union Congress- Ans:Lalalajpath Rai
  14. Who was called as , ‘Bayard of India’-
    Ans:Robert Knight
  15. Who wrote the book, ‘Gulamgiri’-
    Ans:Jyothi Raophule
  16. The greatest painter of birds in the court of Jahangir-
  17. Name the Swarajist leader who was elected as the president of the Central Legislative Assembly-
    Ans:Vithalbhai Patel
  18. Who was called as the ‘Father of Indian unrest’-
    Ans:Balagangadhar Tilak
  19. When was the Central Hindu college at Banaras founded-
  20. Who stated that, ‘The so called first national war of Independence of 1857 is neither first ,nor national ,nor war of independence’-
  21. Who founded the Faraizzi movement-
    Ans:Haji Shariyatullah
  22. The news paper started by K.K.Mitra-
  23. Who established the first French factory in India at Surat-
    Ans:Frncois caron
  24. Who shifted the headquarters of Portuguese from Cochi to Goa- Ans:Ninoda Cunha
  25. The battle in which Alexander defeated Porus-
    Ans:Battle of Hydaspes
  26. The Madras Mahajana Sabha was founded in –
  27. Name the founder of Social Service League-
  28. The first women graduate from Calcutta University-
    Ans:Kadambini Ganguly
  29. Who built Tughlaqabad-
  30. “Dickie bird plan “was another name of-
    Ans:Mount Batten Plan
  31. Who is called as Fakhar-e-Afghan-
    Ans:Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan
  32. Name the first president of Muslim League-
    Ans:Nawab Salimullah Khan
  33. The first south Indian president of Indian National Congress- Ans:Ananda Charlu
  34. The person associated with the policy of ‘Lotus and Dagger’- Ans:Aurobindo Ghosh
  35. The Viceroy of India during the withdrawal of the Rowlatt Act- Ans:Lord Reading
  36. The Governor General who saved Indian from the menace of Napolean-
    Ans:Lord Wellesly
  37. The tribal leader who was considered as the incarnation of God- Ans:Birsa Munda
  38. Name the women leader who sacrificed her life to protect peasant rights at Sreekakulam in Andrapradesh-
    Ans:Veera Gunamma
  39. Name the conscience keeper of Mahatma Gandhi- Ans:C.Rajagopalachari
  40. Who was the president of the Lahore session of Indian National Congress held in 1929-
    Ans:Jawaharla Nehru
  41. Who founded Paris Indian Society-
    Ans:Madam Bhikaji Kama
  42. Name the Swarajist leader who was elected as the Mayor of Calcutta-
  43. The Simon Commission which landed at Bombay on 3rd February 1928 consisted of –
    Ans:7 white members
  44. The raid on salt factories in Dharasana were associated with-
    Ans:Civil disobedience movement
  45. Name the national leader who was struck and injured during anti-Simon commission protests-
    Ans:Lala Laj Pathrai
  46. Who was known as ‘Master –da’-
  47. Who called to Government of India Act of 1935 as ‘Charter of Slavery’-
    Ans:Jawaharla Nehru
  48. The Prime Minister of Britain during India’s independence- Ans:Clement Atlee
  49. Who wrote the book, ‘India wins freedom’-
    Ans:Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
  50. All India states peoples conference was established in-


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