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50 Valuable questions on Indian History frequently asking for PSC Examinations

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50-Valuable  Questions in the History of India for  PSC Examiantions(19/12/2015)(Set-19B)

  1. Name the place where Maulana Ahmadullah led the revolt of 1857
  2. Who was the exponent of ‘Total Revolution’
    Ans:Jayaprakash Narayan
  3. Who was the only malayalee person associated with the Bombay plan
    Ans:John Mathai
  4. Which is called as the secondary education commission
    Ans:Dr:Mudaliar Commission
  5. When was the Self Respect Movement founded
  6. Who introduced the Vernacular press act
    Ans:Lord Lytton
  7. Name the Viceroy who summoned the Shimla conference
    Ans:Lord Wavell
  8. The French headquarters in India
  9. Who led the Second Poligar/Palayakker revolt
    Ans:Marudu Pandyan
  10. The women section of Ramakrishna mission was called as
    Ans:Sarada matom
  11. Who is called as “Dayananda of South India”
    Ans:Saint Ramalinga Adikal
  12. Who sacrificed his life for the formation of the separate state of Andhra Pradesh
    Ans:Potti Sriramalu
  13. Name the chairman of the drafting committee of India constitution
  14. Who was the local leader of the Champaran Satyagraha
    Ans:Rajkumar Shukla
  15. Who was defeated by Subhash Chandra Bose in the Tripuri session of the Indian National Congress
    Ans:Pattabhi Sita Ramayya
  16. Who was the president of the Indian National Congress during the Quit India movement
    Ans:Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
  17. Who was the first to consider the revolt of 1857 as India’s first war of national Independent
  18. Name the Governer of Bengal during the battle of Buxar
    Ans:Henry Vansittart
  19. Who was popularly known as ‘Sister Nivedita’
    Ans:Margaratte Elizebath Nobel
  20. Who moved the first resolution in the first session of the Indian National Congress
    Ans:G.Subrahmanya Aiyyar
  21. Name the founder of Calcutta
  22. In which language did Gandhi publish , ‘My experiments with truth’
  23. The political laboratory of Gandhiji
    Ans:South Africa
  24. The Act that introduced Dyarchyin provinces
    Ans:Montegue-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919
  25. Who claimed Tibet as the original home of the Aryans
    Ans:Dayananda Saraswathi
  26. Who was the first to offer the individual Satyagraha of Gandhiji
  27. The all party conference were held in
  28. Who is called as the ‘lion of Bihar’
    Ans:Kunwar singh
  29. Name the first Muslim president of the Indian national congress
    Ans:Badaruddin Thiyabji
  30. The first European port in India
    Ans:Fort Manual at Cochi
  31. Who was the first Indian women President of the Indian National Congress
    Ans:Sarojini Naidu
  32. The Sikh Guru who founded the Golden temple at Amritsar
    Ans:Guru Arjun Dev
  33. Who introduced the double government in Bengal
    Ans:Robert Clive
  34. The Scottish East India Company was established in
  35. What is ‘Subah’
    Ans:Province in Bengal
  36. Which constitutional reforms made the beginning of representative system in India
    Ans:Government of India act of 1892
  37. Name the author of the book ‘Unto the last’
    Ans:John Ruskin
  38. The progressive writers association was founded in
  39. Who was associated with the parsi news paper ‘Rast gofter’
    Ans:Dadahbhai naoriji
  40. Who wrote the book’1857’
  41. When was singh sabha movement founded
  42. Name the first Indian president of Theosophical society
  43. Name the Viceroy of India when the co-operative credit societies act was passed
    Ans:Lord Curzon
  44. The Hindhustan Socialistic Republican Association was founded in
  45. The recommendation of the Round table conferences were codified and published in the name of
    Ans:white paper
  46. Who was the chief force behind the Lucknow pact of 1916
    Ans:Balagangadhara Tilak
  47. Who wrote the book , ‘Problems of East’
    Ans:Lord curzon
  48. Who led 17 expeditions in India
    Ans:Mahmud of Gazani
  49. ‘Tamraparni’ stands for
    50 In which language Balagangadhara Tilak published the paper, ‘Kesari’



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