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50Valuable point in Indian History-asking for PSC Examinations(20/12/2015)

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50-Valuable  Questions in the History of India for  PSC Examiantions(20/12/2015)(Set-20)


  1. Name the Viceroy of India during the passing of the first factory act
    Ans:Lord Rippon
  2. Who was responsible for the rise of Bombay into its greatness
    Ans:Gerald Aungier
  3. Who is called as the ‘Nawab Maker’
    Ans:Robert Clive
  4. When did Gandhiji last visit to Kerala
  5. The Viceroy who made the ‘Deepawali declaration’
    Ans:Lord Irwin
  6. Name the shortest purana
    Ans:Maarkandeya Purana
  7. Who assumed the title ‘Ghazi’
  8. The Zabti system was started during the time of
  9. Who was the leader of the revolt against Britain at Mathura in 1857
  10. Name the Viceroy of India during the third round table conference
    Ans:Lord Willington
  11. When did Gandhiji found the Netal India Congress
  12. Who is called as the African Gandhi
  13. Who was the leader of the khond tribal uprising in Orissa
    Ans:Chakra Bisoi
  14. When was the Congress socialist party found
  15. Which constitutional document recommended to separate Burma from India
    Ans:The Government of India Act of 1935
  16. Who signed the Poona pact with Gandhi
  17. Why did the congress ministries in provinces resign in 1939
    Ans:In protest against the British declaration about the participation of India in the Second World War
  18. Who founded the forward bloc
    Ans:Subhash Chansdra Bose
  19. Name the first law giver in India
  20. Who wrote the book , ‘Tarikh-i-Firozshahi’
    Ans:Ziauddin Barani
  21. What was the purpose of the third visit of Gandhi in Kerala in 1927
    Ans:Propagation of Khadi and charka
  22. When did the ‘August Revolution’ break out in India
  23. Name the Viceroy of India during the second partition of Bengal
    Ans:Lord Mount Batten
  24. When did C.Rajagopalachari make his C.R.Formula on the partition of India
  25. In which language Gandhiji published the paper ‘Harijan’
  26. The policy of the British towards the princely states from 1857 to 1935 is known as
    Ans:Policy of subordinate union
  27. Who was the architect of the policy of Ring fence
    Ans:Warren Hastings
  28. When was the chamber of princes formed
  29. Name the largest princely state in India by population and size
  30. Name the railway station from which Gandhiji got out on his way to Pritoria in South Africa
    Ans:Peter Maritsburg
  31. The day Muslim League observe the Direct Action
    Ans:16 August 1946
  32. Who was the leader of the Rampa revolts held in Andrapradesh
    Ans:Alluri Sitarama Raju
  33. The last Charter Act passed in
  34. Gandhiji returned the Kaiser-i-Hind award to protect against
    Ans:The Jalian Walabagh Massacre
  35. Which was the Court language of Hyderabad Nizam
  36. Who introduced the ‘trial and error’ law in revenue system
    Ans:Warren Hastins
  37. Name the Governor General who called himself the ‘Tiger of Bengal’
    Ans:Lord Wellesly
  38. Who established a system of centralized control ,known as Non-Regulation System
    Ans:Lord Delhousie
  39. The Governor General of India when the India Penal Code was enacted
    Ans:Lord Canning
  40. When did Gandhiji take the oath of eternal celibacy
  41. Name the Constitutional Reform which granted separate electorate for Muslims
    Ans:Minto-morley Reforms of 1909
  42. Who pointed out the Aryan invasion as the main cause for the decline of the Harappan culture
    Ans:Mortimer Wheeler
  43. Who gave information about the Black hole tragedy in Bengal
  44. Who transalated the autobiography of Gandhiji into English
    Ans:Mahadev Desai
  45. Name the Act which which introduced Dyarchy in the centre
    Ans:Government of India Act of 1935
  46. Who was the first Parsi President of India National Congress
    Ans:Dadabhai Naoroji
  47. Who founded ‘Tatwabodhini Sabha’
    Ans:Debendranath Tagore
  48. The headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission other than Belur
    Ans:Mayavati in Almora
  49. Who founded the Fort William College in Calcutta
    Ans:Lord Wellesly
  50. The period mentioned in the autobiography of Gandhiji


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