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60Precious Questions for PSC Examinatioins

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Precious Questions and Answers appearing for PSC Examinations

  1. Burglar proof safely lockers are made by using –
    Ans:Manganese Steel
  2. Cyclotron was invented by-
    Ans: E.O.Lawrence
  3. In an electric stove electrical energy is converted in to-
    Ans:Thermal energy
  4. Theodolite is an instrument used by –
  5. Rocket fuel is a mixture of-
    Ans: Ozone & Cyanogen
  6. Conversion of electrical energy in to chemical energy is observed in-
    Ans:Storage battery
  7. Fish can survive inside a frozen lake because –
    Ans:Water near bottom does not freeze
  8. Change of path of light when it enters from one medium to another is called –
  9. National Peoples Congress is the Parliament of –
    Ans: China
  10. The endocrine gland nearest to heart is –
  11. Which part of human brain is more developed in comparison to others?-
  12. Chanka Elephant Sanctuary is in –
  13. The river Tsangpo [Brahmaputhra] flow through –
  14. In India largest deposits of Uranium are found in-
  15. The phytohormone auxins were discovered by –
  16. Cretinism in young children is due to the lack of –
  17. How many pairs of cranial nerves are there in human beings ?-
  18. RBI introduced the Bill Market Scheme in –
  19. In which country was Green Revolution started ? –
    Ans: Mexico
  20. The quality guarantee stamp to agricultural product –
  21. Whose birthday is observed as Engineer’s day[September 15] in India ? –


  1. The Directive Principles of State Policy was adopted from –
    Ans:Irish Constitution
  2. Which is the chief language spoken by Meghalaya –
  3. Who is known as “Indian Gladstone” ? –
    Ans: Dadabhai Navroji
  4. Which is the currency of Thailand ? –
    Ans: Bhat
  5. Statistical calculations and preparation of table and graphs can be done using………..-
  6. Where is the Head Quarters of ‘Indian Statistical Institute’ ?-
    Ans: Kolkata
  7. The study of ‘Nutrition ‘ is called –
  8. Inflammation of Lip is caused by the deficiency of –
  9. The 2012 ASBC [Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championship] was held in – Ans:Mongolia
  10. Who is appointed as the chairman of monitoring body to look in to the case of 22 alleged

       Fake encounter killings  in Gujarat between 2002 and 2006 ? –
Ans: Justice H.S.Bedi

  1. Who won the man of the match award in the third ODI Cricket played between

       New Zealand and South Africa held in New Zealand on March 3, 2012 –
Ans:Dav Whatmore

  1. Noted lawyer who was appointed as the President of Inter Pacific Bar Association [IPBA]

        at the annual meet of the organisation held in Delhi. –
Ans:Lalit Bhasin

  1. 2014 Man Booker Prize was won by –
    Ans:Richard Flanagan

35.Name the freedom fighter who went to jail with her two month old baby due to the       participation in the Civil Disobedience Movement –
Ans:Kuttimalu Amma

  1. The Bollywood actor who has been appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador for

       South Asia –
Ans: Aamir Khan

  1. C.V.Kunhiraman was the founder of –
    Ans:Kerala Kaumudi
  2. The founder and editor of women’s magazine’Shrimati’ –
    Ans:Anna Chandi

39.‘Wandering in many worlds’ is the autobiography of –
Ans:V.R. Krishna Iyer

 40  .The work of G.Sankara Kurup which won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award (1961)

     And Kendra Sahitya Academy Award (1963) –

  1. In which venue Rohit Sharma made the highest individual ODI score of 264 runs against

        Sri Lanka –
Ans: Kolkota

  1. Cover page of Indian Constitution was designed by –
    Ans:Nandalal Bose
  2. The first democracy in the world –

44.Who is known as ‘Modern Buudha’  –
Ans: Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

  1. The first acting president of India –

46.University Grand Commission(UGC) started during ………
Ans:Five Year Plan- First

  1. The first Chairman of National Human Right Commission –
    Ans:Justice Ranganath Misra
  2. Which countrypassed the right to Information Act first –
    Ans: Swedan
  3. The first Vigilance Commissioner of India –
    Ans:N.Srinivas Rao
  4. 2014 Common Wealth game held in –
  5. Father of Malayalam Film –
  6. Who said ‘Knowledge is power and ignorance is death’ –
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda

53 . Who wrote the famous book ’The path to power’ –
Ans:Margrat Thatcher

  1. Boz is the pet name of –
    Ans:Charles Dickens
  2. Zulu’s are tribal people lives in –
    Ans:South Africa

56.’ Oneirology’ is the study of –

  1. Number of groups in modern periodic table –
    Ans: 18
  2. Normal Blood Cholesterol level of Human body is –
    Ans:100-180 mg/1000ml

59.In which part of the human body is Ricket effects –
Ans: Bone

  1. As mosquito is to Riggler cockroach is to –
    Ans: Nymph



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