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95 Computer net work related questions asking for PSC Examinations

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95-Valuable Computer Based Questions for PSC Examiantions(N)

The following are valuable questions regarding information Technology.Nowadays PSC questions are appearing constantly from this section.Actually this is the rank making point for PSC Examinations.Certain percentage of questions are asking from this section for PSC Examinations.If you study well it will be suitable for any PSC Examinations.Study well ,get good rank for PSC Examinations



  1. First Indian Online Newspaper-
    Ans:Financial Express
  2. Expand ENIAC-
    Ans:Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator
  3. Expand EDSAC-
    Ans:Electronic Delay Storage And Computer
  4. The Indian who designed hotmail-
    Ans:Sabeer Bhatia
  5. The year in which internet facility was made available in India-
    Ans:15th August 1995
  6. Which element is used to make microchips-
  7. Where is the first software technology park in India located-
    Ans:Noida,near New Delhi
  8. Where was the first computer in India established-
    Ans:Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata
  9. What is the name of autobiography of Charles Babbage ,the father of Computer-
    Ans:Passage from life of a philosopher
  10. Where is the first techno park in India located-
  11. Which is the first computer game-
    Ans:Space war
  12. Which company introduced internet television-
  13. Which company is the largest producer of computer chips-
  14. Which company is controlling internet in India-
  15. Which is the standard High level language used in internet-
  16. What is the full form of VIRUS-
    Ans:Vital Information Resources Under Siege
  17. Who is considered to be the father of Artificial Intelligence-
    Ans:John McCarthy
  18. Who invented the mouse-
    Ans:Douglas Engelbart
  19. Which is the first microprocessor-
  20. Who is the inventor of C programming language-
    Ans:Dennis Ritchie
  21. Which is the first browser developed by India-
  22. When was EDUSAT launched-
    Ans:20th Sept 2004
  23. On which day,the first Cyber Crime police station of Kerala state started- Ans:01/07/2009
  24. What is the full form of CDIT-
    Ans:Centre for Development of Imaging Technology
  25. What is Asia’s fastest computer-
    Ans:EKA(Developed by Tata group)
  26. Which Indian IT company,s name when expanded stands for western India product-
  27. Which prominent IT city in India is nicknamed ‘Cyberabad’-
  28. Who is the founder of GNU Project-
    Ans:Richard Stallman
  29. Which is the first computer magazine in Malayalam-
    Ans:Info Kaiarali
  30. What is BIOS shot for-
    Ans:Basic Input/Out Put System
  31. In which year did Symantec Corporation first released Norton antivirus-
  32. Which is India’s first e-literate districts-
  33. Which is the largest software company in Asia-
    Ans:TCS(Tata Consultancy Service)
  34. Which soft ware had been employed to give special effects to Harry Porter movies-
  35. Which state in India was the first one to putforth a dedicated information technology policy-
  36. A computer virus that actively attacks an antivirus programs in an effort to prevent detection is-
  37. Who developed yahoo-
    Ans:Davis Filo &Jerry Yang
  38. Where is the headquarters of Intel located-
    Ans:Santa Clara,California
  39. In which year was the “@”chosen for its use in e-mail address-
  40. What is XPshort for in Windows XP-
  41. The general purpose very high level programming language released by Guido Von Russom-
  42. Along with whom ,did Bill gates found Microsoft-
    Ans:Paul Allen
  43. The social networking website started by Mark Zukerberg is-
    Ans:Face book
  44. What is the full form of USB-
    Ans:Universal Serial Bus
  45. Who is the founder of wikileaks-
    Ans:Julian Assange
  46. Which award is considered as the Nobel Prize of computing-
    Ans:Tuning award
  47. What is the full form of WiFi-
    Ans:Wireless Fidelity
  48. Which Indian city is known as ‘Out sourcing capital of universe’-
  49. India’s first e-news paper is-
    Ans:News Paper today
  50. Who invented ATM(Automated Teller Machine-
    Ans:John shepherd and Barron
  51. In which year IT act came into force in India-
  52. “Your potential is Our passion” is the slogan of which IT company-
  53. Who developed C++ language-
    Ans:Bjarne Sroutsrup
  54. What is the expansion of PDA-
    Ans:Personal Digital Assistant
  55. Bing is search engine from –
  56. What is the expansion of JPEG-
    Ans:Joint Photographic Experts Group
  57. In which year Indian railway became online-
  58. Which was the Social Network owned by Reliance-
    Ans:Big Adda
  59. What is the full form of YAHOO-
  60. Ans:Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  61. Which women computer scientist was an employee at US Navy-
    Ans:Grace Murray Hopper
  62. Mouse was developed by-
    Ans:Dougles Engelbert
  63. Which state in India was to provide website to all ministers-
  64. What is a Stack Robot-
    Ans:Food Tasting Robot
  65. Who wrote, “Art of Computer Programming”-
    Ans:Donald Erwin Knuth
  66. Which IT companies name originated from ‘Intelligence’-
  67. Who introduced the concept of stored program-
    Ans:John Von Neuman
  68. What is the full form of DTP-
    Ans:Desk Top Publishing
  69. In which year Microsoft launched its first windows version-
  70. Who developed LISP-
    Ans:John MaCarthy
  71. Who founded world wide web consortium-
    Ans:Tim Berners Lee
  72. Tidel park is an IT park in-
    Ans:Tamil Nadu
  73. What is the full form of BASIC-
    Ans:Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  74. Which computer language was first called ‘Oak’-
  75. Which web Encyclopedia was developed by Jimmy Wales-
  76. HTML was developed by-
    Ans:Tim Berners Lee
  77. Expansion of AMD is-
    Ans:Advanced Micro Devices
  78. Which Penguin is the mascot of Linux Operating system-
  79. I pad is manufactured by-
  80. Which IT company got name from Sanfrancisco-
  81. ‘connecting people ‘is the tag line of –
  82. What is IMEI-
    Ans:International Mobile Equipment Identity
  83. What is e-zine-
    Ans:Electronic Magazine
  84. What is the expansion of ASCII-American Standard code for Information
  85. Who developed first portable computer-
    Ans:Adam Osborne
  86. What is NIC-
    Ans:Network Interface card
  87. Whose motto is ‘Wisdom of mass principle-
  88. Who is the father of computer ethics-
  89. Which Indian state implemented ‘Cyber Grameen’-
    Ans:Andhra Bank
  90. What is a blog-
    Ans:Online Journals and Diaries
  91. What is NISG-
    Ans:National Institute of smart Governance
  92. Tic-Tac-Toe is-
    Ans:First Graphical game
  93. “Oruma” is linux based software developed by
    Ans: KSEB
  94. ABC(Computer) developed by-
    Ans:Atanasoff Berry
  95. GPS was developed by-
    Ans:US Army
  96. Expand SUN in sun Microsystems-
    Ans:Stanford University Network


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