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Basic Questions Set for PSC Examinations

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25-Valuable Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(10/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. “Literary city”-
  2. The city which is the headquarters of sports equipment- Ans:Jalandhar
  3. The first earth submit conducted in –
  4. The hardest part of human body-
    Ans:Enamel of teeth
  5. The most populous country in theworld-
  6. The first cleaned Panchayath in Keralam-
  7. The war which is called the war to stop-
    Ans:First World War
  8. The former president of India who was elected as the Ambassidor of environment-
    Ans:A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  9. ‘Tennis court pledge ‘is related to which incident-
    Ans:French Revolution
  10. The creator of scientific socialism-
    Ans:Karl Max
  11. The ruler who conducted long march-
    Ans:Mavo Sethung
  12. The temperature required to pausterise milk-
    Ans:62 degree
  13. In which state anti-Britain organization ‘Kukku’ was started- Ans:Punjab
  14. The desert situated in South Africa-
  15. Which is known as black gold-
  16. The headquarters of Arakkal Kingdom-
  17. In which country having the lengthiest sea bridge in the world- Ans:China
  18. The famous book of Masanobu Fukuvaka-
    Ans:Single straw revolution
  19. The first country in the world established hospital for animals- Ans:India
  20. Secret enquiry agency of India-
  21. The first Indian who got Golden Glog Puraskaram-
  22. Whose poem is ‘Gandhi’-
    Ans:V.Madhusudanan Nair
  23. The country conducted cabinet meeting under sea-
  24. The first coastal police station of Kerala-
  25. The first aqua-tech park in the country is to be opened in-








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