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  • In wich state ‘pahari’ language is spoken-Himajal Pradesh
  • Who established supreme court in Culcutta-Convalis(1773)
  • In which year travancore state congress formed-1938
  • The lake which separating Hyderabad and Secondarabad-Hussain Sagar
  • The father of white revolution-Dr.Varghese Kurian
  • Who wrote the book, ‘Prison Diary’-Jayaprakash Narayanan
  • The headquarters of Interpole-Lyons
  • In which year Britain took over the rule of India from East India Company-1858
  • In which place Sree Budhan born-Lumbini
  • In which place Nalanda university situated-Patnai
  • Who constructed the Agra city-Sikkander Lodhi
  • How many banks are nationalized in 1969-14
  • In which year flag code came into existence in India-2002
  • How many judges are there in supreme court except chief justice-25
  • How many times Vasco-da-Gama visited in India-3
  • Who started saka era-Kanishkan
  • Who constructed grand trunk road-Shersha
  • In which year Krishna devarayar died-1530
  • In which year Panchayath Raj act came into existence -1994
  • Who established the slave dynasty-Kuthabudeen Aibek
  • In which year Kalinga war took place-BC 262
  • In which year by-cycle came into India-1890
  • Which chief minister implemented the rule dies non- C.Achuthamenon
  • The biggest puranas in the world-Mahabharatham
  • In which year congress socialist party formed-1934
  • The country which is known as Nippon-Japan
  • The American president who ruled longest period-Franklin D Rusevelt
  • Whose painting is the ‘Blue boy’-Thomas gainbaro
  • How many rings are there in Olympics ring-5
  • The first president of KPCC-K.Kelappan
  • The first hydroelectric project in Keralam-Pallivasal
  • Who discovered the Jaipur legs-P.K.Sethi
  • Which place is known as ground zero-The place where the world trade centre existed
  • The country which is the leading producer of fish-Jappan
  • The world environment day-June 5
  • The headquarters of Banarus Hindhu University-Kasi
  • The headquarters of ADB-Manila
  • The highest rank in army-General
  • The smallest republic ,Nouru is situated in which ocean-Pacefic
  • Which countries oldest name is Mesapotamia-Iraque
  • In which year Jalian walabag massacre occurred -1919 April 13
  • Who gave the name Mahatma to Gandhiji-Raveendranath Tagore
  • The highest water fall in the world-Angel falls
  • The nearest Gulf countries to India-Oman
  • The first jail in Keralam-Thiruvanathapuram
  • The father of electricity-Michel Faradey
  • The capital of Canada-Ottava
  • The biggest football stadium in the world-Marakkana(Brazil)
  • Whose book is ‘First Person’-Vladimir Putin
  • The world tapal day-October 9


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