PSC notification 2016 Examinations Appearing Questions

Here I am sharing with you some critical questions and its answers .Importance is that it has a major role in the notified examination conducted by PSC in 2016.Wheneve you go through this questions,study details of options too.

The following questions includes below given topics

1)Current Affairs

2) General Science


4)History related Questions

5)Economics related Questions

6)Miscellaneous Questions

50 All round Connected Details including PSC Questions

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50 Career Smartening PSC Questions and answers


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  1. Which disease was declared as an international public health emergency by WHO
    A.Yellow Fever
    B.Arab  Fever
    C.Zika Virus
    D.Swine Flu
    Ans: Zika Virus
  2. Which countries Parliament is the first to run completely on solar power
    Ans: Pakistan
  3. Which year was observed as the International Year of Pulses’
    Ans: 2016
  4. Which High Court is celebrating its 150th foundation year in 2016
    Ans: Allahabad
  5. The Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission shall be
    A.The Chief Justice of India
    B.Rtd.Chief Justice of India
    C.Chief Justice of High court of India
    D.Rtd.Chief Justice of High Court
    Ans: Rtd.Chief Justice of India
  6. Which is the first state to make gender education compulsory at the graduate level
    Ans: Telangana
  7. Which is India’s first zero landless district of India
    Ans: Kannur
  8. ‘Operation Valsaya’launched by the State Governments aims
    B.Mentally retarded
    C.Missing Children
    Ans: Missing Children
  9. Which is the first Grama Panchayat in the state to declare a Water Policy

Ans: Perumanna

10)  Which is the world’s first dengue vaccine

Ans: Dengvaxia

11)  The revolt 1721 at which place is the first attempt against foreign domination from the South India
Ans: Attingal

12) Who among the following was not the member of the Cabinet Mission
A.Clement Atlee
B.Lord Alexander
C.Stafford Cripps
D.Pethwick Lawrence
Ans: Clement Atlee

13) The Eighth Schedule of the Constitution deals with

A.Official Language
B.Anti defection
C. Panchayath Raj
D. Nagarpalika
Ans: Official Language

14) Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of

A.Adipic Acid
B.Carboxilic Acid
C.Sulphonic Acid
D.Hydroflouric Acid
Ans: Sulphonic Acid

15) The author of’Man the Maker of his own Destiny is’

B.Raja Ram Mohan Roy
D.Vallabhai Patel
Ans: Vivekananda

16) Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D

Ans: Rickets

17)Kyoto Protocol deals with

A.Endangered Species
B.Green House Gas Reduction
C.Ban on Nuclear Test
D.New plant Varieties
Ans: Green House Gas Reduction

18) The Green Belt Movement,the campaign for the protection of environments was founded by

A.Graca Machelle
B.Ellen John Sirleaf
C.Wangari Mathai
D.Winnie Mandela
Ans: Wangari Mathai

19) Which country is the first to bring a parliamentary legislation on climate change

Ans: Canada

20) The Jatakas contain 500 stories connected with the previous births of :

C.Adi Sankara
Ans: Buddha

21) Right to Information Act became effective in India on

A.15th June 2000
B.15th June 2001
C.15th June 2003
D.15th June 2005
Ans: 15th June 2005

22) The substance most commonly used as a foos preservative is

A.Sodium Citrate
B.Benzoic Acid
C.Tartaric Acid
D.Calcium Carbide
Ans: Benzoic Acid

23) Pneumonia affects

Ans: Lungs

24) Most of the light rays inside a tube light is in the form of

A.Visible light
B.Infra red
C. Ultra Violet
D. Bright Light
Ans Ultra Violet

25) The decimal system of currency was introduced in India in the year

Ans: 1957

26) Which of the following is a renewable source of energy

A.Sun light
Ans: Sun light

27) Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is known as ‘Heart and Soul of the Constitution

A.Right to Religion
B.Right to Equality
C.Right to constitutional Remedies
D.Right to Freedom
Ans: Right to constitutional Remedies

28) Panchayath Day is observed on

B.April 24
C.March 19
D.May 10
Ans: April 24

*29) Who is the Chancellor of the State Universities

A.Chief Minister
C.Education Minister
Ans: Governor

30) Which of the following crops help in nitrogen fixation

Ans: Beans

31) Which dance form is known as ‘Poetry in motion’

A.Bharata Natyam
Ans: Bharata Natyam

32) Which body has the power to grant State party status to a political party

A.State Legislature
B.Election Commission
C.Rajya Sabha
D.Public Accout Committee
Ans: Election Commission

33)Which force is responsible for the protection of Indo-Nepalese border

A.Border SecurityForce
B.Sasastra Seema Bal
C.Assam Rifles
D.Special Frontier Force
Ans: Sasastra Seema Bal

34) Which is the exclusive Tribal Panchayat of Kerala

Ans: Idamalakkudi

35) C Sankaran Nair was elected as Congress President in

Ans: 1897

36)Srisailam Dam is built across the river

Ans: Krishna

37)National Handloom Day is observed on

A.December 7
B.January 18
C.September 18
D.August 7
Ans: August 7

38) Which belt of the Himalayas are famous for the doon valleys

D.Great Himalayas
Ans: Shivalik

39) Madhav Gadgil Committee is associated with the conservation of

A.Sea Turtle
B.Endemic Plants
C.Evergreen Forests
D.Western Ghats
Ans: Western Ghats

40)Who was the author of ‘Jathibharatam’

A.Pandit Karuppan
B.T K Madhavan
C.K Ayyappan
Ans: K Ayyappan

41) Who has the right to suspend the fundamental rights of citizen

A.Supreme Court
B.Lok Sabha
D.Central Cabinet
Ans: President

42)Who was known as ‘the Vivekananda of Kerala’

A.Agamananda Swami
D.Subhananda Gurudev
Ans: Agamananda Swami

43) Which organization is known as the ‘Angelic arm of UN’

A.UN Women
D.Security Council

44) Who is the author books’The light of Asia’

A.Edwin Arnold
B.EM Foster
C.Dominique Lapier
D.William Johns
Ans: Edwin Arnold

45) Who said that ‘the proper study of mankind is man’

B.Aldous Huxely
C.Immanuel Kant
D.Alexander Pope
Ans: Alexander Pope

46) In diesel engines,ignition takes place by

B.Electrical spark
Ans: Compression

47) Alcohol contains

B. Carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen
C. Carbon,Hydrogen,Amonia
D. Hydrogen,Oxygen,Nitrogen
Ans: Carbon,Hydrogen,Oxygen

48) How many banks were nationalized in 1980

Ans: 6

49) Which river forms the Palaruvi falls

C.Vamanapuram puzha
Ans: Kalladayar

50) Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Project Plant is situated at

A .Nallalam
Ans: Kayamkulam



Specially made datas for PSC notified Examinations

Remind this questions the famous poem ‘Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. As so this questions are less appeared in usual books but appeared in PSC Examinations .Hope you are understanding its importance of questions

References:Kerala        PSC,
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerala public Service Commission


  • Valuable Questions for the PSC Examinations conducted from KPSC Thulasi

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Question paper  Oriented details to make easy to enter in the Rank list

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Life Giving Question papers from the Examination Conducted from KPSC Thulasi

You will be wonder how the following questions  becomes plays role of as the heading indicated manner .Really so.Each every questions help you to near your place in rank list.Current affairs matter also inco-operated with it for psc notification based manner

  1. In which place the biggest solar plant situated
    Ans: Kamudi
  2. Marine national park which is declared as eco-sensitive zone is situated in which state
    Ans: Gujarath
  3. Name the punishment of inserting the long iron bar into the body of people belongs to lower class of people and make them die after tying in the tree existing in the central region of Keralam
    A.Thooku pareeksha
    C.Visha pareeksha
    D.Vidikalpitha Vadam
    Ans: Chitravadam
  4. Name the atmospheric phenomenon which is called the ‘real finance minister of India’
    B.Monsoon wind
    Ans: Monsoon wind
  5. Name the experiment to possible the internet connection in the region of having no telephone line or mobile connectivity
    A.Project Loon
    C.Mozilla Firefox
    D.Google Chrome
    Ans: Project Loon
  6. Greek philosopher known as ‘Jnanikalude Aacharyan’
    Ans: Aristotle
  7. Whose official palace is ‘Narayan Hiti Kotaram’
    A.Nepal King
    B.Japan Prime Minister
    C.Singapore President
    D.Bhootan King
    Ans: Nepal King
  8. In which year United nations given approval for child right and declared child right year
    Ans: 1989
  9. The first chief minister who is non- eligible after punishing in criminal case

B.Mamatha Banerjee
C.Karuan Nithi
D.Lalu Prasad
Ans: Jayalalitha

10)  The first bio-metric ATM in Keralam

Ans: Munar

11)  Who is known as Anfrank of Gasa
A.Mala Usuf Sai
B.Fara Backer
C.Elfred Jellenic
D.Shiri Ebadi
Ans: Fara Backer

12) The constitution under gone large number of amendments in which Prime Ministers term
A.Jawaharlal Nehru
B.Rajiv Gandhi
C.Indhira Gandhi
D.Morarji Desai
Ans: Indhira Gandhi

13) The social reformer who is known as ‘Daiva Dasan’

A.Kumara Guru Devan
B.Chavara Achan
D.Sahodaran Ayyappan
Ans: Chavara Achan

14) Who started the journal ‘Velakkaran’

B.Sahodaran Ayyappan
C.Brahmananda Siva Yohi
Ans: Sahodaran Ayyappan

15) The chemicals used to protect blood in blood bank

A.Sodium Nitrate
B.Sodium Carbonate
C.Sodium Citrate
D.Sodium Silicate
Ans: Sodium Citrate

16) The parts of Indian Constitution which reflects the philosophy and thoughts of Indian Constitution

A.Fundamental Rights
B.Directive Principle
C.The First Schedule
Ans: Preamble

17)Who invented optical fibre

C.Nareender Kapani
D.Samuel Colt
Ans: Nareender Kapani

18) The father of Indian Music

A.Saranga Devan
B.Purandara Dasan
C.Narasimha Metha
D.Vishnu Digambar
Ans: Saranga Devan

19) The place Makavu is under the rule of which country

Ans: China

20) Name the connector of Central Govt: and State Govt:

B.Chief Minister
C.Chief Secretary
Ans: Governor

21) KPCC President at the time of ‘Vimochana Samaram’

C.Panabilly Govinda Menon
D.None of this
Ans: R.Sanker

22) The germ behind the Siphilis disease

B.Tipponima Palledium
C.Myca Bacterium
D.Plasmodium Vivax
Ans: Tipponima Palledium

23) The chemicals cotain in the sleeping pills

B.Salicylic Acid
Ans: Barbiturate

24) Loka Mithavyaya Dinam

Ans: Oct:30

25) Name the ‘navika pathippu’ of Prithvi Missile

Ans: Dhanush

26) Who transalated H G Well’s book as ‘Loka Charotra Samgraham’in Malayalam

A.E K Nayanar
C.C Achutha Menon
D.Pattam M Thanupilla
Ans: C Achutha Menon

27) In what name the Hungarian citizen John Earnest Hang Salser famous in Kerala history

A.Arnose pathiri
B.Herman Hundert
C.Mathews Pathiri
D.Chavara Achan
Ans: C Arnose pathiri

28) What is known as ‘Brave Wave Test’

A.Electro Encephalo Gram
B.Electro Cardio Gram
C.Tread mill test
D.Mandroks Test
Ans: Electro Encephalo Gram

29) The American President who handled the Cuban missile crisis

B.John F Kennedy
C.Linden B Johnson
D.Richard Nixon
Ans: John F Kennedy

30) The national territory having more number of districts

C.Delhi(National capital)
D.Andaman Nicobar
Ans: Delhi

31) Parimargan Jogi related to which sports item

Ans: Chess

32) Golden fibre

Ans: Chanam

33)Name the Indian river called ‘Gaiva Maruboomi’


34) Name the chera king who received the degree ‘Mnukuladityan’

A.Kulashekara Azhwar
B.Rajashekhara Varman
C.Indhukotha Varma
D.Bhaskara ravi Varma
Ans: Bhaskara ravi Varma

35) The year in which KSEB established

Ans: 1957

36)Which state in India having the earth quake warning secretariat

Ans: Haryana

37)The widely used protocol in network


38) The chief information officer in India

A.Nassim Syed
B.R K Mathur
C.H L Dattu
D.T S Takur
Ans: R K Mathur

39) The instrument which is used to measure the speed of computer mouse

Ans: Miki

40)The first film artist nominated to Rajya Sabha

A.Nargese Dutt
B.dada Sahib Phalke
C.Utham Kumar
D.Prithwi Raj kapur
Ans: Prithwi Raj kapur

Career making through PSC Results of notified examinations

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References:Kerala        PSC,
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerala public Service Commission

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The following Current Affairs details should study clearly because this details are frequently asking for Kerala Public Service Examination-Both offline and online PSC Examinations of Kerala Public Service Commissions


The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014 was awarded jointly to Japanese Isamu Akasaki, HiroshiAmano and Shuji Nakamura “for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources”.



The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014 was awarded jointly to Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner “for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy”.



American-British scientist John OKeefe and husband-and-wife team May-Britt andEdvard Moser have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014 for discovering an inner GPS in the brain.



Children’s rights activisits Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India are the 2014 winners of the Nobel Peace Prize for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.



The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2014 is awarded to the French writer Patrick Modiano for the art of memory with which he has evoked the most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation.



French economist Jean Tirole has won the 2014 Nobel Prize for economics for his work on how to “tame” the big businesses that dominate public monopolies like railways, highways and telecommunications.

Miss World 2013

63rd edition of the Miss World pageant, was held at Bali, Indonesia

Winner: Megan Young of the Philippines

This is the first time the Philippines won the title of Miss World since its creation in 1951

India’s representative: Navneet Kaur

1951 held at Sweden Winner: Kicki Hakansson

1966 India Reita Faria

1994 India Aishwarya Ra

1997 India Diana Hayden

1999 India Yukta Mookhey

2000 India Priyanka Chopra

Miss Universe 2013

62nd Miss Universe pageant held at the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Winner: Gabriela Isler of Venezuela

India’s representative: Manasi Moghe


1952 held at Finland Winner: Armi Kuusela

1994 India(New delhi) Sushmita Sen

2000 India(Bangalore) Lara Dutta


51th edition of Femina Miss World India 2014: Koyal Rana (Jaipur)

2013: Navneet Kaur Dhillon (Punjab)

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Current Affairs

The following Current Affairs Questions study and clearly understand them as they are surely appearing for PSC Examinations.Good percentage of questions are appearing from this section for PSC Examinations

  1. Name the Liberian teenager who was awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize 2015-
    Ans:Abraham Keita
  2. Which Indian was elected to the Board of Governors of the World Water Council-
    Ans:Prithvi Raj Singh
  3. Which popular writer of children’s book known for the tales of Tenali Raman,passed away recently-
    Ans:Kamala Laxman
  4. Where was the Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers Meeting 2015 held-
  5. Which Australian fast bowler announced his retirement from international cricket in November-
    Ans:Mitchell Johnson
  6. Who won the Brazilian Formula one Grand Prix-
    Ans:Nico Roseberg
  7. Vijay Kesav Gokhale has been appointed as India’s ambassador to which country-
  8. Where was this years G20 summit held-
  9. Where was Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)summit held this year-
  10. Where was the 35th edition of India international Trade Fair held-
    Ans:Pragati Maidan,New Delhi
  11. Which party led by Aung San Suu Kyi won the election held in Myanmar recently-
    Ans:National League for Democracy(NLD)
  12. Who defeated Saina Nehwal in the finals of the 2015 China Open Badminton Tournament-
    Ans:Xuerui Li
  13. Which Indian has been elected as Vice Chaiman of the Bank for International settlement-
    Ans:Raghuram Rajan
  14. World pneumonia Day was observed on –
    Ans:12 November
  15. International day for tolerance was observed on –
    Ans:16 November
  16. What is the name of the Navy’s shipwright school recently commissioned in Visakhapatnam-
    Ans:INS Viswakarma
  17. Who is India’s New Permanent Represantative to the United Nations-
    Ans:Syed Akbaruddin
  18. Name the Advanced Torpedo Defence System developed by the DRDO- Ans:Maareech
  19. Name the language which is talking more in India-
  20. The 5th language which got classical status-

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Latest Current Affairs

Study the following details,and you can score very good  marks in this section ,about 30 percentage of questions are appearing from this section for PSC Examinations.Actually questions from this part is the rank making for PSC Examinations

  1. Name the three gold related schemes launched by the Government of India-
    Ans:Gold monetization Scheme,Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme and Indian Gold Coins
  2. Which Indian has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the bank for International Settlement(BIS)-
    Ans:Reghuram Rajan
  3. Which country won the FIFA Under -17 World Cup-
  4. Name the recently held joint military exercise by India and Russia-
    Ans:Indra 2015
  5. Which Indian is the new executive director of the International Monetary Fund-Ans:Subir Gokarn
  6. Which Indian has been elected the new chairman of the International Cricket Council-
    Ans:Shashank Manohar
  7. International day for Prevention of Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict was observed on-
    Ans:6 November
  8. Who is the new ethics officer(Ombudsman) at the BCCI-
    Ans:Justice AP Shah
  9. Who wrote the book, ‘What happened to Netaji’-
    Ans:Anul Khar
  10. Who became the first cricketer to score 10000 runs in Ranji Trophy-
    Ans:Wasim Jaffer
  11. Victor Ponta who resigned recently from his post was the prime minister of which European country-
  12. World Science Day for Peace and Development was observed on-
    Ans:10 November
  13. What is the percentage of Swachh Bharath Cess imposed by the Government of India-
    Ans:0.5 percent
  14. Who became the fastest Indian to get 150test wickets-
    Ans:Ravichandan Aswhwin
  15. As per the magazine Fortune India women in the Indian business sector-Ans:Arundhati Bhattacharya
  16. Which Indian telecommunication satellite was launched by the European launch vehicle ,Ariane VA-227-
    Ans:GSAT 15
  17. Name the recently released book ,co-authored by Nandan Nilekani and Viral Shah
    Ans:-Rebooting India:Realizing a Billion Aspiration
  18. Which state launched APJ Abdul Kalam Amrut Yojana scheme to provide hot cooked nutritious food to pregnant and lactating women in the tribal areas-Ans:Maharashtra
  19. Who is the World’s Most Powerful Person ,as per the Forbes annual ranking-Ans:Vladmir Putin
  20. Which is the latest African country to be declared Ebola free by the World Health Organizations-
    Ans:Sierra Leone

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Latest Appointments

The following details are very important on PSC examination poit of view.About 20-30 percentage of this type of questions are appearing for PSC Examinations.Differant appointments, awards and head of different nations etc.are inevitable part of PSC Examinations.From wherever you get this type of knowledge you should thoroughly study all of them and make sure your place in the PSc Rank list


  • Chief Justice of Supreme Court-Thirath Sing Takoor
  • Chairman of IPCC-Hosang Lee
  • President Of BCCI-Sasnk Manohar
  • Director of DRDO-J.Manjula
  • Chairman of Air India-Aswani Lohani
  • Chair Man of Press Trust of India-Hormusji N Kama
  • President of Indian News Paper society-P.V.Chandran
  • President of Indian News Paper society-Rajath Sarma
  • Chair Man of Public Entrerprizes Selection Board-Ajith Kumar Seth
  • Chairman of Central Board of Excise and Customs-Najeeb Sha
  • Chairman of Telecom authority of India-Ram Sewak Sharma
  • Director of National crime record bureau of India-Archana rama Sundaram


Head of Administration of Different Countries


  • French President-Franswa Olondh
  • Fiji President-Jiyoji Konrote
  • Sirian President-Bashar Al Asad
  • Zimbawe- President-Robert Mugabe
  • South African President-Jacob Suma
  • Brazil President-Dilma Rusef
  • Mali Deep President-Abdulla Yameen
  • Palestine President-Mahamood Abbas
  • Turky President-Rajab Thaip Urdugan
  • Ivory Cost President-Alasane Otara
  • Russian President-Vladimir Putin
  • Russian Prime Minister-Dimitri Medvadev
  • British Prime Minister-David Cameroon
  • Israel Prime Minister-Benjamin Nethenyahu
  • Spain Prime Minister-Mariano Rajoy
  • Malasian Prime Minister-Najeeb Rasak
  • Singapore- Prime Minister-Lissain Lung
  • Sreelankan Prime Minister-Renil Vikrama Singh
  • Sreelankan President-Maithri Pala Sirisena

Awards 2015

  • C.Daniel award-I.V.Sasi
  • Kerala Kesava Dev Puraskaram-Dr.P.G.Bala Gopal
  • Swadeshabimani Kesari Puraskar-K.M.Roy
  • Vayalar Award-Subhash Chandran
  • Muttath Varkey Sahitya Puraskaram-Sachidanandan
  • Mathru BhoomiSahitya Puraskaram-T.Padmanabhan
  • Karnataka Sahitya Academy Purskar-K.S.Bhagavan
  • Bharath Bharathi Puraskaram-Kasi Nath singh
  • Raj Kapoor Puraskaram-Vidya Balan
  • Ramanujan Puraskaram-Amalendhu Krishnan
  • Harward Humanitarian Puraskar-Kailash Sathyarthi
  • Confusious Puraskaram-Robert Mugabe
  • Man Booker Puraskaram-Merlan James
  • Solidarity prize-Shanna Nemetsova
  • Sakharof Puraskaram-Raif Badavi
  • Nobel Prize for Peace-Tunitian National Dialogue Cartet
  • Nobel prize for Literature-Swetlana Alexeevich
  • Nobel prize for Economics-Professor Angas Deten
  • Nobel Prize fo Chemistry-Thomas Lindal,Paul Modrich,Azees Sansar
  • Nobel Prize for Physics-Thakaki Kajitha,Arther B Mcdonald
  • Nobel Prize for Medicine-William C Kampel,Sathoshi Omura,Yuyuthu
  • Nansen Puraskaram-Akeela Asif
  • World food puraskaram-Sir Fasan Hassan Abid


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20-Valuable Current Affairs Questions for PSC Examiantions

The following are the important current affairs questions appearing for PSC Examinations.Current affairs questions plays important role in determining the rank in the PSC examinations.About 30 percentage questions are appearing from this part for any PSC examinations

  1. World cities day was observed on-
    Ans:31 October
  2. Which Indian city hosted the 11th international Food Data Conference-
  3. Suresh N Patel has been appointed Managing Director of which bank-
    Ans:Andhra Bank
  4. Which SAARC country revoked the state emergency in less than a week after it had been          declared-
  5. Name the chief operating officer of the Indian Premier league who resiogned recently-
    Ans:Sunder Raman
  6. Which pair won the women’s doubles title of the Singapore Open Tennis Tournament-
    Ans:Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
  7. Who heads the committee constituted by the Government of India to draft the New Education          Policy-
    Ans:TSR subramanyan
  8. Name the tropical cyclone that hit Yemen in the fisrt week of November- Ans:Chapala
  9. Name the founder of the Hero Group of Companies who passed away recently-
    Ans:Brijmohan Lall Munjal
  10. Which santoor maestro received the Aditya Vikram Kala shikar Award-
    Ans:Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
  11. Navtej Singh has been appointed Indian High Commission to which country- Ans:United Kingdom
  12. Who is the head jury of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI)-
    Ans:Shekar Kapur
  13. Which former cricket captain of Pakistan announced his retirement recently- Ans:Shoaib Malik
  14. Manpreet Vohra has been appointed as India’s new Ambassador to which country-
  15. Who was appointed as the Chair of the Inter Governmental Negotiations on UN security Council                        Reforms-
    Ans:Sylvie Lucas
  16. Who is the new chief justice of Supreme Court of India-
  17. Who established Navjawan Bharath Sabha-
    Ans:Bagath Singh
  18. Who established Sree Rama Krishna Mission-
    Ans:Swami Vivekanandan
  19. Who established East India Association-
    Ans:Dad Bhai Nauroji
  20. Who established Indian Association-
    Ans:Surendra natha Banerjee

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Current Affairs inevitable part of any PSC Examinations(01/12/2015)

The current affairs plays an important role in any PSC Examinations.About 20 to 30 percentage questions will come from this section for PSC Examinations.Actually this section is rank making one for PSC Examinations.Those who want to raise your existing position in PSC Rank list you study clearly the current affairs section.So getting good rank in PSC Examinations study well this sections


  1. Name the first women president of Nepal-
    Ans:Bidhya Bhandari
  2. Which musical composer received this year’s Hridayanath Mangeshwar Award-
  3. Which Indian movie,directed by Pan Nalin,bagged the People,s Choice Award at the Rome International Film festival-
    Ans:Angry Indian Goddess
  4. Name the Vice President of Maldives who was arrested over alleged assassination attempt on the President Abdulla Yameen-
    Ans:Ahamed Adeeb
  5. Arjun Vajpai and Bhupesh Kumar scaled an unexplored peak in Himachal Pradesh and named it after which personality-
    Ans:A P J Abdul Kalam
  6. Which Indian sports administrator and honourary member of the International Olympic committee passed away recently-
    Ans:Ashwini Kumar
  7. Which submarine ,the first of six in the ‘Scorpene Class’ Submarine was successfully set afloat recently-
    Ans:INS Kalvari
  8. Which bank organized a marathon named Vigithon,to make people aware of the need to fight corruption-
    Ans:Union Bank of India
  9. What is India’s position ,in the ranking in the World Banking’s report of Ease of doing Business-
  10. The third edition of which international submit was held in New Delhi from October 26 to 30-India-
    Ans:Africa Forum Submit
  11. Which African leader was selected for the 2015 Confucius Prize-
    Ans:Robert Mugabe
  12. Who heads the high level committee set up by central government to suggest simplification of income tax laws-
    Ans:Justice R.V.Eswar
  13. Name the bilateral naval exercise held between India and Sreelanka in Trincomalee coast-
    Ans:SLINEX 15
  14. Which neighbouring country signed an agreement with China to import all kinds of fuel in order to ease the prevailing fuel crisis in the country- Ans:Nepal
  15. Jimmy Morales was elected President of which central African country- Ans:Guatemala
  16. What does AMRUT,an urban project of the Government, stands for-
    Ans:Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
  17. Najib Shah has been appointed chairman of which central government agency-
    Ans:Central Board of Excise and Cutoms
  18. Who is the newly appointed Malayalee to the secretary of steel department of India-
    Ans:Arun Sundera Rajan
  19. Who got Jimmy George Foundation Award for 2015 excellent in athletes-
    Ans:Tintu Luka
  20. To whom the Tata group selected as their global ambassador-
    Ans:Lionel Messi




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Set 1


  • Indias first Dolphin community Reserve will be established in which state-West Bengal
  • Which writer from Belarus won the 2015 Nobel prize for Literature-Svetlana Alexievich
  • Indias Post day was observed on Oct.10
  • Name the counter terrorism drills recently held between India and China-Hand in Hand
  • Name the trophy to be awarded to the winners of the India South Africa test series-Freedom Trophy
  • What is the name given to the bilateral cricket series between India and South Africa-Mahatma Gandhi-Nelson Mandela Series
  • Name the Prime minister of Nepal-K P Sharma Oli
  • Ranga Nath D Mavinakare was elected Chief Financial Officer of which company-Infosys
  • Who won the 2015 Economics Nobel Prize-Angus Deaton
  • Tamilnadu government banned the drug ketoprofen an anti –inflammatory drug to save the life of which bird from extinction-Vulture
  • Which NASA space craft revealed that Pluto has blue skies water-New Horizon
  • Who is the new chairman of the atomic energy Commissions-Shekar Basu
  • Who won the Russian Grand Prix Formula one race-Lewis Hamilton
  • Which Tamil actress who acted ai more than 1500 film passed away recently-Manorama
  • N.Ramani who passed away recently was a maestro in which musical instrument-Flute
  • Alexander Lukashenko was reelected president of which country for afifth term-Belarus(Since 1994)
  • Indian airforce day was celebrated on October 8
  • Which Indian musician has been named cultural ambassador for Seychelles
  • Which team won the Beighton Cup Hockey tournament-Punjab National bank
  • Who got this years Indhira Gandhi National Integration award-P.V.Raja Gopal

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   Rare Collection of Awards from psc question bank


This matters are appearing surely in psc question bank.Certain questions are reserving for this section in psc examinations.If you score it,that may be the golden marks in psc examinations That is helpful to attain highest rank
in psc examinations

  1. Harivarasanam award in 2015-S.P.Bala Subramanyam
  2. Vallathol award 2015-Anand
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratnam 2015-Sania Mirsa
  4. Nisha Gandhi award 2015-Padma Subramanyam
  5. Stock holm Jala Puraskar 2015-Rajendra Singh-
  6. Mandela prize 2015-George Samsio,Helena Nedume
  7. The world food puraskar 2015-Fasle Hasan Abed(Bangladesh)
  8. Which Indian got the highest award of Columbia ‘Order of the Democrazy Simon Boliver award’-Sri Sri Ravisanker
  9. Vyas Samman in 2014-Kamal Kishore Gayanka
  10. Ramanujan Puraskar in 2015-Amalendu Krishna
  11. Nobel prize for peace in 2015-Tunishian national dialogue Quartet
  12. Nobel prize for literature in 2015-Swetlana Alexywich(Belesurian journalist)
  13. Nobel prize for economics in 2015-Angus deten(British origin American professor)
  14. Vayalar Award 2014 –K.R.Meera(Arachar
  15. Saraswati Samman 2014 –M. Veerappa Moily (Ramayana Mahanveshanam)
  16. Kendra Sahithya Academy Youth Award 2014 –Indu Menon (Chumbana Sabdha Taravali)
  17. Kerala Sahithya Academy Award 2014 –K.R.Meera(Arachar)
  18. Which work of Subash Chandran won Kendra Sahithya Academy Award 2014 –Manushyanu Oru Amukham
  19. Who got ‘Murthy Divi Puraskar’ in 2014-Viswanath Thripady
  20. Vayalar award 2015-Subhash chandran(Manushyanu oru amukham)
  21. C.Daniel puraskar 2015-I.V.Sasi
  22. Booker prize 2015-Merlan James(A brief history of seven killings)