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Foreign Words and Phrases
Questions from foreign words are certainly appearing for PSC examinations.Dears, clearly understand it.It is more effective if we use this foreign words while talking in English.Moreover it is also show his ability in handling this foreign language.It is actually an added advantage for those who preparing for any competitive examinations.

1) ab extra-Front outside
2) ab initio-From the beginning
3) ab ovo-fron the egg
4) acedia-indifferance
5) ad hoc-for this purpose
6) ad interim-for the time being
7) a fond-to the bottom
8) alibi-elsewhere
9) au revoir-till we meet again
10) annus mirabilis-a year of wonders
11) bonafide-in good faith
12) canard-A rumour
13) cap a pie-from head to foot
14) carpe diem-make good use of the present
15) cherami-sweet heart
16) da capo-Repeat from the beginning
17) de facto-from the fact
18) divide et impera-Divide and rule
19) ergo-therefore
20) econtra-on the otherhand
21) gratis-free of charge
22) goutte a goutte-drop by drop
23) passé-out of date
24) vini vidi vici-I came ,I saw ,I conquered
25) hoc age-do this
So show your ability in this section to achieve your goal.Don’t miss any chance to study any foreign words whenever you come across.Best of luck of achieving it.Also helpful in doing work teaching field.Also read western books it enriched with this type foreign words.

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Precious One Word Substituition in English in PSC Examinations

1) Animals that feed their young with milk-Mammals

2) Rule by mob-Mobocracy

3) Place where dead bodies are kept-Mortuary

4) Place where ancient works are kept-museum

5) Morning prayer in church-Matins

6) Dull and uninteresting-Monotonous

7) Shortness of sight-Myopia

8) A person suffering from nervous breakdown-Neurotic

9) A medicine that induces sleep-Narcotic

10) Undue favour shown to relatives-Nepotism

11) One who looks at the bright side of the life-Optimist

12) One who is present everywhere-Omnipresent

13) One who knows everything-Omniscient

14) One who is all-powerful-Omnipotent

15) A person who lives in a foreign-Alien

16) The study of mankind-Anthroplogy

17) Easily bel;ieving others-Credulous

18) Engaged to be married-Betrothed

19) A heart specialist-Cardiologist

20) An expert in any field-Connoisseur

21) One who eats human flesh-cannibal

22) A place with gambling places-Casino

23) An inscription on tomb-Epitaph

24) The art of effective speaking-Elocution

25) A study of birds-Ornithology

Above details study completely to get one valuable marks in English in any PSC Examinations.That is very useful words in our day to day life.

Backbone of PSC Examination is English,in the same way one word substitution is back bone in English question.Moreover that would be the rank making points in any PSC Examinations.
Systematic study is the only short cut method to enter in PSC rank list.This is I proved in my own experience.And also,day by day interest to study will be increased.In the study journey each moment our aim should be to get any kind of knowledge .That should be very effective

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Agreement of verb with the subject

Following are the typical model questions for LDC Examinations in English Sections.20 questions  appear for LDC Examination on English sections.Some of them are given below type questions.They are easy to study at the same time they are easy to make mistakes.So carefully study them

  • Gold and silver —–precious metal
  • Honour and glory —-his reward
  • Neither the teacher nor the students—-present
  • Each of these substances—–found in the state
  • Many a student —-come for the inauguration
  • The man and the women —abscended
  • The teacher as well as the students—come
  • No news —good news
  • The chief with all his men—massacred
  • The state of his affair—bad
  • A hundred rupees —-a large sum for a poor man
  • No nook or corner –left untouched
  • The house —-elected the chairman
  • The wages of sin—death
  • Many of the buildings—-destroyed in the earthquake
  • The three sketeers —-written by Dumas
  • None—-so deaf as those who will not hear
  • What is the —news from Chennai
  • The —-part of the story is more interesting than the former part
  • I took —money I have with me for buying this picture
    the little
  • There is —money in my pocket
  • There is —sugar in the jar
    a little
  • I lost the numbers of—friends I have in Mumbai
    the few
  • Raju is the —student to get admission
  • When I walked —I saw the school
  • I am the —my two sisters
  • Maya is the —-girl in the class
  • Not—-of his friendswere present here
  • There are scarcely —-good books in the library
  • He was rushed to the —hospital
  • Raju is the —cardiologist in the city who is very successful in open heart surgery
  • —one of the pencil is missing
  • Gopal is —-confused about his higher studies
  • Riya is —indebted to her brother
  • —student won the prize
  • —is wrong with Mrs.Brown today
  • —opened the front door
  • —is Suasan talking about
  • I have three sens—do you want

Question Tags-LDC Oriented 

  • I am a teacher,
    aren’t I?
  • He should have done it,
  • Every one was happy,
    weren’t they?
  • Let us paly some game,
    shall we?
  • A few people attended the function,
    do they?
  • We shall stay there,
    isn’t we?
  • Rarely do we watch movies nowadays,
    don’t we?
  • He dare’nt face the police,
    dare he?
  • Raju needs some help,
    does’t he?
  • He ought to know more about the fact,
    oughtn’t he?
  • Neither of them knew the answer,
    did they?


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Articles and prepositions are the backbone of English section in LDC Examinations.It is very easy to confuse,so thoroughly analyse the following questions.Each marks in English is rank making one.Do exercise as possible for you on English .This is the only solution to get full marks in English section in LDC Examinations.Most of the candidates are very poor in English ,but they most of them score somewhat good marks in other section in LDC Examinations but they lies below the rank list as their mark is poor in English.The following are the precious collection from psc question bank.


  1. What can I cut the bread—-
  2. This is the book I was telling you—
  3. Take the book in your hand and open it—–page
  4. He spoke —-his holidays
  5. If a person is always punctual ,what can you count —him doing
  6. He has spent his life —Bombay
  7. You must attend —-his instructions
  8. I should put him —as student
  9. There are three very important forms—expressing preferences
  10. There are also many dangers —land
  11. A river flows —its banks
  12. The old man came and sat—the small table
  13. I can’t afford to go to the convent —I don’t like classical music
  14. John wrote a letter to Mary,but —-he tore it up
  15. The boys saved three pounds—them
  16. There were several interruptions —his speech
  17. Archeological sources provide useful informations —the Guptas
  18. Kanban was a great writer who lived —the end of 12th century
  19. Tarkish-i-Firozhahi is an important historical work —medieval India
  20. The new books will not arrive —Friday meanwhile we must make do with these
  21. What did the boss mislead the workers—-believing
  22. I want your reply—a week
  23. The dog rushed—the beggar
  24. The strength of class stood—sixty
  25. We went to the beach—car
  26. I must apologize—you for the delay in reaching here
  27. You must repent —your sins
  28. The police suspect him —the crime
  29. He has not fully recovered —his illness
  30. What was the motive —the murder
  31. We decided —a picnic

Suitable articles

  1. He has studied—–geography of America
  2. —life is hard
  3. —life we live is hard
  4. John is —-honourable man
  5. I pay Rs.2400—-month for my room
  6. My aunt was in —hospital for 6 weeks
  7. We go to —hospital
    Ans:no article
  8. Her husband had left—office
  9. What —big dog
  10. India is —sovereign,socialist,secular,democratic,republic
  11. Kabir was said to have been born in about AD 1398 of —-Brahmin widow
  12. The Bhakti cult has its roots in—revival of—-India philosophy by sankaracharya
  13. What –awful news
  14. They are attending —service at—cathedral
    Ans:a, the
  15. —unwritten constitution like that of England is based on unwritten convention,tradition and practices
  16. It is —duty of —educated person to help the illiterate
    Ans:the ,an
  17. There was —-ugly scar on the face of —prisoner
  18. —tiger is now—protected animal
  19. For—moment Meena looked disappointed
  20. What do you think is —happiest hour of the day for you
  21. —Gold is a precious metal
    Ans:no article
  22. Kalidas is known as —Shakespeare of India
  23. —Orator and —Statemanwere killed in the accident
  24. He reads —Koran every day
  25. He recently took —M.A degree in Sociology



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In LDC Examinations 20 marks carrying in English sections.That questions may be from pacca grammer,semi grammer or vocabulary parts or etc.Most of the people is not given much importance to this as it is bit difficulty,but study systematically can be made it easy and can score full marks from this section.If you score good marks in this section surely you will attain a good rank in LDC Examination.So study sincerely without wasting time



Singular &Plural

  1. Story-Stories
  2. Mango-Mangoes
  3. Thesis-theses
  4. Thief-thieves
  5. Zero-zeroes
  6. Mother-in-law-mothers-in-law
  7. Century-centuries
  8. Dynamo-dynamos
  9. Basis-bases
  10. Bureau-bureaux
  11. Cattle-cattle
  12. Larva-larvae
  13. Index-indices
  14. Ox-oxi
  15. Deer-deer
  16. Class-classes
  17. Brief-briefs
  18. Goose-geese
  19. Apex-apexes
  20. Memorandum-memoranda
  21. Ratio-ratios
  22. Photo-photos
  23. Potato-potatoes
  24. Child-children
  25. Branch-branches


  1. Administrator-Administratrix
  2. Manager-Manageress
  3. Negro-Negress
  4. Monk-Nun
  5. Bachelor-Spinster
  6. Dancer-Danseuse
  7. Dog-Bitch
  8. Drake-Duck
  9. Billy-goat-Nanny-got
  10. Fox-Vixen
  11. Master-Mistress
  12. Jew-Jewess
  13. Colt-Filly
  14. Buck-rabit-Doe rabbit
  15. Intern-Nurse


  1. Provoke-Soothe
  2. Exhausted-Energetic
  3. Irate-Calm
  4. Enrich-Diminsh
  5. Shrink-Expand
  6. Graceful-Awkward
  7. Transparent-Opaque
  8. Erudite-Ignorant
  9. Insolent-Polite
  10. Confident-Diffident
  11. Religious-Secular
  12. Prolong-Shorten


  1. Boomerang-Recoil on the originator
  2. Panorama-a full view
  3. Reminiscence-recollection
  4. Frazzle-exhausted
  5. Panchant-strong inclination
  6. Salacious-lustful
  7. Ramification-consequences
  8. Ordeal- a severe test
  9. Garrulous-talkative
  10. Nocturnal-occuring at night
  11. Motley-of varied colour
  12. Obese-too fat
  13. Rectitude-integrity
  14. Insolvent-unable pay debts
  15. Exasperate-irritate
  16. Patronize-visit as customer
  17. Horology-Science of measuring time
  18. Regimen-systematic plan

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Most suitable Preposition for each word

Study the following questions and make sure your rank in PSC Examinations


  1. Laugh- at
  2. Lead -to
  3. Listen -to
  4. Lean- against
  5. Liable- to
  6. Look -at
  7. Loyal- to
  8. Notice-of
  9. Negotiating-with
  10. New-to
  11. Obedient –to
  12. Oblige –to
  13. Open-to
  14. Obsessed-with
  15. Object-to
  16. Occupied-with
  17. Outlook-on
  18. Outrange-against
  19. Over powdered-by
  20. Optimistic-about
  21. Obliged-to
  22. Overcome-with
  23. Proud-of
  24. Participate-to
  25. Pertinent-to
  26. Pertaining-to
  27. Popular-with
  28. Peep-at
  29. Preoccupied-with
  30. Part-with
  31. Passion-for
  32. Pleaded-for[a thing]
  33. Pleaded-with[a person]
  34. Pretention-to
  35. Prevailed-up on to
  36. Prey-to
  37. Pride-on
  38. Protection-against
  39. Pleased-with
  40. Proficient-with
  41. Parted-from
  42. Protested-against
  43. Persist-in
  44. Pay-by
  45. Tamper-with
  46. Thirsting-for
  47. Trifle-with
  48. Triumph-over
  49. Victim-of
  50. Vain –of

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Most suitable Preparation for each word

Study the following questions and make sure your rank in PSC Examinations

  1. Heir- to
  2. Hinted- at
  3. Hostile- to
  4. Hunger- for
  5. Harmony -with
  6. Intimate- with
  7. Invite- to
  8. Interest- in
  9. Insist- on
  10. Inform -of
  11. Influence- on
  12. Injurious -to
  13. Indepted -to
  14. Inconnection -with
  15. In -ink
  16. Immune -to
  17. Indifferent- to
  18. Immersed- in
  19. Impressed- with
  20. Independent- of
  21. Insure- against
  22. Intimacy- with
  23. Inconsistant- in
  24. Incapable- of
  25. Inspired- with
  26. Imposed -of
  27. Ignorant -of something
  28. Innocent -of
  29. Information -on
  30. Inflict- up on
  31. Jumped- in to
  32. Junior-to
  33. Jumped -to river
  34. Keep- up
  35. Knock- at
  36. Keep away- from
  37. Keen- on
  38. Known -to
  39. Look- after
  40. Laugh- at
  41. Lead -to
  42. Listen -to
  43. Lean- against
  44. Liable- to
  45. Look -at
  46. Loyal- to

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The most suitable preposition for each word(08/12/2015)

It is the inevitable part of any PSC Examinations where English is one of its subject.If you study clearly the words and prepositions given below you can score a very good marks in English sections.You can attend any examinations with confisence,Also you can talk English with good confidence and accuracy


  1. Due- to
  2. Dress- in
  3. Dispose- of
  4. Delight- at
  5. Delight- in
  6. Deficient -in
  7. Distinguish- from
  8. Despaired -by
  9. Drive- during
  10. Demand -for
  11. Deprived- of
  12. Desist-from
  13. Devoted- to or devotion- to
  14. Dislike- of
  15. Dubious -about
  16. Dismissed- from
  17. Decided- up on
  18. Escape- from
  19. Eligible- for
  20. Exception -to
  21. Enquired -in to
  22. Equipped- with
  23. Exempt- from
  24. Eager- for
  25. Endowed -with
  26. Envious -of
  27. Essential- to
  28. Exclaim-at
  29. Eliminated -from
  30. Excluded -from
  31. Excuse- for
  32. Fond- of
  33. Famous- for
  34. Free- from
  35. Familiar -with
  36. Faith- in
  37. Full -of
  38. Fed -up with
  39. Foreign- to
  40. Fuss -about
  41. Felicitated -on
  42. Forbidden- to
  43. Gift -with
  44. Glad -of
  45. Good- at
  46. Grateful -for
  47. Give- away
  48. Glance- at
  49. Grumble- at
  50. Happy- with
  51. Horrified- at

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The most suitable preposition for each word

It is the inevitable part of any PSC Examinations where English is one of its subject.If you study clearly the words and prepositions given below you can score a very good marks in English sections.You can attend any examinations with confisence,Also you can talk English with good confidence and accuracy


  1. Bring -up
  2. Boast- of
  3. Believe -in
  4. Bad -at
  5. Bar- to
  6. Bargain- with
  7. Blind -to
  8. Benefited- from
  9. Blessed- with
  10. Bereaved -of
  11. Broods -over
  12. Burst -into
  13. Bark- at
  14. Bumped- on
  15. Call- on
  16. Consent -to
  17. Contrary- to
  18. Care- for
  19. Careless- of
  20. Complains -of
  21. Charged -with
  22. Complement- on
  23. Content- with
  24. Consist- of
  25. Correspond -with person
  26. Correspond- to something
  27. Canvas- for
  28. Confident- of
  29. Congratulate – on
  30. Close- to
  31. Come- across
  32. Connive- at
  33. Confidence -in
  34. Comprises- of
  35. Cure- of
  36. Confined- to
  37. Compare- to
  38. Convinced- of
  39. Conversent- with
  40. Content -with
  41. Clapped- at
  42. Clever- at
  43. Differ -from
  44. Desire- for
  45. Disgrace- to
  46. Depend- on
  47. Die- of disease
  48. Dream- of
  49. Deal -with a person
  50. Deal in something

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The most suitable preposition for each word

It is the inevitable part of any PSC Examinations where English is one of its subject.If you study clearly the words and prepositions given below you can score a very good marks in English sections.You can attend any examinations with confisence,Also you can talk English with good confidence


  1. Acquaint -with
  2. Associate- with
  3. Accuse -of
  4. Adjacent -to
  5. Abstain- from
  6. Answer -to
  7. Adhere -to
  8. Annoyed- with
  9. Anchor- off
  10. Animosity -towards
  11. Abide -of
  12. Abounds -in
  13. Admiration- for
  14. Affection- for
  15. Alive -to
  16. Allied- to
  17. Ally -with
  18. Alludes- to
  19. Amenable- to
  20. Anxious- about
  21. Approve -of
  22. Aptitude- for
  23. Ashamed- of
  24. Atone- for
  25. Attend -to
  26. Attended- up on
  27. Attention- to
  28. Attraction- for
  29. Availed -of
  30. Aversion- to
  31. Attached- to
  32. Apology -for [wrong doings]
  33. Apology- from
  34. Account -for
  35. On account -of
  36. Absent -from
  37. Acceptable- to
  38. Accompanied -by
  39. Acquitted- of
  40. Aim- of
  41. Angry- with person
  42. Angry- at something
  43. Admitted- to
  44. Abounce- in
  45. Accede- to
  46. Ascribed -by
  47. Arrived -at
  48. Amazed- at
  49. Busy -with
  50. Beware- of