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Word often confused commonly asking for PSC Examinations

The following word often confused are very important in PSC examination point of view.In clerical exams in PSC about 20 marks questions is asking from English Section.To score good mark in PSC examination you should score good mark in the English section in PSC Question paper.One section in English questions is surely this type of questions.So with great care you study this to score good mark in PSC Examinations.

  1. Popular-liked by the people
    Populous-thickly inhabited
  2. Principal-chief
    Principle-general law as guide to action
  3. Reverend-feeling reverence
    Reverent-feeling reverence
  4. Stationary-motionless
    Stationery-writing materials
  5. Sanguine-hopeful
  6. Verbal-relating to words
  7. Wave-brandish

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Phrasal Verbs

  • Go off-fired
  • Go on-continue
  • Go out-ceased to burn
  • Go with-match in colour
  • Hold on –wait
  • Lay up-store
  • Look after-take care
  • Look down upon-despise
  • Look for-trying to find
  • Look over-examine
  • Look up-pay a visit
  • Make off-escape
  • Make for-contribute to
  • Make out-understand
  • Make over-transfer

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  • Imaginary-not real

Imaginative-gifted with imagination

  • Industrial-pertaining to industry

Industrious-hard working

  • Ingenuous-frank


  • Judicial-legal


  • Junction-meeting place

Juncture-grave situation

  • Luxurious-given to luxury

Luxuriant-rich in growth

  • Momentary-lasting for a moment

Momentous-very important

  • Masterful-imperious


  • Metal-substances like iron,gold etc


  • Official-pertaining to an office

Officious-Offering services that is not wanted

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  • confident-sure


  • comprehensive-exhaustive


  • confirm-ratify

conform-comply with

  • contagious-spreading by contact


  • destiny-fate


  • dual-double

duel-a combat between ywo person

  • disease-illness


  • distinct-separate


  • eligible-qualified


  • eminent-illustrious

imminent-about to happen

  • estmate-calculation


  • esteem-respect

facilitate-make easy

  • fain-gladly


  • flagrant-glaring

fragrant-sweet smelling

  • graceful-full of grace

gracious-full of kindness

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  • Branch of literature concerned with stories,novels romanceetc-Fiction
  • Wrong use of name or word-misbomer
  • Political leader who tries to win people’s support by emotional and often unreasonable arguments-Demagogue
  • Person blamed or punished for the mistakes of another-scapegoat
  • Person who starts a commercial enterprise especially one involving financial risk-Entrepreneur
  • Position that requires no work or responsibility but gives holder prestige or money-sinecure
  • Set of instruction for preparing a food dish and the ingradients required-recipe
  • A person in charge of a museum an art gallery etc-curator
  • Something written in secret code –cryptogram
  • A public nursery where babies are looked after while thie parents are working-creche
  • Bringing into or taking out of country goods contrary to the law-contraband
  • Novice of a person’s death especially in a news paper-obituary
  • A covered passage with stalls or shops on one or both sides-Arcade
  • Act of setting on fire another person’s property intentionally and unlawfully-arson
  • A place where people often meet-Rendezvous

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  • A Place where clothes are kept-wardrobe
  • Intense dislike or fear of foreigners or strangers-Xenophobia
  • Small wooden hammers-xylophone
  • Light sailing boat built for racing-yatch
  • Type of lock with revolving internal parts-Yale
  • Inhabitant of USA-Yankee
  • A person who is extremely enthusiastic about religion-zealot
  • Highest point of power-Zenith
  • Soft gentle breeze-zephyr
  • Turning right and left alternatively at sharp angles-zig-zag
  • Fee offered but not claimed for professional services-Honorarium
  • A word spelt like another but with a different meaning or pronunciation-Homograph
  • Word that is the same in form and sound as another meaning-Homonym
  • Doctrine that pleasure is the chief good-Epicureanism
  • Annual income especially that of a state or great institution raised according to rules-Revenue
  • The art of using language effectively-eloquence
  • Study of earthquakes-Seismology
  • False reasoning or argument-fallacy
  • The seeing of something that does not really exists-Illusion

The courage obtained by drinking spirits-Dutch courage

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  • Vanity –modesty
  • Variable-invariable
  • Variety-uniformity
  • Variable-invariable
  • Variety-uniformity
  • Vegetarian-non-vegetarian
  • Veracity-falsehood
  • Wax-vane
  • Wakeful-asleep
  • Wealth-poverty
  • Weep-laugh
  • Wet-dry
  • Whole-part
  • Wicked-virtuous
  • Wide-narrow
  • Wild-tame
  • Wisdom-folly
  • Withdraw-advance
  • Work=rest
  • Worse-better
  • Wrap-unwrap
  • Wrong-right
  • Wit-dulliness
  • Win-lose
  • Winsome-ugly
  • Zigzag-straight
  • Zenith-nadir
  • Young-old
  • Yonder-nearer
  • Yes-no

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  • A speech made to oneself-soliloquy
  • A thing kept in memory of an event-souvenir
  • A person indifferent to pleasure and pain-stoic
  • To take place at the same time as another event-synchronize
  • Taking place at the same time-simultaneously
  • A person’s last utterance-swansong
  • Capable of being seen through-transparent
  • Of very little worth-trivial
  • The art of preserving skin of animals,birds,and fish-taxidermy
  • That which cannot be understood-Unintelligible
  • A decision on which all agree-unanimous
  • Extremely fond on one’s wife-uxorious
  • An imaginary idea of aperfect society-utopia
  • One given to sensual pleasure of the body—voluptuary
  • One who offers one’s services-volunteer
  • Gifted with several talents-versatile
  • A style full of words-verbose
  • A place where people agreed to meet-venue
  • A person who has had a long experience in any field-veteran
  • A man whose wife is dead-widow

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  • Timely-untimely
  • Top-bottom
  • Transient-perpetual
  • Terse-diffuse
  • Total-partial
  • Town-village
  • Tough-yielding
  • Transparent-opaque
  • Treachery-loayalty
  • Turbulent-calm
  • Ugliness-loveliness
  • Uncouth-handsome
  • Union-separation
  • Universal-particular
  • Urban-rural
  • Uniform-variable
  • Vacant-occupied
  • Valid-invalid
  • Vague-clear
  • Vanguard-Rearguard

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  • Written or printed list of questions to be answered by a number of people-Questionnaire
  • Four-lined stanza of a poem-Quatrain
  • 400th anniversary –Quarter –Centenary
  • Landing place built for loading and unloading ships-Quay
  • One Who retires from society to live a solitary life-Recluse
  • A place for improving one’s health-Resort
  • Killing one’s king-Regicide
  • Too much official formality-Red-tapism
  • Voluntarily giving up something-Renunciation
  • One who gets pleasure in watching or inflicting cruelty-Sadist
  • Not concerned with spiritual or religious affairs-secular
  • One who pays too respect to social position and wealth-Snob
  • One who carves in stones-sculptor
  • One who walks in one’s sleep-somnambulist
  • One who talks in one’s sleep-Somniloquist
  • A case in which the sword is kept-sheath
  • An instrument for listening to the activities of the heart and lungs-Stethoscope
  • A council of clergy man-Synod
  • Voilating religious things-Sacrilege
  • Killing one self-suicide