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25-Un avoidable  Questions for PSC Examiantions(16/12/2015)(N)

The following questions study with great attention as it appears frequently for PSC Examinations

  1. Which channel in the Indian Ocean separates the Lakshadweep Islands of Kalpeni ,Suheli Par&Maliku Atoll-
    Ans:Nine Degree Channel
  2. A ring shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely is known as a-
  3. Who is known as ‘the Father of modern taxonomy &ecology-Carl
  4. Which organ of the United Nations is under suspended animation from 1st November 1994-
    Ans:Trusteeship Council
  5. Which was the last territory prepared for self- government by the trusteeship council of United Nations-
    Ans:The Pacific Island Palavu
  6. Who is known as ‘the Grand Old Man of a 1857 Revolt’-
    Ans:Kunwar Singh
  7. Where is the Kerala Soil Museum situated-
  8. Which type of bacteria present in water is also known as’Terror of the Deep’-
    Ans:Vibrio vulnificus
  9. The ‘Iodine Number ‘is often used to determine the amount of –
    Ans:Unsaturation in fatty acids
  10. Which enzyme is used for the clarification of fruit juice-
  11. Which Asian capital city has the nickname of ‘the City of Sandalwood’-
  12. Which is the heaviest satellite launched by Indian space Research Organization-
  13. In which year was the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) established-
  14. Which organizations motto is ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshatia(Dharma protects those who protect Dharma)-
    Ans:Research and Analysis Wing
  15. Who was the president of Indian National congress to expel Indira Gandhi from the organization in 1969-
  16. In which Indian state is the famous Chandravalli Caves situated-
  17. Which viral disease is also known as ‘Kysanur Forest Disease’-
    Ans:Monkey Fever
  18. Which telecom company is India’s first 3G service provider-
    Ans:Mahanagar Telephone Nigam
  19. Which technology enables mobile phone users to retain their mobile telephone number when changing from one mobile network operator to another-
    Ans:Mobile Number portability(MNP)
  20. What are identified by the Pennant Number-
    Ans:Navy Ships
  21. Which was the first planet discovered using a telescope-
  22. Which was the world commission for environmental protection &development appointed in 1987 by the United Nations-
    Ans:Brundtland Commission
  23. The LOBAYAN movement ,which champion the course of protecting trees and vegitations,originated in which country-
  24. Which organization is known as the ‘Environment Commandos’-
    Ans:The Green Peace
  25. Which movement is functioning with the purpose of creating a world order capable of opposing the consequences of globalization-
    Ans:World Social Forum

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  1. Who organized the secret society of ‘Lotus and Dagger’ for the liberation of Indiafrom the British –
    Ans:Aurobindo Ghosh
  2. Which Ministry conducts the decennial Census in India –
    Ans:Ministry of Home Affairs
  3. Which was the only Indian city to be bombed by Germany during the First World War
  4. Indian Constitution adopted the concept of basic structure from the Constitution of
    Ans:– USA
  5. What is the name of the area encircling the Earth near equator where the northeast & southeast trade winds come together –
    Ans: Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)
  6. Which river connects the Great Lakes of America with the Atlantic Ocean –
    Ans:St. Lawrence River
  7. Which social welfare scheme was launched on 1 April 1999 by combining the erstwhile programmes namely IRDP,DWCRA,SITRA,TRYSEM &MWS –
    Ans:Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana( SGSY)
  8. Which social networking service has been described as ‘the SMS of the Internet’ –
  9. During which epoch in the age of Earth the creatures resembling man first appeared –
  10. Which range of the Himalayas is composed of sedimentary rocks –
    Ans:Sivaliks(Outer Himalayas)
  11. Who was the first women to win the Booker Prize in 1970 –
    Ans:Bernice Rupens
  12. What is the name of floodplains and foothills of the Eastern Himalayas –
  13. Which river flows in to the Wular lake of Kashmir –
    Ans: Jhelum
  14. Which country has the lengthiest academic year –
    Ans: China
  15. Which Act brought the East India Company’s rule in India under the control of British government –
    Ans:Pitt’s India Act (1784)
  16. The criminal code applicable to which Indian territory is the Ranbir Penal Code –
    Ans:Jammu & Kashmir
  17. Who was the first Indian to win a Gold medal in the Asian Games –
    Ans:Lavy Pinto
  18. Which is the only continent to be devoid of any active volcanoes –
  19. Who is the author of famous article ‘More than 100 Million Women are Missing’ –
    Ans:Amartya Sen
  20. Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of –
    Ans:Sulphonic acid
  21. The princely state of Jhansi was annexed by the British in the year –
  22. Who was described by the British as ‘a marvellous  guerilla warrior’ –
    Ans:Tantia Tope
  23. In which state is the Narora Atomic Power Station –
    Ans:Utter Pradesh
  24. The proverty  alleviation seheme ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana’ was launched on –
    Ans:25 December 2000
  25. Aurobindo Ghosh was arrested and trailed in which case –
    Ans:Allipore Conspiracy Case
  26. International Yoga Day is observed on –
    Ans: June 21
  27. Who was the first President of the Nair Service Society –
  28. Who was the first General Secretary of Nair Service Society –
    Ans: Mannathu Padmanabhan
  29. Who was the founder of Samatva Samajam –
    Ans: Vaikunda Swamikal
  30. Who was the leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha –
    Ans:Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  31. Who is known as the Father of local self  government in India –
    Ans:Lord Ripon
  32. Which mountain ghat connects Kerala with Coorg –
    Ans: Perambadi Pass
  33. Which channel separates the Andaman & Nicobar islands –
    Ans: 10 degree channel
  34. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is built across the river –
  35. Who was the first Sulthan of Delhi –
    Ans:Qutbuddhin Ibak
  36. What is the basic principle of India’s foreign policy –
    Ans: Non – alignment
  37. Which part of the Constitution contains the concept of ‘Welfare State’ –
    Ans: Directive Principles
  38. Which central scheme was restructured as the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) –
    Ans:Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)
  39. Who was the first Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission –
    Ans:Justice Ranganath Misra
  40. Which article of the Constitution contains provision for providing free legal services for the citizens –
    Ans:Article 39(a)
  41. Operation Raahat was carried out by the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate Indian citizens from –
  42. Which program’s motto is ‘Zero Defect Zero Effect’ –
    Ans:Make in India
  43. Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is associated with which field –
    Ans:Small entrepreneurs
  44. Name the multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states –
    Ans:New Development Bank
  45. Which Indian state’s dance form is Gaudiya Nritya –
    Ans:West Bengal
  46. Which is the identifying given to the Income Tax payers by the Department –
    Ans:Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  47. Which places are connected by the National Waterway Number- 3 –
    Ans: Kottappuram – Kollam
  48. When the days and nights are equal in both the hemispheres of the Earth, it is called –
  49. Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate –
  50. In 1956 Kerala state was formed with how many districts –
    Ans: 5
  51. Who was the only Indian President elected unopposed –
    Ans:Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
  52. Halley’s Comet appears once in ………..years –
    Ans:76 years
  53. The leader who became Chief Minister in Travancore, Thirucochi, and Kerala –
    Ans:Pottom Thanupillai
  54. Who was the First Indian to score a century in Test Cricket –
    Ans: Lala Amarnath
  55. What is the present name of the ‘Parsons Point’ –
    Ans: Indira point
  56. What was the official language of the Delhi Sulthans –
    Ans: Persian
  57. In a parliamentary democratic system , who is known as ‘the Shadow Prime Minister’ –
    Ans:The leader of opposition
  58. What is the main chemical component of election ink, which is applied to the forefinger of voters during elections –
    Ans:Sliver nitrate
  59. In which year was the Banking Ombudsman Scheme first introduced in India –
  60. In which Indian city was declared as country’s first ‘Kerosene- free city’ in June 2014 –
  61. In which Indian stateis the Intanki National Park situated –
    Ans: Nagaland
  62. Which British Viceroy inaugurated the Indian Parliament House on 18 January 1927 –
    Ans:Lord Irwin
  63. Who served as the first Acting President of India in 1969 May –
  64. Which city hosted the world’s first motor rally in 1887 –
  65. Which viral disease was historically known as ‘Bronze John’ –
    Ans:Yellow Fever

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25-Un avoidable  Questions for PSC Examiantions(15/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. The resting place of Jahamgir-
  2. In which year crips mission reached in India-
  3. The port in Malappuram districts-
  4. In which place Vikram Sarabhai Space centre located-
  5. The first cinema scope picture in Malayalam-
    Ans:Thacholi Ambu
  6. Who wrote the book war and peace-
  7. In which country the motherland statue located-
  8. In which year the first youth festival conducted in Keralam-
  9. The motherland of Tolstoy-
  10. Which emperor started the Saka era-
  11. Name the bank which started bank outside India-
  12. The mother of revolution of India-
    Ans:Madam Bikaji Kama
  13. Who started railway in India-
  14. In which year Chinese traveler Huan-sang visited Kerala-
    Ans:AD 630
  15. The birth place of coffee-
  16. Throgh which country the Orange river flows-
    Ans:South Africa
  17. Who wrote the first short story in Malayalam ‘Vasana Vikruthi’-Vengayil Kunjiraman Nair
  18. In which year Kerala Sahitya Academy established-
  19. World television day-
  20. Who is known as the Ashokan in Kerala-
    Ans:Vikramaditya Varagunan
  21. Whose book is ‘Paradise Lost’-
    Ans:John Milton
  22. The deepest trench in Moon-
    Ans:Newton’s Trench
  23. The capital of Poland-
  24. Name the Asean country having more sea coast-
  25. Which element is having very less in human body-






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25-Valuable Regularly asking Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(14/12/2015)

  1. Who invented Ozone-
    Ans:Frederic Shonben
  2. The acid present in lemon-
    Ans:citric acid
  3. The colour of Olympic flag-
  4. By which name Everest is known in Nepal-
    Ans:Sagar Matha
  5. The old name of Maharastra-
  6. The oldest Dravidian language-
  7. The blood group lack of antigen-
    Ans:O Group
  8. In which year Project Tiger started by Govt:of India-
  9. The metal helpful in clotting blood-
  10. The first women president of the world-
    Ans:Maria Estella Peron
  11. The first test tube child in India-
    Ans:Baby Durga
  12. The biggest salted desert in the world-
  13. Number of rooms in Rastrapathi Bhavan-
  14. Name the sugar in fruits-
  15. In which year Saka era approved as the national calendar of India-
    Ans:1957 March 22
  16. The father of mathematics-
  17. The author books ‘Thatwamasi’-
    Ans:Sukumar Azhikode
  18. The cathedral city of India-
  19. Name the triangle shaped ocean-
  20. The birth place of soyabeans-
  21. The plant hormone used to ripen the fruits-
  22. The instrument used to measure the speed of plane-
  23. The parts of human body with same size from birth to death-
    Ans:Eye ball
  24. Who constructed the famous Khajurago temple-
  25. The first women magistrate of Kerala-
    Ans:Omana Kunjamma

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25-Un avoidable  Questions for PSC Examiantions(14/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations



  1. The oldest open university in India-
    Ans:Andhra University
  2. In which districts the Marad riot occurred-
  3. World press day-
    Ans:May 03
  4. The oldest rock in the world-
    Ans:Mount Agastus
  5. In which state the Best Bakery Case related-
  6. Name the parts of body which regulates the temperature of the body- Ans:Skin
  7. Whose autobiography is ‘Kozhinja Ilakal’-
    Ans:Joseph Mundassery
  8. Who invented Radio-
  9. Name the train which is running between India and Pakistan-
    Ans:Sanjotha Express
  10. Pathrakadavu irrigation project is situated in which districts-
  11. Which countries airlines is ‘Garuda’-
  12. Who is known as ‘flying Sikh’-
    Ans:Milka Singh
  13. The biggest news agency in the world-
    Ans:Associated Press
  14. Which prime ministers official home is  Number 10 downing street
    – Ans: British
  15. Gutten Berg belongs to which country-
  16. Name the conyinent having more countries-
  17. In which districts Sabarimala situated-
  18. Name the country which is celebrating the independence day on August 15 other than India-
    Ans:South Korea
  19. The first novel in Malayalam-
  20. The year in which Gandhiji was assassinated-
  21. The element which is known as king of poisons-
  22. The resting place of Indhira Gandhi-
  23. The king of hobbies-
    Ans:Stamp collection
  24. Which countries is dressing style is ‘Kimona’-
  25. In which year colour television transmission started in India-

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25-Valuable Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(12/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. The oldest coin in Travancore-
    Ans:Kaliyugarayan Panam
  2. The first 3D film in Malayalam-
    Ans:My dear Kuttichathan
  3. The first speaker in Kerala Legislative assembly belongs to scheduled caste-
    Ans:K.Radha Krishnan
  4. The oldest punishments existed in Kerala is known as-
    Ans:Sathya Pareeksha
  5. The biggest fertilization centre in Keralam-
  6. Who combiled Ramanan-
  7. The country which is the biggest producer of mica-
  8. Indias first pollution control board was established in which state-
  9. In which place in Kerala the cattle research centre situated-
  10. In which place in Kerala the agricultural engineering college situated- Ans:Thavanur
  11. Number of wings in honey bee-
  12. The fuels used in planes-
    Ans:Aviation Spirit
  13. Name the animals having highest memory power among Animals-
  14. The smallest angle that can be drawn using set-square-
    Ans:15 degree
  15. Who is known as Kerala Panini-
    Ans:A.R.Raja Raja Varma
  16. The first social reformer in South India-
    Ans:Vaikunda Swamikal
  17. The unfinished picture of Raja Ravi Varma-
  18. Name the country which was implemented the Green Revolution for the first time-
  19. Name the person who was advertised the slogan ‘Vayichu Valaruka’ throughout Kerala-
  20. Name the most powerful cyclone-
  21. The first library in Kerala-
    Ans:Thiruvanathapuram public library
  22. The festival of colors-
  23. From which place the dance form Bharathanatyam originated-
  24. The iron man of India-Sardar
    Ans:Valla Bhai Patel
  25. In which place in Kerala the Sanskrit university located-

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20-Valuable Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(11/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. Who conducted the famous Gattisberg speech-
    Ans:Abraham Lincon
  2. The birth place of Sree Narayana Guru-
  3. The only non-women Malayalam film –
  4. The shik test is used to detect –
  5. The first butterfly park in India-
  6. Name the state which share more boundary with Kerala-
  7. The electrified brain-
  8. The most pure water available in Earth-
    Ans:Rain Water
  9. The smallest neighbouring country of India-
  10. Name the branch of science study with eyes-
  11. Whose picture is last supper-
    Ans:Leanardo Davinchi
  12. The first literary magazine of Malayalam-
    Ans:Vidya Vilasini
  13. The former form of Kathakali-
  14. The union territory having complete literacy-
  15. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi-
  16. In which place VikramSarabhai Space centre located-
  17. The distance between the rail in  Broad gage rail-
  18. The capital of Afkhanisthan-
  19. The main energy production method in Kerala-
    Ans:Hydro Electric project
  20. The first super computer developed by India-
    Ans:Param 10000


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25-Valuable Basic Questions for PSC Examiantions(11/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. The capital of Lakshadeep-
  2. The minimum age required to contest in Panchayath election-
    Ans: 21
  3. The place in which Asean games were conducted more number of times-
    Ans: Bankoke
  4. The state which is known as the granary of India-
    Ans: Andhra Pradesh
  5. The ratio between the length and breadth of national flag-
    Ans: 3:2
  6. Which countries colony was Mahi-
    Ans: French
  7. Name the country which was given nobel prize-
  8. The only Malayalam film which was considered for Oscar award-
  9. In which state Daboline airport situated-
  10. In which place first mosque situated in Keralam-
  11. In which continent the great Victoria lake situated-
  12. In which field Mahila Pradan agent related-
    Tapal department
  13. Who delivered the controversial Punjab model speech-
    R.Balakrishna Pillai
  14. The particular section of people who were exempted from giving building tax-
    Ex-service man
  15. The biggest island in the world-
  16. The city which was selected for 2016 Olympics –
  17. The word ‘Tsunami is derived from which language-
  18. Name of Japan’s Parliament-Diet
  19. The wild life sanctuary which was reached only through Tamilnad-
  20. The old name of Iraque-
  21. Whose pen-name of Parappurath-
  22. The smallest country in the world-
  23. The auto biography of Michael Jackson-
    Moon walk
  24. Name the official reports of British parliament-
    Blue book
  25. Name the colour of young star seen in sky-








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Precious Questions and Answers appearing for PSC Examinations

  1. Burglar proof safely lockers are made by using –
    Ans:Manganese Steel
  2. Cyclotron was invented by-
    Ans: E.O.Lawrence
  3. In an electric stove electrical energy is converted in to-
    Ans:Thermal energy
  4. Theodolite is an instrument used by –
  5. Rocket fuel is a mixture of-
    Ans: Ozone & Cyanogen
  6. Conversion of electrical energy in to chemical energy is observed in-
    Ans:Storage battery
  7. Fish can survive inside a frozen lake because –
    Ans:Water near bottom does not freeze
  8. Change of path of light when it enters from one medium to another is called –
  9. National Peoples Congress is the Parliament of –
    Ans: China
  10. The endocrine gland nearest to heart is –
  11. Which part of human brain is more developed in comparison to others?-
  12. Chanka Elephant Sanctuary is in –
  13. The river Tsangpo [Brahmaputhra] flow through –
  14. In India largest deposits of Uranium are found in-
  15. The phytohormone auxins were discovered by –
  16. Cretinism in young children is due to the lack of –
  17. How many pairs of cranial nerves are there in human beings ?-
  18. RBI introduced the Bill Market Scheme in –
  19. In which country was Green Revolution started ? –
    Ans: Mexico
  20. The quality guarantee stamp to agricultural product –
  21. Whose birthday is observed as Engineer’s day[September 15] in India ? –


  1. The Directive Principles of State Policy was adopted from –
    Ans:Irish Constitution
  2. Which is the chief language spoken by Meghalaya –
  3. Who is known as “Indian Gladstone” ? –
    Ans: Dadabhai Navroji
  4. Which is the currency of Thailand ? –
    Ans: Bhat
  5. Statistical calculations and preparation of table and graphs can be done using………..-
  6. Where is the Head Quarters of ‘Indian Statistical Institute’ ?-
    Ans: Kolkata
  7. The study of ‘Nutrition ‘ is called –
  8. Inflammation of Lip is caused by the deficiency of –
  9. The 2012 ASBC [Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championship] was held in – Ans:Mongolia
  10. Who is appointed as the chairman of monitoring body to look in to the case of 22 alleged

       Fake encounter killings  in Gujarat between 2002 and 2006 ? –
Ans: Justice H.S.Bedi

  1. Who won the man of the match award in the third ODI Cricket played between

       New Zealand and South Africa held in New Zealand on March 3, 2012 –
Ans:Dav Whatmore

  1. Noted lawyer who was appointed as the President of Inter Pacific Bar Association [IPBA]

        at the annual meet of the organisation held in Delhi. –
Ans:Lalit Bhasin

  1. 2014 Man Booker Prize was won by –
    Ans:Richard Flanagan

35.Name the freedom fighter who went to jail with her two month old baby due to the       participation in the Civil Disobedience Movement –
Ans:Kuttimalu Amma

  1. The Bollywood actor who has been appointed as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador for

       South Asia –
Ans: Aamir Khan

  1. C.V.Kunhiraman was the founder of –
    Ans:Kerala Kaumudi
  2. The founder and editor of women’s magazine’Shrimati’ –
    Ans:Anna Chandi

39.‘Wandering in many worlds’ is the autobiography of –
Ans:V.R. Krishna Iyer

 40  .The work of G.Sankara Kurup which won the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award (1961)

     And Kendra Sahitya Academy Award (1963) –

  1. In which venue Rohit Sharma made the highest individual ODI score of 264 runs against

        Sri Lanka –
Ans: Kolkota

  1. Cover page of Indian Constitution was designed by –
    Ans:Nandalal Bose
  2. The first democracy in the world –

44.Who is known as ‘Modern Buudha’  –
Ans: Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

  1. The first acting president of India –

46.University Grand Commission(UGC) started during ………
Ans:Five Year Plan- First

  1. The first Chairman of National Human Right Commission –
    Ans:Justice Ranganath Misra
  2. Which countrypassed the right to Information Act first –
    Ans: Swedan
  3. The first Vigilance Commissioner of India –
    Ans:N.Srinivas Rao
  4. 2014 Common Wealth game held in –
  5. Father of Malayalam Film –
  6. Who said ‘Knowledge is power and ignorance is death’ –
    Ans:Swami Vivekananda

53 . Who wrote the famous book ’The path to power’ –
Ans:Margrat Thatcher

  1. Boz is the pet name of –
    Ans:Charles Dickens
  2. Zulu’s are tribal people lives in –
    Ans:South Africa

56.’ Oneirology’ is the study of –

  1. Number of groups in modern periodic table –
    Ans: 18
  2. Normal Blood Cholesterol level of Human body is –
    Ans:100-180 mg/1000ml

59.In which part of the human body is Ricket effects –
Ans: Bone

  1. As mosquito is to Riggler cockroach is to –
    Ans: Nymph


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20 Valuable Questions and answers

01  The most number of National Highways in India passes through which state?

       A.Sikkim            B. Utterpradesh   C.Haryana   D.Madhya Pradesh

02 Who was the leader  of the women section of INA ?

              [a] Sarojini Naidu  [b] Annie Besant   [c] Captain Lekshmi  [d] None of these

  1. How many delegates participated in the first session of the INC held in 1885 at


               [a] 72     [b] 78    [c] 76     [d] 74

  1. Who is known as the ’Saint of Dakshineswar’

             [a]  Swami Vivekananda    [b] Swami Dayananda  Saraswathi  [c] Vinoba  Bhave

               [d] Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

  1. First Malayalee women Chief Minister of Kerala High Court ?

            [a] Sujtha.V.Manohar    [b]  K.K.Usha    [c] Manjula Chellur   [d] Fathima Beevi

  1. The first planned state capital in independent India.

             [a] Chandigarh   [b]Gandinagar    [c]Chennai   [d] Bhuveneswar

  1. Who is known as the ‘Milkman of India’

              [a] Milkha Singh   [b] A.P.J. Abdul  Kalam   [c]Dr. Varghese Kurian   [d]Dr. Venugopal

  1. International women’s Day is on

             [a] March 4   [b] March 8    [c] March 15    [d] March 21

  1. ’Egg Bowl of India’ is

               [a] Andhra Pradesh   [b] Himachal Pradesh   [c] Jammu & Kashmir  [d] Kerala

  1. Rashtrapathi Nilayam is situated at

              [a] Simla    [b] delhi   [c] Hyderabad   [d] Darjeling

  1. India’s first indigenously made Main Battle Tank

             [a] Arjun   [b] Bhishma   [c] Prithvi   [d] Vijayanta

  1. The first Swineflu in India is reported at

             [a] Hyderbad   [b] Mumbai   [c] Pune    [d] Banglore

  1. Dance form of Madhyapradesh

            [a]Kuchipudi   [b] Satriya   [c] Rasalila   [d] Lota

  1. Largest muslim populationin the world is in

            [a] Indonesia   [b] Pakistan   [c]Bangladesh   [d] Afghanistan

  1. Commission which enquired about Kumarakom boat accident

             [a] Parithu  Pillai Commission  [b] Mohan Das commission  [c] Narayana Kurup                

              Commission [d] Thomas Joseph Commission

  1. Which one of the following is not a fundamental duty ?

              [a] To respect the National Anthem       [b] To safeguard public property

              [c] To protect monuments and places of national importance

              [d] To protect and improve the natural environment

17.Munda Tribes are natives of which state ?

             [a] Kerala   [b] Bihar   [c] Maharashtra   [d] Manipur

  1. The International year of Sustainable Energy for all is

             [a] 2012     [b]            2013    [c] 2011  [d] 2010

  1. Catalyst used in the preparation of ammonia is

            [a] Iron   [b]Zinc   [c] Aluminium      [d]None

  1. Which among the following is used for making transformers and electromagnets.

            [a] Silicon steel  [b] Nickel steel   [c] Hard steel   [d]None

Ans:  1.(b) 2.(c) 3.(a) 4.(d) 5.(b) 6.(a) 7.(c) 8.(b) 9.(a) 10.(c) 11.(d) 12.(a) 13.(d) 14.(a) 15.(c)

           16.(c) 17.(b) 18.(a) 19.(a) 20.(a)