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  • In wich state ‘pahari’ language is spoken-Himajal Pradesh
  • Who established supreme court in Culcutta-Convalis(1773)
  • In which year travancore state congress formed-1938
  • The lake which separating Hyderabad and Secondarabad-Hussain Sagar
  • The father of white revolution-Dr.Varghese Kurian
  • Who wrote the book, ‘Prison Diary’-Jayaprakash Narayanan
  • The headquarters of Interpole-Lyons
  • In which year Britain took over the rule of India from East India Company-1858
  • In which place Sree Budhan born-Lumbini
  • In which place Nalanda university situated-Patnai
  • Who constructed the Agra city-Sikkander Lodhi
  • How many banks are nationalized in 1969-14
  • In which year flag code came into existence in India-2002
  • How many judges are there in supreme court except chief justice-25
  • How many times Vasco-da-Gama visited in India-3
  • Who started saka era-Kanishkan
  • Who constructed grand trunk road-Shersha
  • In which year Krishna devarayar died-1530
  • In which year Panchayath Raj act came into existence -1994
  • Who established the slave dynasty-Kuthabudeen Aibek
  • In which year Kalinga war took place-BC 262
  • In which year by-cycle came into India-1890
  • Which chief minister implemented the rule dies non- C.Achuthamenon
  • The biggest puranas in the world-Mahabharatham
  • In which year congress socialist party formed-1934
  • The country which is known as Nippon-Japan
  • The American president who ruled longest period-Franklin D Rusevelt
  • Whose painting is the ‘Blue boy’-Thomas gainbaro
  • How many rings are there in Olympics ring-5
  • The first president of KPCC-K.Kelappan
  • The first hydroelectric project in Keralam-Pallivasal
  • Who discovered the Jaipur legs-P.K.Sethi
  • Which place is known as ground zero-The place where the world trade centre existed
  • The country which is the leading producer of fish-Jappan
  • The world environment day-June 5
  • The headquarters of Banarus Hindhu University-Kasi
  • The headquarters of ADB-Manila
  • The highest rank in army-General
  • The smallest republic ,Nouru is situated in which ocean-Pacefic
  • Which countries oldest name is Mesapotamia-Iraque
  • In which year Jalian walabag massacre occurred -1919 April 13
  • Who gave the name Mahatma to Gandhiji-Raveendranath Tagore
  • The highest water fall in the world-Angel falls
  • The nearest Gulf countries to India-Oman
  • The first jail in Keralam-Thiruvanathapuram
  • The father of electricity-Michel Faradey
  • The capital of Canada-Ottava
  • The biggest football stadium in the world-Marakkana(Brazil)
  • Whose book is ‘First Person’-Vladimir Putin
  • The world tapal day-October 9

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  • Whose pen-name is ‘Kovilan’-P.V.Ayyappan
  • Name the father of Raveendra Nath Tagore-Devendra Nath Tagore
  • Name the ship in which Vasco-da –Gama came into India-Saint Gabriel
  • Who wrote the song ‘Varika varika sahajare’-Amshi Narayana Pillai
  • How many person can be shared Nobel prize for a subject-3
  • The person who got Man booker International prize for the first time-Ismail Kathere
  • In which districts Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy situated-Thrissur
  • The head quarters of world health organization-Janeeva
  • Name the river which is known as the sorrow of Bihar-Kosi
  • The first state in Kerala where electronic voting machine is used for first time in election-Keralam
  • The author of the book ‘Avasya Marunnukalude Rashtreeyam’-Dr.B.Ikbal
  • In which year the bank nationalization occurred in India-1969
  • In which year Bhopal trajedy occurred -1984
  • Whose resting place is ‘Vijay ghat’-Lal Bahadur sasthry
  • In which year Roulat act passed-1919
  • The gas which is caused to dim the colour of Tajmahal-Sulphur dio oxide
  • The author of the book ‘Munpe parakkunna Pakshikal’-C.Radhakrishnan
  • The sugar which contains in the breast milk-Lactose
  • Who wrote the book , ‘Poverty and un British Rule in India’-Dadbai Nauroji
  • The year of approving the national calendar-1957 March 22
  • The director of Monsoon wedding’-Meera Nair
  • In which year Indian National congress started- 1885 December
  • In which state is the leading producer of Silk-Karnataka
  • In which year the ‘Bhoodan movement’ started -1951
  • In which state the panchayathraj started-Rajasthan
  • The biggest state in india-Rajastan
  • Who transferred the capital from Delhi to Devanagiri-Muhammed Bin Tuglak
  • The year of Dandi march-1930
  • Name the film in which 125000 persons were acted-Benhar
  • In which year Bagath Sing was hanged-1931 May 23
  • The period of ruling of Krishna Devarayar-1509-1530
  • In which year the east india company started-1600
  • In which city the ‘Juda theruv’situated-Mattanchery
  • In which districts Attapady situated-Palakkad
  • The capital of Harsha vardhan-Kanouj
  • The organization of petroleum exporting countries-OPEC
  • The weight of human brain-1400gm
  • The headquarters of Mahatma Gandhi university-Athirampuzha
  • The headquarters of Sreesankara university-Kalady
  • In which place kailasa nath temple situated-Ellora
  • In which century The Tajmahal constructed-17th century
  • Name the wholly place of Jude Muslims and Christians-Jerusalem
  • The resting place of Ambedkar-Chaithrabhoomi
  • In which year Goa was liberated from Portuguese-1961
  • The viceroy who was known as the father of Local self administration in India-Rippon Prabhu
  • Who wrote ‘Vandemadaram-Benkim Chandra Chatterjee
  • The planet which is filled with poisonous gas-Uranus
  • The biggest lake in India-Chilka
  • The acid present in lemon-citric acid
  • The percentage of Helium present in Sun-24.85%

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  • Who transalated ‘Arthasasthram ‘ in to English-Syamasasthri
  • Who is called ‘the parrots of India’-Ammer Khusru
  • Who killed General Dare-Uddam sing
  • World health day-April-7
  • The first internet news paper in India-Financial Express
  • In which clan Krishna Devarayar belongs to-Thulu
  • Bharathanatyam was originated from which state-Tamilnadu
  • In which state ‘Almora’is situated-Jammu Kashmir
  • The first person appeared in Tapal stamp after independence of India-Mahatma Gandhi
  • Who played the key role to join the princely states to Indian after Independence-Sardar Vallabai Pattel
  • The raw material of Petrole-Crude oil
  • The unit of frequency of sound-Hertz
  • Who invented Benzene-Michel Faradey
  • Who was the governor General of India When the railway ststem came into existence –Delhousie
  • ‘Fifa’is related to which international organization-Football
  • Who is the author book ‘Many world’-K.P.S.Menon
  • The raw material which is used for the production of Aluminium-Bauxite
  • The play ground of the world-Switzerland
  • The biggest zoo in India-Kolkotha
  • The minimum age required to become the Governor of any Indian states-No age limit
  • Who is the author book ‘Chilapathikaram’-Elanko adikal
  • The entry of Thekadi-Kumali
  • The highest mountain in Keralam-Anamudi
  • The headquarters of Tropical Botanical Garden and Reaserch Institute-Thiruvanathapuram
  • Who is the author book ‘Thottangal’-Kovilan
  • The first Britishers who came into Keralam-Ralf Feech
  • Who propagated Christian religion in Keralam-St.Thomas
  • Who stopped slavery in Travancore-Rani Gouri Lekshi Bai
  • The state of sandle trees-Karnataka
  • The year of joining Travancore-Cochin-1949
  • The biggest island in Lekshadeep-Anthroth
  • Who established Red cross society-Hentry Dunant
  • The oldest person who elected to 12th legislative assembly of Keralam-V.S.Achuthanandan
  • Who is the author book ‘Davinchi code’-Dan brown
  • Which king received the name ‘Gangaikonda cholan’-Rajendra Cholan
  • The person who related with Theosaphical Society-Anie Besant
  • Who created the character ,’Macbeth’-Shakesphere
  • The wholly book of Parsy-Sent Avastha
  • The place where the first  Asian games conducted-Delhi
  • The father of Logaritham table-John Napier
  • The biggest port in India-Mumbai
  • The fesivel of colours-Holy
  • The headquarters of Kulasekharans-Mahodayapuram
  • The first panchayath in Kerala which implemented ‘Ayalkootam’-Kalyassery
  • In which rivershore Rajghet situated-Yamuna
  • The retirement age of High court judge-62
  • Who is the author book ‘The Indian struggle’-Subhash Chandra bose
  • In which place national stock exchange situated-Mumbai
  • The boundary line of India and Pakisthan-Radicliff line
  • The boundary line of India and China-Macmohan line


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  • Set-5

  • The first newspaper in Keralam-Rajya Samajaram
  • The biggest island in Indian ocean –Madagaskar
  • The first chief minister of Keralam-EMS
  • The first hydro electric project in Keralam-Pallivasal
  • The lack of which element is caused Goitre-
  • In which year kerala education policy formed-1958
  • In which year paper invented-AD-1
  • Who invented printing press-Guttenberg
  • The metal in which X-ray canot be passed-through-Led
  • The connecting places of Konkan railway-Roha-Mangalapuram
  • The desertless continent-Europe
  • Who is the modern Einstene-Stephen Haukins
  • The modern name of Pataliputram-Patna(once the capital of Magada)
  • Name the architect constructed in Delhi as equivalent to Tajmahal-Bahai Worship place
  • Whose birthday is celebrated as teachers day-S.Radhakrishnan
  • The olden name of Alahabad-Prayag
  • The first raiway in Keralam-Tirur-Beypore(1861)
  • Name the railway division in Keralam-Thiruvananthapuram Palakkad
  • The first female ruler of India-Sulthana Razia
  • The second electric station in Keralam-Nallalam(Kozhikode)
  • In which districts Kallada irrigation project situated-Kollam
  • In which districts Neyyar dam situated-Thiruvanathapuram
  • The secret police of Hitler-Gastappo
  • The biggest railway station in Keralam-Shornur
  • Who wrote the book ‘Malabar manual’-Willian Logen
  • The metal which is found in Panchalogam-copper
  • Which princely state in India formed legislative assembly for the first time-Travancore
  • Who is the ‘Indian Napolean’-Samudra Guptan
  • The union territory having High court of their own-Delhi
  • The prime minister who talked in Hindi in UN General assembly for the first time-A.B.Vajpey
  • The headquarters of Agricultural university-Mannuthy
  • The headquarters of Cochin university-Kakkanad
  • Who used the word ‘Inquilab Sindabad’ for the first time-Bagathsing
  • The first female president of INC-Anibesant
  • The disease caused due to Asbestose-Cancer
  • The instrument which is used to measure the temperature of Sun-Pyrohelio metre
  • The governor general of Bengal who was committed to suicide-Robert Clive
  • The headquarters of southern railway0Chennai
  • In which year Trivandrum aerodrome became International-1991 Janu1
  • The aerodrome in Keralam which constructed with the help of Non-Resident Indians-Nedumbassery
  • The first American president who visited India-Icenover
  • The minimum age to become vice president-35
  • The president who declared emergency in 1975-Fakrudeen Ali Ahammed
  • The ‘missile man of India’-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  • The architecture of Cochin port-Robert Bristo
  • The headquarters of Kerala university-Thiruvananthapuram
  • The carret of pure gold-24
  • The element which is known as ‘Rasa suryan’-Magnesium
  • The blue gold-Water

The headquarters of calicut university-Thenjipalam

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  • The planning commission of India is –an etra constituitional and

non statutory body

  1. The first deputy chairman of planning commission-Gulsarilal Nanda
  2. The first chairman of planning commission-Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. The viceroy who did Bengal Division-Curson Prabhu
  4. In which place Ramakrishna pillas body cremated-Payyambalam Beach in Kannur(1912)
  5. Who put forwarded the corpuscular theory-Issac Newton
  6. Who is known as Deena bandhu-C.F.Andrews
  7. Which language is known as camp language-Urudu
  8. In which year first emergency is declared in Independence India-1975 June
  9. The spiritual leader who played significant role in the establishment of the Vijayanagar empire-Vidyaranya
  10. In which year states of India were divided on a linguistic basis-1956
  11. Mina mata disease is caused by-Mercury
  12. Name the disease in Japan due to the pollution of Sulphur dio oxide-Yokkaichi Asthma
  13. Itai-Itai disease is due to –Cadmium
  14. The national language of Pakisthan-Urudu
  15. The chemical name of Hypo-Sodium Thiosulphate
  16. The unit which is used to measure the power of Lense-Diopter
  17. Which prime minister nationalized the banks in India-Indira Gandhi
  18. In which year Keralam got Santhosh trophy for the first time-1973
  19. Marble is a form of –Calcium carbonate
  20. Heart burn refers to an uneasy burning sensation in the-Stomach
  21. Which acid is present in lemon-Citric acid
  22. Who wrote the books ‘Gods of small things’-Arundhati Roy
  23. The oldest name of Sulthan Bathery-Ganapathi vattom
  24. The lengthiest river in the world-Nile
  25. Normal body temperature-98.6degree F
  26. In which year Santhosh trophy football tournament started-1941
  27. The only one taluk in kerala which shares boarders to two states-Sulthan Bathery
  28. The full form of BCG-Bacillus Calmette-Guerin
  29. In which states in produced marbles more in India-Rajasthan
  30. The religion which has no wholly book-Shintoism
  31. The bankers bank-Reserve Bank
  32. Din Ilahi was the religion founded by-Akbar
  33. Name the longest dam in India-Hirakud
  34. Where is the seat of the International court of justice-The Hague
  35. Where is the headquarters of the International criminal court – The Hague
  36. The mountain range lies between the rivers Narmada and Tapti-Satpura
  37. For acting which film did Ben Kingsley get the Oscar for Best Actor-Gandhi
  38. The only liquid metal is-Mercury
  39. Indian union has the power to make laws on -97 subjects
  40. The book ‘A Passage to England’ was written by-Nirad .C.Choudary
  41. The gas that turns clear lime water milky is-Carbon dioxide
  42. Who drafted the declaration of American Independence-Thomas Jefferson
  43. The first five year plan in Independent India was launched in the year-1951
  44. The quick silver is –Mercury
  45. The little silver –platinum
  46. The pen name of Nirad C Choudhary-Belahak Nandhi
  47. The auto biography of Nirad C Choudhary-Unknown India
  48. Who invented carbondioxide-Joseph Black
  49. The American Independence day-July4

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  • The First Battle of Panipat was fought between –Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi
  • David cup associated with –Tennis
  • Kuchipudi is a dance style originated from –Andhra Pradesh
  • Who painted the famous picture , ‘Sun Flower’-Van Gogh
  • Who discovered colour blindness-John Dalton
  • What is the function of Kidney in in human body-To filter waste materials
  • Which country aparts from India celebrates its independence day on August 15-South Korea
  • Bharathapuzha originates from –Anamala
  • The study of birds is called-Ornithology
  • The play Malavignimitram was wtitten by –Kalidasa
  • K.Laxman is associated with-Cartoon
  • In which country Vienna is located-Australia
  • The cuty of weavers-Panipattu
  • In which state panipattu is situated-Haryana
  • Name the war which is caused to return the rule of Mughals- Second Panipattu
  • In which year third panipattu war occurred-1761
  • The headquarters of OPEC-Vienna
  • Name the African country which celebrate their Independence day on August 15-Republic of Kongo
  • The study kidney-Nephrology
  • The average weight of Kidney-150 gm
  • The scientific name of stone in kidney-Calcium Oxalate
  • In which year South Korea officially came into existence-1948 Aug 15
  • The land of morning calm-South Korea
  • The line which separates South Korea and North korea-38th parallel line
  • The second biggest river in Kerala-Bharathapuzha
  • Whose autobiography is ‘fall of sparrow’-Salim Ali
  • The study of cages-Caliology
  • The study of eggs-Oology
  • Whose autobiography is is tunnel of times-R.K.Laxman
  • Whose cartoon is common man- R.K.Laxman
  • The capital of Netherland-Amsterdam
  • The first book printed with Malayala libi-Kerala Ramam
  • Who stopped ‘Sati’in India-William Bentic Prabhu
  • Who is known as Deshabandhu-C.R.Das
  • Who did heart transplant surgery for the first time-Christian Bernard
  • The type of soil mostly found in India-Laterate Soil
  • The person who became acting prime minister for two times-Gulsarilal Nanda
  • The year of exiling Ramakrishna pillai from Travancore-1910 sept 26
  • The Sanskrit work Amarakosam deals with-Grammer
  • The political guru of Subash Chandra bose-C.R.Das
  • The chairman of planning commission-The Prime minister
  • The most populous state in island in the world-Indonessia
  • The capital of Indonessia-Jakkartha
  • In which town Thomas Alwa Edison born-Milan
  • The metal which is present in Chlorophyl-Magnesium
  • The article which gives special right to Kashmir-370
  • The biggest national territory in India-Andaman Nicobar Island
  • The smallest national territory in India-Lakhsadeep
  • The first daily in India-Begal Gust(1780)
  • The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank-Manila

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  • The mother land of Ibanu bathootha-Moroko
  • In which country the waterloo battle occurred-Belgium
  • The state which is known as the ‘ Scotland of India’-Meghalaya
  • The PH of pure water-7
  • Who wrote the book golden threshold-Sarojini Naidu
  • The country which is known as Sayam-Thailand
  • The country which is the leading producer of tobacco-China
  • In which country ‘long march ‘ occurred-China
  • In which country Thakshasila situated-Pakistan
  • The country through which Han river flown-South Korea
  • In which districts ‘Pardesi synagogue situated-Ernakulam
  • Michel Shumaker is famous in which sports item-Formula I car race
  • The headquarters of KSFE-Thrissur
  • The place which is known as the Netherland of Keralam-Ponmudi
  • In which districts Maraman Convention and Cherukolpuzha convention having-Pathanamthitta
  • The compound which is known as oil of vitriole-Sulphuric Acid
  • The other name of Thanjavoor Natyam-Bharathanatyam
  • The queen of southern India who fought againt Britishers for the first time-Rani Chinnamma
  • The olden name Utharapradesh-Rishipatanam
  • The iron man of Russia-Joseph Stalin
  • Whose birthday is celebrated as the nurses day-Florence knightingale
  • Who established Columbia republic in 1819-Simon Boleevar
  • In which year C.V.Raman got nobel prize-1930
  • The award which is known as the nobel prize of Asia-Magsasey award
  • In which state Heming national park situated-Jammu&Kashmir
  • The famous war occurred in 1565-Thalikotta war
  • Who destroyed Somanatha temple in 1026-Muhammed Gazni
  • The city which was constructed by Arther Philip-Sidney
  • In which city Vaseda university situated-Tokyo
  • The person who is known as barefoot painter-M.F.Hussain
  • In which city of Keralam occurred electricity agitation-Thrissur
  • In which country Aswan dam situated-Egypth
  • Whose pen name is ‘Arunan’ in Malayalam literature-S.K.Pottekad
  • Who constructed the city Rajabojan-Bhopal
  • Who started phoenix settlement-Mahatma Gandhi
  • The milk man of India-Varghese Kurian
  • In which year Kudumbasree started in Keralam-1998
  • The biggest river in the world-Amazone
  • The world environmental day-June 5
  • In which year Njanpeed puraskar started-1965
  • The first person who got Njanpeed puraskar-G.Sankara Kurup
  • The female who got Njanpeed puraskar-Asha purnadevi
  • The element which is highest quantity in sun-Hydrogen
  • The first malayalee who appeared in Tapal stamp-Sree narayana Guru
  • In which year ONV Kurup got Njanpeed puraskar-2007
  • The acid which is present in grape-Tataric acid
  • The last Budha religion meeting occurred-Kashmir
  • In which year Budhan born-B.C.563
  • The element which was used for the first nuclear explosion in India-Plutonium
  • The only Kerala chief minister who appeared in Indian Tapal stamp-EMS Namboodiri

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Un avoidable questions for any PSC exams


  • In which place the nuclear bomb was exploded second time in the world-Nagasaki
  • In which place the first meeting of non-aligned country took place-Belgrade
  • Name the Vedam which deals with Ayur vedam-Adarva vedam
  • The author poem, ‘Mani nadam’-Edappally
  • The first artificial satellite in the world-Sputnik
  • The mode of transferring heat from sun to earth-Radiation
  • Who established Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore-J.N.Tata
  • The first supersonic jet plane of India-HF-24Marut
  • The head quarters of International monetary fund-Washington D.C
  • Earth day-April 22
  • The person who participated three round table conference-Dr.Ambedhkar
  • ‘The charley chaplin’ of India-Raj Kapoor
  • In whose time rupees were used first time in India-Shersha
  • Who put forward quantum theory-Maxplank
  • In which year the temple entry proclamation -1936
  • Who wrote ‘Rajatharangini’-Kalhanan
  • The father of nuclear physics-Ruther ford
  • The average height of western ghat in India-900m
  • Sars disease are affected in part of human body-Lungs
  • Name the joint irrigation project of India and Nepal-Kosi
  • One mega byte=1024Kb
  • Who invented neutron-James Chadvik
  • In which states celebration is ‘Chalo loku’-Aruchal Pradesh
  • The commission which enquired ‘Kumarakam Boat tragedy-Justice Narayana kurup
  • In which year Tensing and Hilary conquered Everest-1953 May 29
  • In which states Ajantha caves located-Maharashtra
  • Name hockey magician in India-Dyan chand
  • The birth place of Mother Theresa-Yugoslavia
  • The first Malayalam film which got national award-Neela kuyil
  • Chemical formula of ozone-O3
  • The laughing gas-Nitrous oxide
  • The gas which is used for put out fire-CO2
  • The author of books ‘Wings of Fire’-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  • The first education minister of Keralam-Joseph Mundassery
  • The mosquito which causes Dengui fever-Eides
  • The notorious place for child labour-Shivakasi
  • The state having English as their official language-Nagaland
  • Name the union territory under the jurisdiction of Kerala High court-Lakshadeep
  • Union jack-Flag of Britain
  • The Malayalam poet who is the dependent of Marthanda Varma-Ramapurath Warior
  • The highest civilian award of India-Bharatha Ratnam
  • The chemical name of washing soda-Sodium Carbonate
  • In which districts Agasthyakoodam situated-Thiruvanathapuram
  • In which state Ludhiana situated-Punjab
  • The temple which is known as southern Guruvayoor-Sree Krishna swami temple in Ambalapuzha
  • Who is known Little corporal-Nepoleon Bonopart
  • The capital of Meghalaya-Shillong
  • The state which is known as jewels of India-Manipur
  • In which state Thar desert situated-Rajastan
  • In which place petroleum research institute of India situated-Derahdun


  • 1. ആണവോർജ കമ്മീഷന്റെ പുതിയ ചെയർമാനായി നിയമിക്കപ്പെട്ടത് ആര്
    2. 2014 വ്യാസ് സമ്മാൻ നേടിയത് ആര്
  • 3. 2015 വള്ളത്തോൾ അവാർഡിന് അർഹനായത് ആര്
    4. ഡിജിറ്റൽ ഇന്ത്യ പദ്ധതിയുടെ ബ്രാൻഡ്‌ അംബാസഡർ ആര്
    5. 2015 മാഗ്സസെ പുരസ്കാരം ലഭിച്ച ഇന്ത്യക്കാർ ആരൊക്കെ
  • 6. ഇന്ത്യയുടെ മുഖ്യ വിവരാകാശ കമ്മീഷൻ അദ്ധ്യക്ഷൻ ആര്
  • 7. 2022 കോമണ്‍വെൽത്ത് ഗെയിംസ് വേദിയായി തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കപ്പെട്ട നഗരം ഏത്
  • 8. 2015 ഇറ്റാലിയൻ ഗ്രാന്റ്പ്രി ഫോർമുല വണ്‍ ജേതാവായത് ആര്
  • 9. പ്രസ്‌ ട്രസ്റ്റ് ഓഫ് ഇന്ത്യയുടെ പുതിയ ചെയർമാൻ ആര്
  • 10. 2015 യു എൻ പരിസ്ഥിതി പുരസ്കാരത്തിനു അർഹയായത് ആര്