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Agricultural Research Centre

For any psc examination that is online psc examination or offline psc examination questions regarding research centre is surely appearing.It could be very well understood if you analyse the recent psc examination question papers.Simple study of it ,surely you get confused in examination hall.So in a serious manner you approach this questions and get marks if any question ask from this sections


01) Rubber Institute of India-Kottayam

02) Cardamom Reserch Centre-Pampadumpara

03)Pepper Research Centre-Panniyure

04) Central plantation Research centre-Kasargode

05) Pine apple Research Centre-Vellanikkara

06) Coconut Research Centre-Balaramaouram

07) Sugarcane Research Centre-Thiruvalla

08) Cashewnut Research Centre-Aanakkayam

09)Agronomic Research Station-Chalakkudy

10)Rice Research Centre-Kayamkulam,Vytila


11) Central Tuber Crops Research Institute-Thiruvananthapuram

12) Ginger Research Centre-Ambalavayal

13) Indo-Swis Project-Mattupetti

14) Indo-Norvegian Project-Neendakara

15) Coffee Research Centre-Chundale(Wayanad)

16)Tissue Culture Research Centre-TBGC Palode

17) Forest Research Institute-Peechi

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animal books

Animals verses Books in PSC Examinations!

Look this books and can direct your  fate .Such powerful weapon is that.Wonderful! the unification of animals and books.These are the interesting area of question maker in psc examination


  1. History of Animals-Aristotile

  2. Biological Distribution of Animals-Alfred Russel Vallus

  3. Origin of Species-Charles Darwin

  4. Fall of a sparrow-Salim Ali

  5. Birds of Travancore and Cochin

  6. Keralathile Pakdhikal-Indhuchoodan

  7. Stray Feathers-A O Hume

  8. Mobidic-Herman Melvin

  9. Animal Farm-George Orwell



Role of Vitamins in PSC Examinations

Vitamins play an important role in health of human beings and also determine his marks in psc examination.So vitamins have unavoidable role in human life .PSC Results in one  way decide the knowledge of vitamins.The first used the word vitamins by Cassimir Funk,The vitamins soluble in fat-Vitamins A,D,E,K.The vitamin which is soluble in water-Vitamin B,C.Its scientific names are given.The Vitamin which is loosing through urine is Vitamin C.Vitamin C can  artificially create through the chemical process.



  1. Vitamin A-Retinole

  2. Vitamin B1-Thiamene

  3. Vitamin B2-Riboflavin

  4. Vitamin B5-Nayasin

  5. Vitamin B6-Pyridoxin

  6. Vitamin B12-Cobalamin

  7. Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid

  8. Vitamin D-Calciferole

  9. Vitamin E-Tokoferole










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36 Chemical Process-Asking for LDC and LGS Examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Examinations

Chemical process questions can be had in every psc examinations.A good collection of chemical process questions is there in psc question bank.It is an inevitable part of psc questions in science sections

1. Bosch Process- Hydrogen

2. Caster process- Sodium
3. Downs process- Sodium
4. Nelson cell- NaOH
5. Caster Kellner cell- NaOH
6. Lowing process -NaOH
7. Solvay process- Na2CO3 & NaHCO3
8. Leblanc process- Na2CO3
9 Precht process- K2CO3
10 Mac Arthur Forrest process (Cyanide) Ag
11.Parkes process Ag
12 Cupellation process Ag (purification)
13 Pattisons process Ag
14 Baeyers process Al
15 Serpecks process Al
16 Hoopes process Al (purification)
17 Hall- Heroult process Al
18 Goldschmidt process Thermite welding
19 Carter process Basic lead carbonate

20 Habers process NH3
21 Birkeland Eyde process NO, HNO3
22 Oswald process NO, HNO3
23 Deacons process Cl2
24 Lead Chamber process H2SO4
25 Contact process H2SO4
26 Kaldo and L.D process Steel
27 Corey-House- Alkane
28 Oxo process -Alcohol
29 Dows Sea water process- Mg
30 Pidgeon process- Mg
31 Cyanamide process- NH3
32 Bessimer-Thomas process Steel
33 Simenss process -Steel
34 Frasch process -Sulphur

35 IMI process- Ti
36 Mond process -Ni

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The first Computer Virus

Computer viruses and worms is a program that badly affecting the smooth function of computer .Viruses spread from one computer to another or to the whole network .Sometimes it enters while inserting the memory devices like optical disks or USB pen drive.Viruses were predicted as early as 1949 by the mathematician John von Neumann.The first virus called the Creeper,which affected ARPANET in 1971.These type of questions are frequently appearing for psc exam

Popular computer virus


The following are the important computer virus.These are frequently asking for Kerala Public Service Examinations.Those who want to appear for PSC Examinations should study these details to higher rank.

  1. 1260

  2. A and A

  3. Abraxas

  4. ABC

  5. Agena

  6. Alabama

  7. Ambulance

  8. Anna Kournikova

  9. Bomber

  10. Brain

  11. Christmas trees

  12. I LOVE YOU

  13. Code Red

  14. Nimada

  15. Mellissa

  16. Sasser

  17. The morris Internet worm

  18. Blaster

  19. SQL Slammer

  20. Creeper

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Metals and Ores

The followings are very important details in Kerala Public Service Examination point of view.Study tem with utmost care those who are preparing for forthcoming LDC &LGS Examination conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission

  • Ore is a naturally occurring solid material from which a metal or valuable mineral can be extracted profitably.
  • Metallurgy is the process of extracting metal in a pure state on a large scale from its ore by physical and chemical means.
  • Gerog Agricola is author of De re Metallica, and important early book on metal extraction.
  • Gangue is the impurity present in the ore.
  • Calcination is the process of heating the ore below its melting point in the absence of air to remove volatile impurities like Arsenic.
  • Roasting is the process in which the ore is heated below its melting point in the presence of air to oxidize the impurities. Eg: carbon, sulphur etc removed as their gaseous oxides.
Metal Ore
Aluminum .. Bauxite
Antimony .. Stibnite
Barium .. Barite
Calcium .. Gypsum, Limestone, dolomite, Fluorspar
Chromium .. Chromite
Copper .. Copper pyrites, copper glance, Malchite
Gold .. Calverite
Iron .. Heamatite, Magnetite, Iron Pyrites
Lead .. Galena, Litharge, Cerussite
Lithium .. Petalite, Lepidolite
Magnesium .. Magnesite
Manganese .. Pyrolusite
Mercury .. Cinnabar
Nickel .. Garnierite, Pentlandite
Potassium .. Carnallite, Sylvine kainite
Silver .. Argentite, Pyrargyrite, Stephanite, Born silver, Cinnabar
Sodium .. Rock Salt
Thorium .. Monozite
Tin .. Cassiterite
Titanium .. Rutile
Uranium .. Pitch blend, Carnotite
Zinc .. Zinc blend, Calamine, Zincite, Sphalerite,

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Those who prepare for Kerala Public Service Examinations it is very necessary to study brain and its various parts.So in one way or other it will appear for KPSC Examinations

The brain is protected by cranial bone and meninges The brain is marked into forebrain, midbrain and hind brain. The forebrain consists of cerebrum, the largest part human brain. Cerebral cortex is outer layer of cerebrum. It is made of grey matter and contains many layers of nerve cells. Cerebral hemisphere is divided into frontal parietal temporal and occipital lobes. The surface of cerebral hemisphere shows many convolutions called Gyri separated by depression called Sulci. The Gyri increase the surface area of cortex to accommodate more nerves cells. The general sensory or somesthetic area in parietal lobes perceives general sensation viz pain touch and temperature. The motor area in frontal lobe control voluntary movement of muscles. The premotor area in frontal lobe is the highest centre of involuntary movement of muscles. The visual and auditory areas are in occipital lobe and are centre for visual and hearing sensation. Association area in frontal lobe is responsible for association between various sensations and movements. Memory intelligence and judgment depends on coordinated and integrated activities of different cortical centre. Hypothalamus contains higher nerve centers for temperature regulation, hunger, thirst and emotional function. It secrets neurohormones which control secretions of anterior pituitary hormones. It synthesizes the posterior pituitary hormones. The medulla oblongata controls the involuntary actions. The central control of respiratory activity in human body is exercised by medulla oblongata. EEG (Electro encephalogram) is used to record changes in the electric potential in various areas of brain. Biological death of patient means the death of tissues of the brain. Encephalitis is caused by virus. The final weight of the brain in an adult male is 1.4 kg and1.3 Kg in the case of women

Cerebellum is second largest portion of brain located at the base under cerebrum Cerebellum contains centers for the maintenance of posture and equilibrium of body and for the muscle tone. It also modulates and moderate voluntary action initiated by the cerebral cortex

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Digestive Systems and its explaination

Below given details are very important in any examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commissions.So study those who are preparing for KPSC Examinations

The process of converting food into energy giving substance is carried out by the digestive system. The digestive system consists of alimentary canal (buccal cavity, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine ending in the rectum and anus) and the associated glands. Alimentary canal is a long tube which is 6-9 meters long and starts from mouth and ends at anus. The parts of the alimentary canal are mouth pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine. The mouth leads into a funnel shaped pharynx, which is the common passage for food and air. Pharynx lead into esophagus which is about 25cm long. The three division of large intestine are caecum, colon and rectum. Small intestine: it is the largest and narrow tubular part of alimentary canal. It measures about 6 meters in length. Small intestine, the highly coiled portion has divisions such as duodenum, jejunum and ileum. Digestion is of two types Intra cellular digestion: The digested products pass to the cytoplasm across the endocytotic inside membrane Eg : Amoeba. Extra Cellular digestion: cell synthesis one or more enzymes for digesting specific type of nutrient. The liver is the Largent gland of body. It secretes bile, containing bile pigments and bile organic salt. If intestine contains no food, the bile flows to gall bladder, instead of duodenum which contract and secrete bile later when food is present in intestine. The large intestine secrets no enzyme and play only a minor role in the absorption of nutrients

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Blue Colour of Sky

The following details are including in the objective type and descriptive type of Kerala Public Service Examinations.This points are very useful in the online test conducted by Kerala Public Service Commissions

As sunlight travels through earths atmosphere ,the light get bounced in all direction as it encounters the atmospheric particles .This is clled scattering of light .Lights of shorter wavelength is scattered more than light of longer wavelengths.Scattering of light causes the blue colour of sky and the reddening of sun at sunrise or sunset.

Speed of Sound waves through different media

 (Key points in the Kerala Public Service Examinations)

Medium Temperature (degree) Speed(m/s)
Air 0 333.3
Hydrogen 0 1286
Water 15 1450
Copper 20 3560
Iron 20 5130
Granite 20 6000
Vulcanized rubber 0 54

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Some important compounds and their uses(N)

  1. Acetaldehyde:as an antiseptic in nose drops
  2. Aceticanhydride:used in the manufacture of aspirin ,rayonand dyes
  3. Acetone:As nailpolish remover,solvent
  4. Alum(Potassium aluminium sulphate):as a mordant in dye industry,as a styptic to stop bleeding,for sizing of paper in tanning of leather and purification of water
  5. Alumina(Aluminium oxide):as a abrasive,refractory material for the manufacture of cement,artificial gems,in chromatography
  6. Aniline:In the synthesis of dyes and dye intermediate &sulpha drugs antioxidant and accelerators
  7. Bleaching powder(mixture of calcium hypochlorite and basic calcium chloride):in the disinfection of water
  8. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate(CAN):as a fertilizer
  9. Calcium carbonate(limestone,marble,chalk):as a building material ,flux in metallurgy,in paints,distempers,toothpowder,toothpaste,medicine for indigestion,manufacture of carbon dioxide)
  10. Calcium Sulphate:In the manufacture of black board chalks,plaster of paris,sulphuric acid,ammonium sulphate and cement(Hydrated calcium sulphate is called gypsum)
  11. Carbon black:As a filler in rubber industry ,in printers ink and black paints
  12. Chloropierin:as insecticide and teargas
  13. Chloroform:as anaesthetic,preservative for anatomicalspecimens,in the preparation of chloropierin and chloretone
  14. Blue vitriol(Hydrated copper sulphate)as insecticide ,fungicide(Bordeaux mixture)in dyeing ,calicoprinting,electro typing,electroplating, preparation of fehlings solution,anhydrous copper sulphate(colourless)is used in the detection of moisture
  15. Formalin(40% solution of formaldehyde in water):used as preservative for biological specimens)
  16. Freon-12(dichloro difluoro methane a efc):used as a propellant and refrigerant
  17. Gammaxane or BHC or Lindane:as an insecticide
  18. Green vitriol(hydrated ferrous sulphate):as insecticide,mordant in dyeing, in ink and tanning industry
  19. Hydrogen peroxide:as rocket propellant,germicide,antisceptic,oxidizing agent,bleaching agentfor restoring white colour of lead painting blackned by H2S
  20. Hydrogen Sulphide:as laboratory reagent and reducing agent
  21. Hypo:Sodium thio sulphate or thio):in the metallurgy of silver and gold, as a fixing agent in photography,antichlorin volumetric analysis

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(04/01/2016)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of PSC online exams and other psc exams also ..Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. The biosphere reserve extends to kerala is—
    Ans:Neelagiri biosphere reserve
  2. The book contained the information about endangered and extinct species prepared by IUCN is known as —-
    Ans:Red data book
  3. The full form of SPCA
    Ans:Society for the prevention of cruelty on animals
  4. The full form of IUCN
    Ans:International union for Conservation of Nature and Natural resources
  5. Two hotspots of India are —-
    Ans:Western ghat and Eastern Himalaya
  6. Full form of IBWL
    Ans:Indian board of wild life
  7. The major green house effect gas —
  8. Which phenomena due to air pollution destroy marble monument like Tajmahal
    Ans:Acid rain
  9. Full form of BOD
    Ans:Biological Oxygen Demand
  10. Full form of COD
    Ans:Chemical Oxygen Demand
  11. Increase in BOD is an indicator of —
    Ans:Water pollution
  12. Pure drinking water should have BOD
    Ans:Less than I ppm
  13. The environment protection act came into existence in
  14. Prevention and control of water pollution act in
  15. Prevention and control of air pollution act in
  16. The compound causes ozone depletion is
  17. The element causes ozone depletion is
    Ans:Atomic chlorin
  18. Ozone hole is first discovered in
    Ans:Over Antartica in 1985
  19. Mention the unit of ozone hole in amount
  20. The national park in India is
    Ans:Corbett National Park
  21. Protected species in Kazirenga National park is
    Ans:Indian rhenoceros
  22. The largest bird sanctuary in Asia is
    Ans:Bharathpur Bird Sanctuary
  23. The Fall of sparrow was written by
    Ans:Dr.Salim Ali autobiography
  24. Which is the fastest flying bird
  25. Monohybrid ratio of Mendel—
  26. The compact mass of irregularly folded DNA Molecules in Bacteria
  27. Chromosome number in Human being
  28. Number of Autosomes in Human being
  29. Male sex chromosomes
  30. Female sex hormones
  31. Gene is the part of
  32. Basic units of Nucleic acids
  33. The Nitrogen base present only in DNA
  34. Nitrogen base present only in RNA
  35. In human beings cancer is caused by extra activation of certain genes named
    Ans:Proto oncogenes
  36. The syndrome occurs due to an excess autosome
    Ans:Down Syndrome/Mongoloid syndrome
  37. The syndrome occurs due to the lack of one X chromosome
    Ans:Turner syndrome
  38. Super male having —genotype
  39. Super females having —genotype
  40. Red biotechnology is applied to
    Ans:Medical process
  41. White biotechnology/grey biotechnology is applied to
    Ans:Industrial process
  42. Green biotechnology is applied to
    Ans:Agricultural process
  43. The Ph value of blood-
  44. The Ph value of sea water-
  45. The Ph value of toilet soap-
  46. The Ph value of milk,urine,saliva-
  47. The Ph value of stomach juice-
  48. The Ph value of lemon juice-
  49. The Ph value of pure distilled water-
  50. The Ph value of rain water-