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    Without economic related factors there is no psc examinations .It is as much importance as the details related with war of independence. There should have economic changes in the country as well as in the world.Differant awards in the field of economy important one is nobel prizes etc.The stable and well being nations depends on the economic stabilty of the country

  2. The article which deals with finance commission-280
  3. of members in finance commission and their duration-5,5 years.
  4. The First Bank of India –Bank Of Hindusthan-Kolkotha-1770
  5. The oldest bank of India now existing-Alahabad Bad Bank-1865
  6. The biggest private Bank in India-ICICI
  7. Who started Punjab National Bank-Lala Laj Pathrai
  8. 14th Finance Commission Chairman-Y.V.Reddy
  9. First finance commission Chairman-K.C.Niyogi
  10. Which Bank is known as Banks of Bank-Reserve Bank of India
  11. The year nationalization of reserve bank-1949 January 1
  12. The commission recommend to form reserve bank-Hilton Young Commission
  13. The year of starting reserve Bank-1935 April 1
  14. The head quarters of reserve bank-Mumbai
  15. The First Governor of Reserve Bank-Osburn Smith
  16. The Reserve Bank Governor-Raguram Rajan
  17. The First Indian to become reserve Bank Governor-C.D.Desmukh
  18. The biggest bank in India-SBI
  19. The Former name of State Bank Of India-Imperial Bank
  20. The Prime Minister who nationalized banks-Indhira Gandhi
  21. How many banks are nationalized in 1969-14 Banks(Deposits more than 50crores)
  22. How many banks are nationalized in 1980-06 Banks(Deposits more than 200crores)
  23. of associate bank in SBI-5(State Bank of Travancore,State Bank of Patyala, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Bicanir&Jaipure
  24. Name ofBank for agriculture and rural development-NABARD(National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)
  25. The year in which NABARD was started-1982 July 12
  26. Instituitions for which newly allotted banking licence in 2014-IDFC Ltd.,Bandhan Financial Service
  27. The first bank got ISO Certificate-Canara Bank
  28. Name of scheme ,aiming at having bank account for all the families in the country-‘Pradanamantry Jandhan Yojana in 2014 Aug. 28
  29. When did the first Bharatheeya Mahila bank started and its first executive director-2013,Usha Anantha Subramanyam
  30. Name of the bank for helping micro-units-MUDRA(Micro Unit Development and Refiance Agency Bank)-2015 April 8
  31. The year of nationalizing Life Insurance-1956
  32. The finance minister at the time nationalising LIC-C.D.Deshmuk
  33. The instituition which controlls stock exchange of India-SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India)
  34. Capital of SEBI and its year of formation-Mumbai,1992 April 12
  35. The oldest stock exchange in Asia-Mumbai Stock Exchange
  36. Name street at which Mumbai Stock Exchange situated-Dalal Street
  37. The year of establishing National stock Exchange-1992
  38. The first Stock Exchange in Kerala-Cochin Stock Exchange(1978)
  39. Nifty is the index of National stock Exchange
  40. BSE SENSEX is the index of Mumbai stock Exchange
  41. The article in which deals the Budget-112
  42. The budget of state presented where the president rule is imposed-Lokh Sabha
  43. In which Viceroy’s tenure the first budget in British india presented-Caning Prabhu(1860)
  44. Who presented the first budget in independent India-R.K.Shanmukam Shetty(1947 Nov.26
  45. Who presented the first budget after India became Republic-John Mathai(1950 Feb 28)
  46. Name of the only women who presented budget in parliament-Indhira Gandhi
  47. Name of finance minister who presented highest no.of budget-Morargi Desai
  48. The biggest committee in parliament-Estimate committee(30 members)
  49. Who is the chairman of Public Account Committee-An Opposition Member
  50. Name important finance Committee- Estimate committee, Public Account Committee&Public Undertaking Committee
  51. Imperial Bank is the unification of Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay& Bank of Madras


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