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Enquiry Commissions-Remember one marks

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Enquiry Commissions

  • Justice Narayana Kurup Commissions-Kumarakam Boat Tragedy
  • T.Thomas Commission-Study about the fees structure in the autonoumas college in Keralam
  • Fasal Ali Commission -Re-organization states on the basis of Languages
  • Nanavathi Commission -Massacre of Sikhs in 1984
  • Narasimham Commission -Banking reformation
  • Sree Krishna Commission -Mumbai riot
  • Sarkaria Commission -Centre-state relationship
  • Raja Chellaih Commission -Tax reformation
  • Justice Varma Commission -Assassination of Rajeev Gandhi
  • Murari Commission -Deep oceans fishing
  • Mothilal Vora Commission -Criminilisation in politics
  • Liberhan Commission –Incidents in Ayodhya
  • Mukherjee Commission -Dissappearance of Subash Chandra Bose
  • Nanavathi Commission -Sha-Godra incidents
  • C.Banerjee Commission -Re-investigation of Godra incidents
  • Thakkar Commission -Assassination of Indhira Gandhi
  • Kothari Commission -Education
  • Muthaliar Commission -Secondary education
  • Radha Krishnan Commission -University education
  • Belvanth Rai Metha Commission -Panchayath Raj
  • Yeshpal Commission –Primary education
  • Justice K.Venketa Swamy Commission -Tehalca Contraversy
  • Justice Thomas .P.Joseph Commission -Marad Massacre
  • V.Chandrachood Commission -Cricket Scam controversy
  • Jutice Wadva Commission -The killing of Graham Stains
  • Subramanyam committee-Kargil Intrusion
  • Goswamy Commission -Sick industries
  • Alag committee-method of UPSC exams
  • Kelkar- committee -Direct-Indirect taxes
  • Justice K.T.Thomas Commission –Reformation in Police department
  • G.Sha Commission -Gujarath riot
  • Mohankumar Commission -Kallu vathukkal spirit tragedy
  • Malhotra Commission -Insurance reformation
  • Justice Pareeth Pilla Commission -Thattekad boat tragedy
  • Padmanabhan Commission-Koothuparambu Police firing


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