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Expected-One word substitution

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  • Having more than one husband at atime-Polyandry
  • Speech by the dramatist at the beginning of the play-Prologue
  • A writer who steals ideas from another-plagiarist
  • That which can be easily carried-portable
  • Common place remarks-platitudes
  • Belief of God in nature-Pantheism
  • Promise given by a prisoner not to escape-parole
  • Tendency to quarrel or fight-pugnacity
  • Property inherited from one’s father or ancestor-patrimony
  • A lady’s umbrella-parasol
  • A style in which a writer seeks to display his knowledge-pedantic
  • Separation from other people to avoid infection-Quarantine
  • Animals with four legs-Quadruped
  • A line of person waiting-Queue
  • One who pretends to have special knowledge-Quack
  • Four sided courtyard surrounded by buildings-Quadrangle
  • Plane figure withfour sides-Quadrilateral
  • Any of the four children born at one birth-Quadruplet
  • Soft,wet ,marshy ground-Quagmire
  • Occurring once every three month-Quarterly


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