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Important National Observances and related facts

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National Observances and  related facts

  • Sadbavana Divas Aug-20:The birth anniversary of late Prime minister of India Shri Rajiv Gandhi is observed as ‘Sadhbavana Diwas’ on 20th Aug every year
  • National sports day Aug 29 :Dyan Chand’s birth day is celebrated as National sports Day in India
  • Teachers day Sept:5 :Dr.S.Radhakrishnans birth day ,Sept 5 is observed as teachers day in India
  • Engineers day Sept:5:Engineers day is observed in honour of Sri M.Vishwesharayya who was born on the day in 1860
  • National bird watching day Nov:11:National bird watching day celebrate the birth day of the bird man of India Dr:Salim Ali on Nov:11
  • National Education Day Nov:11:National Education day 11 Nov celebrates every year which is also the birth day of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Childrens day Nov14:Children’s day is observed on 14 Nov.the birth day of countries first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
  • National Mathematics day Dec:22:National Mathematics day December 22nd is the birthday of Ramanujan


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