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45 Model Questions and their answers for LDC Examinations

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45 Model Questions and their answers for LDC Examinations

Typical model questions for LDC Examination in 2017 is given .Start to practice for the forth coming exam:, early to attain safety rank in LDC examination  to  get Govt:job.So you start early to practice today itself.

  1. Which vitamin is known as ascorbic acid
    Ans:Vitamin C
  2. Hippocampus is the scientific name of an aquatic animal Name it
    Ans:Sea horse
  3. The nucleus of Hydrogen atom contains
    Ans:one protron only
  4. Ethology is the study of
    Ans:behavior of animals
  5. Hydrophobia is the disease associated with
  6. The acids abundantly found in plants belongs to apple family is—
    Ans:malic acid
  7. Which alloy has the power to remember its shape
  8. The heaviest elements
  9. Total number of protons and neutrons in an atom is called
    Ans:mass number
  10. The 1500 megawatt Tipamukh hydroelectric project being built in Manipur is on –river
  11. India signed a memorandum of understanding with — jointly manufacture the 80 KM range smirch rockets
  12. The Indian Coast guards inshore patrol vessel recently
    commissioned in Visakapattanam
  13. The two units of Kudamkulam nuclear power plant are expected to generate —megawatt of electricity on commissioning
  14. Which state government has decided to form a new districts named Chota Udepur with effect from January 26 2013
  15. To which country does the opening batsman Matthew Hayden who retired belongs
  16. Who is named Castrol Indian Cricketer of the year 2012
    Ans:M.S Dhoni
  17. Which cloth is used to make our national flag
    Ans:Hand woven Khadi
  18. Introduction of non-confidence motion in the Lok sabha requires the support of at least
    Ans:50 members
  19. Who is the first women to get six Gold medals in one Olympics
    Ans:Kristin Otto
  20. Who started transport service in Travancore
    Ans:Sir C.P.Ramaswamy Ayyer
  21. Which Indian satellite has brought about great changes in Telecommunication and T.V network making India a global partner on its own right in modern technology
    Ans:Insat 2-B
  22. C.S Panicker was a famous
  23. Martyre’s day is observed on
    Ans:30th January
  24. India’s first surface to surface missile
  25. The planet nearest to Earth is
  26. The first Malayalam film actor whose name has entered in the Guinnes Book of World Record
    Ans:Prem Nazir
  27. Which districts of Kerala has largest area under forest
  28. In which year was Kerala Sahitya Academy founded
  29. What was the total number of elected members in the first Kerala assembly
  30. Which was the first state in India to be imposed the President rule
  31. Who inaugurated the Panchayat Raj System of Kerala in 1960
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  32. In which year was the Kerala Shasthra Sahitya Parishad formed
  33. Who was the second chief minister of Kerala
    Ans:Pattom Thanu Pillai
  34. In which year was the Thumba Rocket Launching station inaugurated
  35. Who was the first woman High court judge in India
    Ans:Anna Chandi
  36. Who was the author of “Many worlds”
    Ans:KPS Menon
  37. In 1938 who among the following demanded for a Constituent assembly elected on the basis of Adult Franchise
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  38. Grants in aid of revenue to the state is recommended by
    Ans:Finance Commission
  39. Who was the first member of Rajya Sabha when appointed as the Prime minister of India
    Ans:Inira Gandhi
  40. The constitution of India provides for a federal System with
    Ans:Strong Centre
  41. The idea of ‘Concurrent List ‘ was borrowed by the makers of Constituent Assembly from
  42. The Judges of Supreme court hold office till they attain the age of
    Ans:65 years
  43. The right to dissolve Rajya Sabha rests with
    Ans:No one has such right
  44. Kerala institute of Local Administration was situated
  45. Fundamental rights come under part—of the constitution


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