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Valuable Knowledge for any PSC Exams

The following are the most valuable PSC Questions .The are repeatedly appearing for any PSC Examinations.It is the stepping stone for entering in the PSC Rank list.The following details should be studied with utmost care to avoid confusion while writing PSC Examinations


  1. In which year was the air transport nationalized in India-1953
  2. Which radio active metals principal ore is monazite-Thorium
  3. Both Mahaveera Budha preached their doctrines during the reign of which King-Bimbisara
  4. Which vitamin deficiency disease is also known as ‘Burlow’s disease’-Scurvy
  5. Which ruler introduced the token currency system in India for the first time-Muhammed bin Tugluq
  6. Which Indian state’s major river is Teesta-Sikkim
  7. Dyne is a unit of-Force
  8. Why led is added to petrol-To increase octane rating
  9. Who was the first Indian to become the President of the International Court of Justice-Justice Nagendra Singh
  10. What is the name of study of microscopic structure of tissues organs-Histology
  11. Which part of the body is affected by the disease spondalytis-Spinal Column
  12. Which industry,s by-product is molasses-Sugar Industry
  13. Nikkei is the index of share prices in the —stock exchange-Tokyo
  14. Which is the only human gland with a communication system with other glands-Pituatory gland
  15. Which place is known as ‘the coffee port of the World’-Santos(Brazil)
  16. Which instrument is used for seeing objects at the surface of water from a submarine-Periscope
  17. In which year the Jammu Kashmir state adopted its separate Constitution-26 January 1957
  18. When the door of an operating refrigerator is opened ,the temperature of the room will –Increase
  19. During which five year plan was indicative planning introduced in India-8th plan
  20. Who is the author of ‘Gita Rahasya’-Bal Gangadhar Thilak
  21. Which Indian states major tribal groups are the Khasis Garose-Meghalaya
  22. Who was the first Delhi Sulthyan to attack the Deccan-Alauddin Kilji
  23. Which Indian ruler communicated with Napolean for the help to drive the British from India-Tipu Sultan
  24. Islets of Langerhans are present in-Pancreas gland
  25. Who was the court physician of Kanishka-Charaka
  26. What is the main theme of the Ajanta cave paintings-Jataka stories
  27. Which nutrient is essential for plants in the formation ofchlorophyl-l-Magnesium
  28. Which Indian city was designed by Le Corbusier-Chandigarch
  29. In which year was the decimal currency system adopted in India-1957
  30. What was the official court language during Akbars reign-Persian
  31. Who was the famous land revenue minister of Akhbar-Raja ThoderMal
  32. The universal declaration of Human Rights was passed by the UN General Assembly in the year-1948
  33. Who was the first female recipient of the Jnanpith-Asha Purna Devi
  34. Who was the founder of AbhinavBharath Society-V.D.Savarkar
  35. Which Indian lake is an example of the glacial lake-Dal lake(Kashmir)
  36. Which governor General is credited with the suppression of Thugee-William Bentick
  37. Which Indian state has the largest area under the shrub forest-Rajastan
  38. Who prepared the draft of the Ouit India revolution-Jawaharlal Nehru
  39. Which protein is present in wool-Alpha Keratin
  40. The BPL vaccine is used in the prevention of –Rabies
  41. Which place is known as ‘Queen of the Hill Station-Ooty
  42. Name the exploration vessel which discovered the Mumbai High field in 1964-67-Academic Arkhangelsky
  43. Who was the first Indian Prime minister to resign from office-Morarji Desai
  44. Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting-Medula Oblangata
  45. Which was the first Indian state to pass the food security law-Chattisgarh
  46. Which was the last language to be adopted as the official language of the United Nations-Arabic
  47. Who was described by the British as the ‘Father of Indian Unrest’-Balagangadara Tilak
  48. Who was the first Indian to win Grammy Award-Pandit Ravisankar
  49. Which state is the largest contributor of e-waste in India-Maharashtra
  50. Which international organizations motto is, ‘Service above self’-Rotary International’



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