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  • Project Tiger was started in-1973
  • The biosphere reserve extends to Kerala is-Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
  • The book contained the information about endangered and extinct species prepared by IUCN is known as-Red Data Book
  • The full form of SPCA-Society for the Prevention of cruelty on animals
  • The full form of IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
  • Two hot spots of India are-Western Ghat and Eastern Himalaya
  • Full form of IBWL-Indian Board of wild life
  • The major green house effect gas is-CO2
  • Which is the fastest flying bird-Swift
  • The fall of sparrow was written by-Dr.Salim Ali
  • The largest bird sanctuary in Asia-Bharathpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Protected species in Kaziranga National Park is-Indian rhinoceros
  • The first national park in india is-Corbett National ParkMenyion the unit of ozone hole amount-Dobson
  • The element causes the ozone depletion is-Atomic Chlorine
  • The study of Pollen grains-Palynology
  • Who is the author of ‘ Manimekalai’-Sathanar
  • Sathanar was a—– poet-Budhist
  • The story of Manimekalai is a sequel to which epic-Silapathikaram
  • Who was thwe author of ‘Perumal Thirumozhi’-Kulasekhara Azhvar
  • Nayanars were —saints-Shaiva
  • Azhvars were —saints-Vaishnava
  • The earlier capital of Travancore-Padmanabhapuram
  • Name the Travancore ruler who constructed the Padmanabhapuram Palace around 1601 AD-Iravipillai Iravivarma
  • The largest mural in Kerala-Gajendramoksham(Krishnapuram palace)
  • Who built the Dutch palace at Mattancherry in 1555-The Portuguese
  • In which district is Padmanabhapuram Palace situated-Kanyakumari
  • Which place of Kerala was visited by Marco plo in 1293-Kollam
  • Which venetian traveller visited Kerala at the end of the 13th century-Marco polo
  • Which place was once known as the,’pepper capital of the world-Calicut
  • In which year Mattancherry Synagogue built-1568
  • Where is the oldest Synagogue in the entire Common wealth nations situated-Mattancherry
  • What is the name of Mattancherry Synagogue-Paradesi Synagogue
  • What is Karumadikuttan-Sitting Budha statue dated back 11th century(Alappuzha)
  • Which place in India is often called as an ‘ethnological museum’-Kerala
  • Which caves in Kerala are famous for the pictorial writings believed to be from the Neolithic period-Edakkal caves (Wayanad)
  • Which foreigners were behind the synod of Diamper- The Portuguese
  • Who convened synod Diamper- Aleixo de Menezes
  • Which event united ancient Christian Church in India with the Roman Catholic Church- synod Diamper
  • In which year was synod Diamper-1599
  • Which English traveler is widely known as ‘England’s pioneer to India’-Ralph Fitch


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