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One word substitution

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  • One who pretends to be what he is not-Hypocrite
  • Animals living on plants-Herbivorous
  • Incapable of being corrected-Incorrigible
  • Liable to catch fire easily-Inflammable
  • That which canot be read-illegible
  • That which canot be heard-inaudible
  • Prolonged inability to sleep-Insomania
  • Unable to pay off one’s debt-insolvent
  • Soldiers on foot-infantry
  • The period between two reigns-interregnum
  • Free from infection-immune
  • The house of an Eskimo-Igloo
  • One breaks image-iconoclast
  • One who cannot read or write-Illiterate
  • One who is not likely to commit mistakes-infallible
  • Incapable of being conquered-invincible
  • One who cannot be easily approached-inaccessible
  • That which cannot be easily imitated-inimitable
  • Murder of an infant-infanticide
  • That which cannot be changed-irrevocable


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