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Rare One word Substitution

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  • A Place where clothes are kept-wardrobe
  • Intense dislike or fear of foreigners or strangers-Xenophobia
  • Small wooden hammers-xylophone
  • Light sailing boat built for racing-yatch
  • Type of lock with revolving internal parts-Yale
  • Inhabitant of USA-Yankee
  • A person who is extremely enthusiastic about religion-zealot
  • Highest point of power-Zenith
  • Soft gentle breeze-zephyr
  • Turning right and left alternatively at sharp angles-zig-zag
  • Fee offered but not claimed for professional services-Honorarium
  • A word spelt like another but with a different meaning or pronunciation-Homograph
  • Word that is the same in form and sound as another meaning-Homonym
  • Doctrine that pleasure is the chief good-Epicureanism
  • Annual income especially that of a state or great institution raised according to rules-Revenue
  • The art of using language effectively-eloquence
  • Study of earthquakes-Seismology
  • False reasoning or argument-fallacy
  • The seeing of something that does not really exists-Illusion

The courage obtained by drinking spirits-Dutch courage


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