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Role of Books named with animals&Vitamins Role in psc Examinations

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Animals verses Books in PSC Examinations!

Look this books and can direct your  fate .Such powerful weapon is that.Wonderful! the unification of animals and books.These are the interesting area of question maker in psc examination


  1. History of Animals-Aristotile

  2. Biological Distribution of Animals-Alfred Russel Vallus

  3. Origin of Species-Charles Darwin

  4. Fall of a sparrow-Salim Ali

  5. Birds of Travancore and Cochin

  6. Keralathile Pakdhikal-Indhuchoodan

  7. Stray Feathers-A O Hume

  8. Mobidic-Herman Melvin

  9. Animal Farm-George Orwell



Role of Vitamins in PSC Examinations

Vitamins play an important role in health of human beings and also determine his marks in psc examination.So vitamins have unavoidable role in human life .PSC Results in one  way decide the knowledge of vitamins.The first used the word vitamins by Cassimir Funk,The vitamins soluble in fat-Vitamins A,D,E,K.The vitamin which is soluble in water-Vitamin B,C.Its scientific names are given.The Vitamin which is loosing through urine is Vitamin C.Vitamin C can  artificially create through the chemical process.



  1. Vitamin A-Retinole

  2. Vitamin B1-Thiamene

  3. Vitamin B2-Riboflavin

  4. Vitamin B5-Nayasin

  5. Vitamin B6-Pyridoxin

  6. Vitamin B12-Cobalamin

  7. Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid

  8. Vitamin D-Calciferole

  9. Vitamin E-Tokoferole











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