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30 Sure Basic Questions Constantly appearing for all PSC Examinations

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Sure Basic Questions contantly appearing for PSC Examinations

The following questions are constantly appearing for all PSC examination.The following questions are un avoidable for any PSC Examinations

  1. Whose pen-name is ‘Nandanar’-Ans:P.C.Gopalan
  2. Who established Travancore Rubber Factory-Ans:Chithira Thirunal
  3. The law advisor of State Government-Ans:Advocate General
  4. The father oil-idustries in India-Ans:K.D.Malavya
  5. Enology is the study of-Ans:wine
  6. Who invented lift-Ans:Ottis
  7. In which book the Malayalam alphabets are printed for the first timeAns:-Horthus Malabariccus
  8. Which is known as the silent ambassador of a Country-Ans:Tapal Stamps
  9. The river which is divided as North India and South India-Ans:Narmada
  10. The biggest museum in India ,Indian museum is situated in which placeAns:-Kolkatta
  11. The river which is called ‘Kalindhi’ in epics-Ans:Yamuna
  12. The father of modern Hindhu religion-Ans:Shankaracharyar
  13. The first rubber park in India-Ans:Airapuram
  14. The father of plastic surgery-Ans:Sushruthan
  15. The first language in India which got classical status-Ans:Tamil
  16. The main ingradient of ink using for election-Ans:Silver Nitrate
  17. The heart beat rate of elephant-Ans:25/minute
  18. The creator of the character ‘James Bond’-Ans:Iyan Fleming
  19. Western Blot test is used to detect which disease-Ans:AIDS
  20. The old name of ‘Jana Gana Mana’-Ans:Bharath Vidhatha’
  21. Which prime ministers official house is ‘The Lodge’-Ans:Australia
  22. The father of circus in Kerala-Ans:Keeleri Kunjikannan
  23. Who wrote the book ‘Malabar Manual’-Ans:William Logan
  24. Whose book is ‘My life’-Ans:Prem Nazir
  25. In which Asian country started railway transportation for the first time-Ans:India
  26. The first female parliament member from Keralam-Ans:Ani Mascreen
  27. Who wrote the book, ‘Keralathile Pakshikal’-Ans:Indhu choodan
  28. Wagamon is situated in which districts-Ans:Idukki
  29. The first female Prime Minister of the world-Ans:Sirimavo Bandare Naik
  30. The biggest wild life sanctuary in Keralam-Ans:Periyar


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