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Sure One word Substitution-in exams

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  • A speech made to oneself-soliloquy
  • A thing kept in memory of an event-souvenir
  • A person indifferent to pleasure and pain-stoic
  • To take place at the same time as another event-synchronize
  • Taking place at the same time-simultaneously
  • A person’s last utterance-swansong
  • Capable of being seen through-transparent
  • Of very little worth-trivial
  • The art of preserving skin of animals,birds,and fish-taxidermy
  • That which cannot be understood-Unintelligible
  • A decision on which all agree-unanimous
  • Extremely fond on one’s wife-uxorious
  • An imaginary idea of aperfect society-utopia
  • One given to sensual pleasure of the body—voluptuary
  • One who offers one’s services-volunteer
  • Gifted with several talents-versatile
  • A style full of words-verbose
  • A place where people agreed to meet-venue
  • A person who has had a long experience in any field-veteran
  • A man whose wife is dead-widow


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