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Sure Questions in One word Substitution

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  • A word no longer in use-Obsolete
  • The state of being ruled by a constant idea-Obsession
  • Incapable of being seen through-Opaque
  • A poem addressed to someone or something-Ode
  • A comic imitation –Parody
  • Release of a prisoner for a limited time-Parole
  • Killing of one’s own father-Patricide
  • One who looks at the dark side of things-Pessimist
  • One who loves mankind-Philanthropist
  • One that lives on others-parasite
  • One who goes on foot-pedestrian
  • One who collects postage stamps-Philatelist
  • A cure for all disease-Panacea
  • Examination of deadbody-post-mortem
  • Occuring after death-Posthumous
  • Study of the human mind-Psychology
  • Study of the nature and growth of language-Phylology
  • Study of ancient writings-Palaeography
  • One who speaks or uses several different languages-Polyglot
  • One who has more than one wife at a time-Polygamist


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