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50 important Science Questions asking for PSC Examinations

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Foreign Words and Phrases
Questions from foreign words are certainly appearing for PSC examinations.Dears, clearly understand it.It is more effective if we use this foreign words while talking in English.Moreover it is also show his ability in handling this foreign language.It is actually an added advantage for those who preparing for any competitive examinations.

1) ab extra-Front outside
2) ab initio-From the beginning
3) ab ovo-fron the egg
4) acedia-indifferance
5) ad hoc-for this purpose
6) ad interim-for the time being
7) a fond-to the bottom
8) alibi-elsewhere
9) au revoir-till we meet again
10) annus mirabilis-a year of wonders
11) bonafide-in good faith
12) canard-A rumour
13) cap a pie-from head to foot
14) carpe diem-make good use of the present
15) cherami-sweet heart
16) da capo-Repeat from the beginning
17) de facto-from the fact
18) divide et impera-Divide and rule
19) ergo-therefore
20) econtra-on the otherhand
21) gratis-free of charge
22) goutte a goutte-drop by drop
23) passé-out of date
24) vini vidi vici-I came ,I saw ,I conquered
25) hoc age-do this
So show your ability in this section to achieve your goal.Don’t miss any chance to study any foreign words whenever you come across.Best of luck of achieving it.Also helpful in doing work teaching field.Also read western books it enriched with this type foreign words.

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50-Precious Science Questions Especially Appearing for PSC Exams(03/01/2016)

The following are basic questions in Science section and most of them will appear for any of PSC online exams and other psc exams also ..Certain percentage of people start to study after PSC notification come ,but that will not help them to enter in PSC Rank list.

  1. The dynamo was invented by
    Ans:Michael Faraday
  2. Crescograph was invented by
  3. Microscope was invented by
    Ans:Aaton Van Leewen Hock
  4. Logarithms were devised by
    Ans:John Napier
  5. The botanical name of tea
    Ans:Camellia Sinensis
  6. Who discovered Ammonia
    Ans:Joseph Priestly
  7. The king of spices
  8. The queen of spices
  9. Eczema affects
  10. The smallest flower
  11. Which flower is known as painters palette
  12. Which plant is known as Indian Dates
  13. The largest fruit
    Ans:Jack fruit
  14. Acid contain in onion is
    Ans:Oxalic acid
  15. Which is called poor mans apple
  16. Which is known as Natures tonic
  17. The smallest flowering plant
  18. The botanical name of the cotton plant is
    Ans:Gossipium hirsutum
  19. The botanical name of rice is
    Ans:Oryza sativa
  20. The largest tree in the world
    Ans:Seguoia gigantica
  21. The botanical name of brinjal is
    Ans:Solanum melengena
  22. The botanical name for onion is
    Ans:Allium cepa
  23. Hepatology is the study of
  24. Entomology is the study of
  25. Ornithology is the study of
  26. Ichtyology is the study of
  27. Osteology is the study of
  28. The study of tissues is called
  29. The science of study of external forms and structure is known as
  30. Phycology is the study of
  31. The study of sound
  32. The study of pollen grains
  33. The study of motions
  34. The fear of bees
  35. Toxicology is the study of
  36. Paleontology is the study of
  37. The study of grasses is known as
  38. What is Mycology
    Ans:Study of Fungi
  39. Who is considered as the father of Taxonomy
    Ans:Carolus Linnaeus
  40. Father of Biology
  41. Father of Genetics
    Ans:Gregor Mendel
  42. Binomeal system of classification is put forwarded by
    Ans:Carolus Linnaeus
  43. Germ theory was put forward by
    Ans:Louis Pasteur
  44. Three kingdom classification was proposed by
  45. The scientist who invented vaccine against small pox
    Ans:Edward Jenner
  46. Antibiotic is invented by
    Ans:Alexander Flemming
  47. AB group of blood system was proposed by
    Ans:Carl Landsteiner
  48. Micro organisms were first observed by
    Ans:Leeuwen Hock
  49. Theory of Inheritance of acquired by
    Ans:Jean Baptist Lamarck
  50. Electron microscope was invented by
    Ans:Knoll &Ruska