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Imporant PSC Questions

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Foreign Words and Phrases
Questions from foreign words are certainly appearing for PSC examinations.Dears, clearly understand it.It is more effective if we use this foreign words while talking in English.Moreover it is also show his ability in handling this foreign language.It is actually an added advantage for those who preparing for any competitive examinations.

1) ab extra-Front outside
2) ab initio-From the beginning
3) ab ovo-fron the egg
4) acedia-indifferance
5) ad hoc-for this purpose
6) ad interim-for the time being
7) a fond-to the bottom
8) alibi-elsewhere
9) au revoir-till we meet again
10) annus mirabilis-a year of wonders
11) bonafide-in good faith
12) canard-A rumour
13) cap a pie-from head to foot
14) carpe diem-make good use of the present
15) cherami-sweet heart
16) da capo-Repeat from the beginning
17) de facto-from the fact
18) divide et impera-Divide and rule
19) ergo-therefore
20) econtra-on the otherhand
21) gratis-free of charge
22) goutte a goutte-drop by drop
23) passé-out of date
24) vini vidi vici-I came ,I saw ,I conquered
25) hoc age-do this
So show your ability in this section to achieve your goal.Don’t miss any chance to study any foreign words whenever you come across.Best of luck of achieving it.Also helpful in doing work teaching field.Also read western books it enriched with this type foreign words.

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30-Point- Basic Questions for PSC Examinations

The following are the very precious collection of knowledge,certain points are appearing repeatedly for PSC  examinations,Study them with utmost care

  1. Who invented telephone-
    Ans:Graham Bell
  2. The parliament of Nepal-
    Ans:National Panchayath
  3. The Indian who became the civilian police advisor of UNO-
    Ans:Kiran Bedi
  4. Whose book is, ‘Discovery of India’-
    Ans:Jawaharlal Nehru
  5. The architecture of Cochin port-
    Ans:Robert Bristo
  6. The first private television channel in Keralam-
  7. Who invented the oral medicine for polio-
    Ans:Albert Sabin
  8. The first female Governor in any Indian state-
    Ans:Sarojini Naidu
  9. Who established children’s book trust-
    Ans:Cartoonist Shanker
  10. Who is known as ‘Indian Shakesphere-
  11. In which place GV Raja Sports school situated
    Ans: Trivandrum
  12. The Indian President who served as the Kerala Governor before he becomes President-
  13. The first Indian who got Nobel prize-
    Ans:Raveendra Natha Tagore
  14. The first Malayalee who got Magsasey award-
    Ans:Varghese Kurien
  15. The first Kathakali actor who visited foreign country-
    Ans:Guru Gopinath
  16. Name of the first test tube baby in Asea-
    Ans:Baby Durga
  17. The first space traveler in the world-
    Ans:Euri Gagarin
  18. The persons in which field Templeton Puraskar is given –
    Ans:The person who works in the improvement of religions
  19. The creator of the cartoon character ‘The common man’-
  20. Who is known as ‘Little Corporal’-
  21. Whose pen-name is Kovilan-
  22. Whose autobiography is ‘Manasasmarami’-
    Ans:S.Guptan Nair
  23. The important religion in Persia-
    Ans:Sorashtra religions
  24. The monument constructed in the memory of Indian militants killed in the first world-war-
    Ans:India gate
  25. The first women in Asia who swam across English Channel-
    Ans:Arathy Saga
  26. Which Prime minister raised the slogan ‘Garibi Gattavo’
    Ans:Indira Gandhi
  27. The fastest earthquake waves-
    Ans:primary waves
  28. From which place in Keralam found out 1000th years old ship-
  29. Who established Reliance –
    Ans:Dheeru Bhai Ambani in 1966
  30. Which Indian scientist got World Food Prize in 1987