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Most useful PSC Examinations

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Precious One Word Substituition in English in PSC Examinations

1) Animals that feed their young with milk-Mammals

2) Rule by mob-Mobocracy

3) Place where dead bodies are kept-Mortuary

4) Place where ancient works are kept-museum

5) Morning prayer in church-Matins

6) Dull and uninteresting-Monotonous

7) Shortness of sight-Myopia

8) A person suffering from nervous breakdown-Neurotic

9) A medicine that induces sleep-Narcotic

10) Undue favour shown to relatives-Nepotism

11) One who looks at the bright side of the life-Optimist

12) One who is present everywhere-Omnipresent

13) One who knows everything-Omniscient

14) One who is all-powerful-Omnipotent

15) A person who lives in a foreign-Alien

16) The study of mankind-Anthroplogy

17) Easily bel;ieving others-Credulous

18) Engaged to be married-Betrothed

19) A heart specialist-Cardiologist

20) An expert in any field-Connoisseur

21) One who eats human flesh-cannibal

22) A place with gambling places-Casino

23) An inscription on tomb-Epitaph

24) The art of effective speaking-Elocution

25) A study of birds-Ornithology

Above details study completely to get one valuable marks in English in any PSC Examinations.That is very useful words in our day to day life.

Backbone of PSC Examination is English,in the same way one word substitution is back bone in English question.Moreover that would be the rank making points in any PSC Examinations.
Systematic study is the only short cut method to enter in PSC rank list.This is I proved in my own experience.And also,day by day interest to study will be increased.In the study journey each moment our aim should be to get any kind of knowledge .That should be very effective