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Foreign Words and Phrases
Questions from foreign words are certainly appearing for PSC examinations.Dears, clearly understand it.It is more effective if we use this foreign words while talking in English.Moreover it is also show his ability in handling this foreign language.It is actually an added advantage for those who preparing for any competitive examinations.

1) ab extra-Front outside
2) ab initio-From the beginning
3) ab ovo-fron the egg
4) acedia-indifferance
5) ad hoc-for this purpose
6) ad interim-for the time being
7) a fond-to the bottom
8) alibi-elsewhere
9) au revoir-till we meet again
10) annus mirabilis-a year of wonders
11) bonafide-in good faith
12) canard-A rumour
13) cap a pie-from head to foot
14) carpe diem-make good use of the present
15) cherami-sweet heart
16) da capo-Repeat from the beginning
17) de facto-from the fact
18) divide et impera-Divide and rule
19) ergo-therefore
20) econtra-on the otherhand
21) gratis-free of charge
22) goutte a goutte-drop by drop
23) passé-out of date
24) vini vidi vici-I came ,I saw ,I conquered
25) hoc age-do this
So show your ability in this section to achieve your goal.Don’t miss any chance to study any foreign words whenever you come across.Best of luck of achieving it.Also helpful in doing work teaching field.Also read western books it enriched with this type foreign words.

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Latest Kerala  PSC related 60 Constitutional Questions and Answers.

Try to study 60 Questions expected for PSC

  1. Which commission recommended Lokpal and Lokayukta for redress of People’s
  2. Grievances-Administrative Reforms commission headed by Morarji Desai
  3. In which year the Central Govt:introduced the first Lokpal Bill and Lokayukta-1968
  4. Which was the first State to present a bill on the establishment of Lokayukta in 1970-Orissa
  5. Which was the first that established Lokayukta-Maharashtra
  6. Institution of Lokayukta was established in Kerala in the year-1998
  7. Jan Lokpal is associated with-Anna Hazare
  8. The National Human Rights Commission is a statutory body established in-12th October 1993
  9. Which is the Principal Law officer of the state-Advocate General
  10. The Planning Commission of India is the result of-Resolution of Central Govt:
  11. Yojana Bhavan in New Delhi is associated to- Planning Commission
  12. The Planning Commission is constituted in -15th March 1950
  13. Who is the chairmaqn of planning commission –Prime Minister
  14. First chairman of Planning Commission- Jawaharlal Nehru
  15. The first and only Women Chairman of Planning Commission- Indira Gandhi
  16. The deputy Chairman of Planning Commission enjoys the status of- Cabinet Minister
  17. The Planning Commission works under the over all guidance of –
    Answer: National Develepoment Council
  18. Father of Planning in India- M. Vishweshraya
  19. Who performed the role of Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission ,Chairman of finance Commission- Gulsarilal Nanda
  20. Which article provides for the establishment of Finance Commission- Article 280
  21. Members of finance commission is appointed by -President
  22. Who is the chairman of 13th Finance Commission – Vijay Kelker
  23. First chairman of finance commission- K.C.Niyogi
  24. Which is the main agency for preventing corruption in the central Govt – Central vigilance Commission
  25. The central vigilance commission is established through – Executive Resoluion 1964
  26. The establishment of Central vigilance commission was recommended by – Santhanam Committee
  27. In which year did Parliament enacted a law conferring statutory status to the Central Vigilance Commissioner – 2003
  28. Duration of central Vigilance Commission members- 4 years or they attain the age of 65 years whichever is earlier
  29. NHRC in India is the result of – Protection of Human Rights Act 1993
  30. Who are the members of National Human Rights Commission in addition to the chairman and four members – Chairperson,s of the National Commission of minorities,National Commission of SC’s,STs and National Commission for women
  31. Which organization is responsible to the Legislation regarding Right to information act-Mazdoor Kissan Shakthi Sangathan
  32. Leader of Mazdoor Kissan Shakti Sangathan-Arun Roy
  33. The right to information act was Passed by the Parliament on-15th June 2005
  34. The right to information act came into force on-12th October 2005
  35. Name the state which is excluded from Right to information-Jammu&Kashmir
  36. Who is the present Chief Information Officer-Sathyanand Misra
  37. Who can seek information under Right to Information act ,2005-Individual Citizen
  38. The maximum time with in which the information through RTI to be provided with-Within 30 days
  39. The maximum time with in which the information through RTI to be provided with(in matters of life and death)-within 48 hours
  40. Which article in Indian Constitution prohibits child labour-article 24
  41. Child labour Prohibition and Abolition act was passed in-1986
  42. National Commission for Protection of Child Right began its operation in-March 2007
  43. Who is the First Chairman of National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights-Prof Shanta Sinha
  44. Right of Children to free and compulsory education of Right to Education Act was passed by the Indian Parliament on-4th August 2009
  45. Right to Education Act came into force on-1st April 2010
  46. Right to Education Act require all private schools to reserve how many percentage of seats to children belonging to poor families-25%
  47. Right to Education Act came into force with an exception of the State of-Jammu&Kashmir
  48. Education is mentioned in-Concurrent list
  49. In which year was Right to Education extended to the Classes of 10th Standard-2011
  50. Who is responsible to the Right to Education Act-National Advisory Council
  51. Which government programme aims at universalisaton of elementary education-Sarva Shisksha Abhiyan
  52. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was pronounced by-A B Vajpeye
  53. National Commission for women is a-Statutory body
  54. National Commission for women is established in-1992
  55. National commission for backward classes was created on the basis of-Mandal Commission Report
  56. The National Commission for religious and Linguistic Minorities has started from-21st March 2005
  57. Which Commission examines request for inclusion of any class of citizens as a backward class in the central list of backward classes-National Commission for Backward Classes
  58. In which year was National Rural Health Mission launched-2005
  59. National Policy on education was conceived during the period of-Rajiv Gandhi
  60. Which State tops in Child Rights-Kerala