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Questions from KPSC Thulasi

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Here I am sharing you with 50 valuable questions and answers for Kerala PSC examinations.

After each questions answer key is also given.

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I have listed this below 50 questions and Answers for you.

Suitable PSC Questions to be included in PSC Rank List

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  • Science
  • History

50 Questions Prepared in accordance with latest trends in PSC Examinations

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  1. Which is known as the red river in India?
    A. Yamuna
    B. Brahmaputra
    C. Ganga
    D. KrishnaAnswer. Brahmaputra
  2. Third Panipat war was between –
    A. Hemu&Akbar
    B. Nadirshas&Mughals
    C. Humayun&Shersha
    D. Ahamadsha Abdali&Marathers&Answer. Ahamadsha Abdali&Marathers
  3. Name of Parliament in Japan-
    A. Nesset
    B. Diat
    C. Senet
    D. Syndicate

    Answer. Diat

  4. Two important freedom-fighters died in 1948 who are they —-
    A. Gandhi&Patel
    B. Jinna&Patel
    C. Gandhi&Jinna
    D. Tagore&Jinna

    Answer. Gandhi&Jinna

  5. ‘Who controls the Union Public Service Commission-
    A. President
    B. Vice President
    C. Prime Minister
    D. Chief Justice

    Answer. President

  6. White Revolution relates to-
    A. Egg Production
    B. Fish Production
    C. Food Production
    D. Milk Production

    Answer. Milk Production

  7. In which year first independent war occurred –
    A. 1757
    B. 1857
    C. 1867
    D. 1767

    Answer. 1857

  8. In which state silk is produced most in India-
    A. Karnataka
    B. Keralam
    C. Assam
    D. Tamil Nadu

    Answer. Karnataka
  9. Who got Nobel Prize on economics in 1998
    A. Amartya Sen
    B. Waltor Kohen
    C. John Hue
    D. Jose saramago

    Answer. Amartya Sen

  10. Which Scientist firstly used the term ‘Gene’-
    A. Johanson
    B. Lamark
    C. Khorana
    D. Mendel

    Answer. Johanson

  11. The acid generated in intestine-
    A. HNO3

    Answer. HCl

  12. How many bones can be seen in the human beings-
    A. 216
    B. 601
    C. 206
    D. 616

    Answer. 206

  13. In which year LIC nationalized in India-
    A. 1949
    B. 1956
    C. 1969
    D. 1980

    Answer. 1956

  14. Raghuveer Choudhary,who got Jnanpeet in 2015 belongs to which state-
    A. MahaRashtra
    B. Gujarath
    C. Andhra Pradesh
    D. West Bengal

    Answer. Gujarath

  15. Which is known as ‘Oil of Vitriole’-
    A. Sodium Chloride
    B. Nitric Acid
    C. Salphuirc Acid
    D. Hydrochloric Acid

    Answer. Salphuirc Acid

  16. Bakranangal was constructed across which river –
    A. Satlej
    B. Bageerathi
    C. Narmada
    D. Mahanadi

    Answer. Satlej

  17. International soil year-
    A. 2012
    B. 2013
    C. 2014
    D. 2015

    Answer. 2015

  18. Escape velocity of Earth-
    A. 2.37 m/s
    B. 11.2KM/S
    C. 11.2m/s
    D. 7.5m/s

    Answer. 11.2km/s

  19. The principle behind Atom Bomb’-
    A. Nuclear Fusion
    B. Nuclear Fission
    C. Magnetic Reaction
    D. None of this

    Answer. Nuclear Fission

  20. The Acid present Apple-
    A. Ctric Acid
    B. Phytic Acid
    C. Malic Acid
    D. Tartaric Acid

    Answer. Malic Acid
  21. The level of glucose in human blood-
    A. 80-120 mg//100ml
    B. 70-110 mg//100ml
    C. 60-100 mg//100ml
    D. 100-150 mg//100ml

    Answer. 70-110 mg//100ml

  22. World Diabettic Day-
    A. Nov:14
    B. Nov:24
    C. Nov:28
    D. Aug:3

    Answer. Nov:14

  23. The unit measuring mercury-
    A. Kg.
    B. Gram
    C. Gallon
    D. Flask

    Answer. Flask

  24. Which metals ore is Monocyte-
    A. Titanium
    B. Thorium
    C. Radium
    D. Uranium

    Answer. Thorium

  25. Name the process for the preparation of H2SO4-
    A. Contact Process
    B. Ostwald Process
    C. Dumas
    D. Decons

    Answer. Contact Process

  26. The elements used for the Vulcanization-
    A. Sulphur
    B. Zinc
    C. Carbon
    D. Nitrogen

    Answer. Sulphur

  27. The metals having highest resistance-
    A. Silver
    B. Tungsten
    C. Platinum
    D. Rhodium

    Answer. Tungsten

  28. The date at which President signed the food safety bill
    A. 2013 sept:12
    B. 2013 sept:2
    C. 2014 jan:1
    D. 2013 dec:31

    Answer. 2013 sept:12

  29. The limit of lowest frequency of audible sound of human beings-
    A. 20 Hz
    B. 200 Hz
    C. 20000 Hz
    D. 30 Hz

    Answer. 20 Hz

  30. Name the Scientist formulated the wave theory
    A. Max Plank
    B. Einstein
    C. Christian Hygens
    D. Newton

    Answer. Christian Hygens

  31. The existence of hearing in the ear human beings-
    A. 0.5 Second
    B. 0.2 Second
    C. 0.3 Second
    D. 0.1 Second

    Answer. 0.1 Second

  32. The speed of sound in Aluminium-
    A. 6420
    B. 5941
    C. 1482
    D. 1522

    Answer. 6420

  33. The plant hormone helpful for the ripening of fruits-
    A. Ethilene
    B. Cytokynene
    C. Auxene
    D. Giberllinei

    Answer. Ethilene

  34. Whose autobiography is ‘A Passion for Dance’-
    A. Mrilani Sarabhai
    B. Rukmini Arundele
    C. Yamini Krishana Murthy
    D. Mallika Sarabhai

    Answer. Yamini Krishana Murthy

  35. Who is the architecture of Gramin Bank-
    A. Amathya Sen
    B. Muhammed Yunus
    C. Nom Chosky
    D. Robert Owen

    Answer. Muhammed Yunus

  36. The date of reaching of Chandrayan in the Moon’s orbit
    A. 2008 Oct:22
    B. 2009 Aug:29
    C. 2008 Nov:14
    D. 2008 Nov:8

    Answer. 2008 Nov:8

  37. No.of Districts in Telungana-
    A. 21
    B. 31
    C. 15
    D. 20

    Answer. 31

  38. Who got Vayalar Award in 2016-
    A. U.K Kumaran
    B. Leelawathi
    C. Bala Chandarn Chullikad
    D. Meera

    Answer. U.K Kumaran

  39. Nobel Prize in literature in 2016-
    A. Bob Deel
    B. Bengt Ostram
    C. Oliver Hart
    D. Amarthya Sen

    Answer. Bob Deel

  40. The childhood days name of famous social reformer Vagbadanandan-
    A. Kunjan Pillai
    B. Kunjikannan
    C. Subbharayan
    D. Karat Govindamenon

    Answer. Kunjikannan

  41. Who is having the power to order writs,protectors of fundamental rights-
    A. Central Cabinet
    B. Indian Parliament
    C. President
    D. Supreme Court&High Court

    Answer. Supreme Court&High Court

  42. The river which divide North India and South India
    A. Mahanadi
    B. Godavari
    C. Narmada
    D. Kaveri

    Answer. Narmada

  43. Who got Gandhi peace award in 2014-
    A. ISRO
    B. NSS
    C. Red Cross
    D. Asia Watch

    Answer. ISRO

  44. Who was president of Congress at the time of spli tin Congress at Surat-
    A. Rash Bihari Ghosh
    B. Aravinda Ghosh
    C. A C Majundar
    D. Bala Gangadharan

    Answer. Rash Bihari Ghosh

  45. ‘Chipko movement’ is connected with-
    A. Project Tiger
    B. Plant Breeding
    C. Plant/Forest conservation
    D. Conservation of Natural resources

    Answer. Plant/Forest conservation

  46. World Environment day is celebrated on-
    A. 5th June
    B. 28th February
    C. 7th August
    D. 10th April

    Answer. 5th June

  47. Pollutant released by jet planes is –
    A. CO
    B. NH3
    C. CO2
    D. CFCs

    Answer. CFCs

  48. Pollution of SO2 destroys-
    A. Lichen
    B. Fungi
    C. Algae
    D. Fishes

    Answer. Lichen

  49. Cadmium poisoning is responsible for-
    A. Minamata disease
    B. Itai-Itai disease
    C. Blue Baby Syndrome
    D. None of this

    Answer. Itai-Itai disease

  50. Noise pollution is measured in –
    A. Hertz
    B. Fathoms
    C. Nano Metres
    D. Decibels

    Answer. Decibels

Questions for making the Success Place –PSC Kerala Thulasi

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