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Very important basic questions for PSC Examinations

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Foreign Words and Phrases
Questions from foreign words are certainly appearing for PSC examinations.Dears, clearly understand it.It is more effective if we use this foreign words while talking in English.Moreover it is also show his ability in handling this foreign language.It is actually an added advantage for those who preparing for any competitive examinations.

1) ab extra-Front outside
2) ab initio-From the beginning
3) ab ovo-fron the egg
4) acedia-indifferance
5) ad hoc-for this purpose
6) ad interim-for the time being
7) a fond-to the bottom
8) alibi-elsewhere
9) au revoir-till we meet again
10) annus mirabilis-a year of wonders
11) bonafide-in good faith
12) canard-A rumour
13) cap a pie-from head to foot
14) carpe diem-make good use of the present
15) cherami-sweet heart
16) da capo-Repeat from the beginning
17) de facto-from the fact
18) divide et impera-Divide and rule
19) ergo-therefore
20) econtra-on the otherhand
21) gratis-free of charge
22) goutte a goutte-drop by drop
23) passé-out of date
24) vini vidi vici-I came ,I saw ,I conquered
25) hoc age-do this
So show your ability in this section to achieve your goal.Don’t miss any chance to study any foreign words whenever you come across.Best of luck of achieving it.Also helpful in doing work teaching field.Also read western books it enriched with this type foreign words.

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Typical Kerala History –Questions 

    Kerala History Questions are played very important in determining the rank of both LDC and LGS examinations conducted by Kerala Public Service Commissions.So all the probable questions appearing for both LDC and LGS Examinations are available in the site www.pscclassroom.com. Kerala History questions are giving as different set .Each set having a particular sections in Kerala History.So don’t avoid a single set in  Kerala History 

      And also included the various Diwan and Maharaja ruled in the ancient Kerala.Kerala History complete only with the description of them herewith.Their modification in the administration of ancient Keralam.

  1. Who was the first president of Muslim League in Malabar
    Ans:Abdu rahman Ali Raja
  2. In which year the socialist wing of the Congress in Malabar turned into the Communist Party
  3. Who is known as the ‘father of political movement’ in Travancore
    Ans:Barrister G P Pillai
  4. Who is the only Keralite to be mentioned in the autobiography of Gandhiji
    Ans:Barrister G P Pillai
  5. Malayali memorial was submitted to the Travancore king in the year
  6. Who was the leader of Malayali Memorial
    Ans:G P Pillai
  7. To which King of Travancore was the Malayali Memorial submitted
    Ans:Sree Moolam Thirunal
  8. The year in which ezhava memorial was submitted to the Travancore King
  9. The leader of ezhava memorial
  10. Who was the author of Swadeshabhimani newspaper
    Ans:Vakom Abdul Khader Moulavi
  11. Which Diwan of Travancore was criticized by Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
    Ans:P Rajagopalachari
  12. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai was exiled from the Travancore in the year
    Ans:September 26 1910
  13. Youth League was founded in the year
  14. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai died in the year
  15. Where is the resting place of Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
    Ans:Payyambalam Beach(Kannur)
  16. In which year was the Nivarthana agitation
  17. Who were the leader of Nivarthana agitation
    Ans:N V Joseph ,C.Kesavan
  18. Who made the Kozhenchery speech in relation with the Nivarthana agitation
    Ans:C Kesavan
  19. In which year was the Thiruvithamkur State Congress formed
  20. The first president of Thiruvithamkur state congress
    Ans:Pattam Thanu Pillai
  21. Which Diwan of Travancore declared American model Constitution in 1946
    Ans:C P Ramaswami Iyer
  22. The slogan ‘American model Arabikkadalil’ is associated with which agitation
    Ans:Punnapra Vayalar
  23. Punnappra Vayalar rebellion tookplace in the year
    Ans: 1946
  24. The first minister of Kochi elected by people
    Ans:Ambattu Sivarama Menon
  25. Kochi Prajarajya Mandalam was formed in which year
  26. Which princely state in India was first in India to conduct election on the basis of adult franchise
  27. The first chief minister of Thiru-Kochi
    Ans:Paravur T K Narayana pillai
  28. The last Chief Minister ofThiru Kochi
    Ans:Panampally Govinda menon
  29. Kayyur agitation was in the year
  30. In which district is Kayyur situated
  31. The author of Malabar Manuel
    Ans:William Logan
  32. Konoli plot is a famous
    Ans:Teak Plantation
  33. The Prime minister of Kochi
    Ans:P Govinda menon
  34. The first prime minister of Travancore
    Ans:Pattam Thanu Pillai
  35. The last Prime Minister of Kochi
    Ans:Ikanda Warrier
  36. The last Prime Minister of Travancore
    Ans:Paravur T K Narayana pillai
  37. The unique record for being the prime minister of Travancore ,chief minister of Thiru Kochi and Kerala
    Ans:Pattom Thanu Pillai
  38. Who was popularly known as ‘Kerala gandhi’
    Ans:K Kelappan
  39. The founder president of NSS
    Ans:K Kelappan
  40. Who established the Rural Institute at Tnhavanoor(Ponnani)
    Ans:K Kelappan
  41. The founder editor of Mathrubhumi
    Ans:K P Kesava Menon
  42. Who is often called as the ‘Grand old man of kerala’
    Ans:K P kesava menon
  43. The nickname ‘Kerala Subhash Chandra Bose’
    Ans:Muhammed abdu Rahman
  44. Who was known as the ‘Jhansi Rani of Travancore’
    Ans:Akkama Cheriyan
  45. Which Keralite was India’s first High Commissioner in Britain
    Ans:V K Krishna Menon
  46. Who founded Kerala Kaumudi daily in 1911
    Ans:C V Kunju Raman
  47. Name the communist leader who for the first time put forward the slogan ‘Sakhakkale Munnot’
    Ans:P Krishnai Pillai
  48. The author of works ‘Represent India and Indian national congress Man’
    Ans:Barrister G P Pillai
  49. The founder of temple entry movement
    Ans:T K Madhavan
  50. The Malayalee who was the first editor of Hindustan times
    Ans:Sardar K M Panicker






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25-Un avoidable  Questions for PSC Examiantions(15/12/2015)

The following are the most important basic questions asking for PSC Examinations.So don’t leave single questions unstudied,make sure good rank in any PSC Examinations


  1. The resting place of Jahamgir-
  2. In which year crips mission reached in India-
  3. The port in Malappuram districts-
  4. In which place Vikram Sarabhai Space centre located-
  5. The first cinema scope picture in Malayalam-
    Ans:Thacholi Ambu
  6. Who wrote the book war and peace-
  7. In which country the motherland statue located-
  8. In which year the first youth festival conducted in Keralam-
  9. The motherland of Tolstoy-
  10. Which emperor started the Saka era-
  11. Name the bank which started bank outside India-
  12. The mother of revolution of India-
    Ans:Madam Bikaji Kama
  13. Who started railway in India-
  14. In which year Chinese traveler Huan-sang visited Kerala-
    Ans:AD 630
  15. The birth place of coffee-
  16. Throgh which country the Orange river flows-
    Ans:South Africa
  17. Who wrote the first short story in Malayalam ‘Vasana Vikruthi’-Vengayil Kunjiraman Nair
  18. In which year Kerala Sahitya Academy established-
  19. World television day-
  20. Who is known as the Ashokan in Kerala-
    Ans:Vikramaditya Varagunan
  21. Whose book is ‘Paradise Lost’-
    Ans:John Milton
  22. The deepest trench in Moon-
    Ans:Newton’s Trench
  23. The capital of Poland-
  24. Name the Asean country having more sea coast-
  25. Which element is having very less in human body-