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The valuable Questions in Science

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Valuable Questions in Science

  • Who is considered as Father of  Taxonomy-  Carolus  Linnaeus
  • Father of Biology –   Aristotle
  • Father of Genetics  –  Gregor   Mendel
  • Binomeal system  of classification  is  put forwarded   by-  Carolus  Linnaeus
  • Germ Theory   was put forward by –Louis Paster
  • Three kindom classification is proposed by-Haeckel
  • The scientist who invented vaccine against smallpox-Edward Jenner
  • Antibiotic is invented by-Alexander Fleming
  • AB group of blood  system  (4  group  system)  was propsed by-Carl Land steiner
  • Micro organisms were  first  observed by-Leeuwen Hock
  • Theory of     Inheritance   of     acquired   characters was  proposed  by-Jean Baptist Lamarc
  • Electron microscope was invented by-Knoll&Ruska
  • The scientist who discovered cell-Robert Hook
  • Father of   Microscopy- Leeuwen Hock
  • Concept of tissueculture conceived by-Robert Hook
  • The scientist formulated Cell Theory-Schleiden&Schwan
  • Fluid mosaic model of cell wall was proposed by-Singer and Nicolson
  • Cell nucleus was discovered by-Robert Brown
  • DNA was first isolated by-Fredrich Meisscher
  • Theory of spontaneous generation was dissapprved by-Francesco Reddy
  • Origin of life was written by-Oparin
  • Artificial pacemaker was first developed by-Great Bach &Chardak
  • Medical use of MRI was first reported by-Raymond Damadian
  • CT scan was first developed by-Godfrey Hoursfield
  • Father of green revolution in India-M.S.Swaminathan
  • Father of white revolution-Varghese Kurian
  • The first non functional gene was synthesized by-H.G.Khorana
  • Father of genetic engineering-Paul Berg
  • The concept of Ecologycal pyramids was develop[ped by-Elton
  • The term ecology was coined by-Haeckel
  • The term Genetics was coined by-Batsen
  • The botanical name of tea-Camellia Sinensis
  • Who discovered Ammonia-Joseph Priestly
  • The king of spices-Pepper
  • The queen of spices-Cardomom
  • Eczema affects-Skin
  • The smallest flower-Wolfia
  • Which flower is known as ‘painters palette’-Anthurium
  • The largest fruit-Jack Fruit
  • Which plant is known as ‘Indian Dates’-Tamarind
  • Acid contained in onion-Oxalic acid
  • Which is called ‘Poor mans apple’-Tomato
  • Which is known as ‘Nature tonic’-Banana
  • The botanical name for omion is-Allium cepa
  • The botanical name for brinjal is –Solanum melogona
  • The largest tree in the world is-Seguoia gigantic
  • The botanical name for rice is –Oryza sativa
  • The botanical name of the cotton plant is –Gossipium hisutum
  • Chipko movement was started – Sunderlal Bahuguna
  • Biodiversity act was passed in -2002


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