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Un avoidable questions for any PSC exams


  • In which place the nuclear bomb was exploded second time in the world-Nagasaki
  • In which place the first meeting of non-aligned country took place-Belgrade
  • Name the Vedam which deals with Ayur vedam-Adarva vedam
  • The author poem, ‘Mani nadam’-Edappally
  • The first artificial satellite in the world-Sputnik
  • The mode of transferring heat from sun to earth-Radiation
  • Who established Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore-J.N.Tata
  • The first supersonic jet plane of India-HF-24Marut
  • The head quarters of International monetary fund-Washington D.C
  • Earth day-April 22
  • The person who participated three round table conference-Dr.Ambedhkar
  • ‘The charley chaplin’ of India-Raj Kapoor
  • In whose time rupees were used first time in India-Shersha
  • Who put forward quantum theory-Maxplank
  • In which year the temple entry proclamation -1936
  • Who wrote ‘Rajatharangini’-Kalhanan
  • The father of nuclear physics-Ruther ford
  • The average height of western ghat in India-900m
  • Sars disease are affected in part of human body-Lungs
  • Name the joint irrigation project of India and Nepal-Kosi
  • One mega byte=1024Kb
  • Who invented neutron-James Chadvik
  • In which states celebration is ‘Chalo loku’-Aruchal Pradesh
  • The commission which enquired ‘Kumarakam Boat tragedy-Justice Narayana kurup
  • In which year Tensing and Hilary conquered Everest-1953 May 29
  • In which states Ajantha caves located-Maharashtra
  • Name hockey magician in India-Dyan chand
  • The birth place of Mother Theresa-Yugoslavia
  • The first Malayalam film which got national award-Neela kuyil
  • Chemical formula of ozone-O3
  • The laughing gas-Nitrous oxide
  • The gas which is used for put out fire-CO2
  • The author of books ‘Wings of Fire’-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
  • The first education minister of Keralam-Joseph Mundassery
  • The mosquito which causes Dengui fever-Eides
  • The notorious place for child labour-Shivakasi
  • The state having English as their official language-Nagaland
  • Name the union territory under the jurisdiction of Kerala High court-Lakshadeep
  • Union jack-Flag of Britain
  • The Malayalam poet who is the dependent of Marthanda Varma-Ramapurath Warior
  • The highest civilian award of India-Bharatha Ratnam
  • The chemical name of washing soda-Sodium Carbonate
  • In which districts Agasthyakoodam situated-Thiruvanathapuram
  • In which state Ludhiana situated-Punjab
  • The temple which is known as southern Guruvayoor-Sree Krishna swami temple in Ambalapuzha
  • Who is known Little corporal-Nepoleon Bonopart
  • The capital of Meghalaya-Shillong
  • The state which is known as jewels of India-Manipur
  • In which state Thar desert situated-Rajastan
  • In which place petroleum research institute of India situated-Derahdun



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